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Arkady Ostritsky/Аркадий Острицкий

Аркадий Острицкий was born in 1948 in Kishinev, Moldova. He was recognized very early as gifted in drawing and painting and by the age of 20 was accepted in Moldova's most distinguished Art Academy - the Repin Art Academy. He graduated with distinction, earned many awards, and became one of his country's most important painters. He was chosen to paint numerous monumental works in public institutions, and created many large frescos. He also became a distinguished art teacher and many young artists came under his tutelage.

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Eric Fortune ~ Surrealist painter

Lyrical, haunting, yet poignant at the same time, Eric Fortune’s paintings make lasting impressions. These are characters who are neither out of place in the world, nor at home in it, they are characters wrapped in their own worlds. The emotionally complex metaphors Fortune paints are richly evocative. His imagery is quiet yet dynamic, and seasoned with a touch of surrealism that takes us to captivating places, beyond our everyday experience but filled with truth. Packed with emotional nuances he creates soft yet riveting lighting and atmosphere. With uncompromising patience and discipline he slowly builds up his luminous characters and worlds until they radiate life.
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Boris Dubrov, 1979

Boris Dubrov was born in St. Petersburg in 1979. At the age of five he surprised his parents by his unique art abilities. So, they decided to take him to the Art school where he got necessary knowledge of painting and graphics which he later developed on a professional level. In 1994 Boris entered the Art-Restoring "Kupchino" where while studying he got interested in surrealisme. The Administration of this Lyceum arranged the first exhibition of his works in the field of surrealisme.

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