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Jean-Pierre Augier, 1950 | Metal sculptures

French sculptor Jean-Pierre Augier, was born in Nice, he lives and works in Saint-Antoine-de-Siga, between Levens and Saint-Blaise (Alpes-Maritimes, France).

As a child, he created with various materials. From 1963, he got interested in disused old tools and learned how to weld them. From that time on, he would only shape iron and then exhibit at «La Maison du Portal» in Levens, in several other French regions, but also in Paris, New York, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Old tools and iron pieces are an inspiration to Jean-Pierre Augier, who gathers and turns them into characters or animals on the move. His favourite themes are woman, couple, motherhood, fables and tales, mythology and religion. His works are recognized as having «four cardinal virtues»: grace, movement, tenderness and humour.