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Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova /Нелина Трубач-Мошникова, 1960 | Impressionist painter

"It is interesting for me to see through colors and lines something hidden and sometimes to hide the obvious".

Born in Belarus, where Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova attended art college, and now living and working in Ukraine. Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova is an artist working mainly with oil and canvas, however she also dabbles in mixed media, such as drawing and oil on canvas.
An aspect of Nelina’s work that always manages to fascinate is the success she has in creating refined emotion across all of her work. Love and cut-throat passion are all evident aspects of Nelina’s work, and the contrast of detail and, in some works, abstract edge, give each piece an instantly recognizable signature.
Nelina is a member of The National Union of the Artists of Ukraine, and has exhibited numerous times in both Ukraine and Russia, including joint exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Todd Williams, 1967 | Impressionist painter

Todd A. Williams was born in the small farming community of Central City, Nebraska. Since his childhood he has been aware of the natural beauty of the world around him, an awareness that he continues to cultivate today through the art of painting. Todd's influences have been many, ranging from Barbizon tonalism to Sorolla's impressionistic sea of color. The one constant in his life are his heroes: Nicolai Fechin, Joaquin Sorolla and Anders Zorn. Todd recognizes the importance of being technically proficient in his craft and keeping in touch with others who share similar concerns.

Todd A. Williams | American Impressionist painter

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Renata Domagalska ~ Flamenco Fire

Renata Domagalska, Polish painter, known for working in the Expressive Figurative style, come from Poland, presently live in Spain. Predominant motif of my art is the human. I'm fascinated by dynamic and motion of life that`s why they are a motor of my art creation: flamenco dance, tango, folklore, nude, the atmosphere of sunny southern countries, small towns with their little streets teeming with life, fragments of nature.

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Galina Anisimova

Галина Анисимова Петровна è una pittrice Russa, nata a Mosca. Si è diplomata presso l'Istituto Textile Kosygina di Mosca [факультет прикладного искусства]. Ha studiato con Чуракова К.В., Сафохина А.Н., Домогатского Н.М.e Дубинчика А.М. Dal 1984 è membro dell'Unione degli Artisti Russi.
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Harry Anderson | Hall of Fame Illustrator

Harry Anderson [1906-1996] was an American illustrator and a member of the Illustrator's Hall of Fame. A devout Seventh-day Adventist artist, he is best known for Christian themed illustrations he painted for the Adventist church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was also a popular illustrator of short stories in American weekly magazines during the 1930s and early 1940s. Anderson was featured in American Artist in 1956; he received awards from the New York Art Directors club and other notable organizations, and was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1994.
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Kurt Anderson, 1957 | Floral / Figurative painter

Kurt Anderson, American painter*, is best known for his floral still life and figurative paintings.
He is especially attracted to flowers as a subject because they allow the richest expression of color and the liveliest use of brushwork.
These paintings have won him top honors* with the Oil Painters of America, the Salon International and the Open Market National.

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Ludwig van Beethoven: Plaudite amici, comedia finita est..

Arte! Chi la può comprendere? A chi si può rivolgere una persona per attirare l'attenzione di questa grande Dea...Beethoven
- Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827 è stato la figura predominante musicale nel periodo di transizione tra l'epoca Classica e Romantica. Ludwig van Beethoven fu un innovatore, che ampliò il campo di applicazione della sonata, sinfonia, concerto e quartetto, e la combinazione di voci e strumenti in un modo nuovo. La sua vita personale è stata segnata da una lotta contro la sordità, e alcune delle sue opere più importanti sono stati composti nel corso degli ultimi 10 anni della sua vita, quando era ancora in grado di sentire.
Beethoven - Andy Warhol 1928-1987
Beethoven - Andy Warhol 1928-1987

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Gioconda | Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, 1503-1504

This portrait was doubtless started in Florence around 1503. It is thought to be of Lisa Gherardini, wife of a Florentine cloth merchant named Francesco del Giocondo - hence the alternative title, La Gioconda. However, Leonardo seems to have taken the completed portrait to France rather than giving it to the person who commissioned it. After his death, the painting entered François I's collection.

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Kim Starr, 1956 ~ Morning on Maui

Kim Starr, American painter, is the preeminent painter of Romantic Realism. Her meticulous attention to detail, combined with the artistic sensitivity of earlier masters, results in contemporary works of unparalleled beauty. For much of her life as a painter, Kim Starr created her art in serene and beautiful villages on the islands of Kauai and Maui. Inspired by the tropical paradise surrounding her, she reveals in each of her new works a unique combination of rare artistic vision and painterly technique. Viewers are drawn into the image and surrounded by its elegance. It is obvious that they are in the presence of a modern master.

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Bruno Augusto Gavino, 1946 ~ Venetian Boats

Bruno Augusto Gavino, Italian painter, was born in Napoli, Italy. An acknowledged master of landscape painting. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. To date, the artist actively participates in numerous exhibitions of contemporary art, successfully running author shows his paintings. The artworks are in private and public collections of contemporary art in Europe and the USA. Exhibitions of his works were held in Monaco, Germany, USA, Hong Kong.
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Masha Kurbatova / Мария Курбатова, 1969 | Watercolor painter

Мария Курбатова, illustratrice Russa, è nata a Саратов. Nel 1987-1989 ha studiato presso la Новосибирском художественном училище, e poi 2002-2007 presso Новосибирском Институте Искусств. I soggetti preferiti degli acquerelli della Kurbatova sono i personaggi romantici in costume d'epoca, figure e personaggi di fiabe, ballate, poesie - un mondo fantastico di pace, sogni e magia.

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Brian Scott [Briscott] ~ Portrait painter

Brian Scott [Briscott] British painter, a self-taught, uses colored pencils, unique perspective and captivating subjects to create stunning work.

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Elena Arcangeli, 1972 ~ Italian Figurative painter

Elena Arcangeli, Italian painter, born in Florence and graduated from the high school for visual arts in 1991. After studying graphic arts for a period and working in decorative painting, Ms Arcangeli enrolled in The Florence Academy of Art in 1994 and completed the painting program in 1998. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including: The Italian Cultural Institute, San Francisco, CA, 1995; C. Duncan Connelly Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 1996; Galleria La Corte d'Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy, 1998; St. James Church, Florence, Italy 1999; Percorsi 4, Palagio di parte Guelfa, Florence, Italy 2000; Studi Aperti, Via degli Artisti 6, Florence, Italy 2001-2002; Grenning Gallery, New York, NY 2002; "Realism Revisited" Panorama Museum; Bad Frankenhausen, Germany, 2003; Hirshl and Adler Gallery, New York, NY 2003; Century Gallery Alexandria, VA, 2003. She currently lives and works in Florence.

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Harding Meyer, 1964 | Abstract / Portrait painter

Brazilian**-born painter Harding Meyer lives and works in Berlin and Karlsruhe where he paints these stunning, large-scale oil portraits. Vibrant colors and geometric brush stroke techniques brings life to each massive canvas.
The portraits’ subject maintains a direct stare giving each piece an almost eerie and mysterious ambiance.

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The Flamenco Dancers ~ Pat McDonald

Pat McDonald, British painter, was born in Manchester, England.
His painting show big sensibility and beauty.
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Jeff Rowland, 1964 | Romantic painter of Rain | VideoArt

Jeff Rowland's ideas and inspirations: 'I have always been fascinated in two areas of art; the implicit meaning and the inspiration. I was inspired to paint a rain soaked street through films I saw at the cinema. 
I am always inspired to experience what I am about to paint. I remember Billy Connolly saying that he hated songs about Scotland that were written by men in London: men who had never even seen the Highlands. In other words, if you are going to do something creative, get to the very heart of it first'.

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Koukei Kojima [小島光径] ~ The Cherry Blossoms

Paintings of Japanese artist are blooming irises, river, the trees above the river, streams, where trout splashing… fresh breeze from the river, drizzling warm rain and snow in the winter reigns the silence. The spring cherry blossoms and autumn golden trees silently drop onto the ground. Koukei Kojima paints in the style of "Sansam" so called landscape painting in Japan and dors it very well.

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Gabriel Mark Lipper ~ American painter

I love to paint. I’ve been blessed by timing. To be alive right now for this chapter in arts history is a phenomenal gift. Classicism, once pronounced “dead” is reemerging with a new contemporary vitality. The gifts of modernism: color, form, and abstraction, are now being seamlessly integrated with the craftsmanship and techniques of the past.
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Vincent Van Gogh | Post-Impressionist painter

"What am I before the eyes of others? A useless, an eccentric, a person disagreeable; Suppose that happen, I would then show through my work, Inside the heart of this extravagant, My not be "nobody" - Vincent Van Gogh, dutch painter.

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Miriam Briks, 1957 ~ When The Sun Gets Blue

Miriam Briks, Polish-born American painter, was born in Wroclaw, Poland. Raised in New York, she graduated from the School of Art and Design and studied figurative painting and drawing extensively at the Art Students League of New York. For the next six years she worked as an illustrator and art teacher in Los Angeles and Florence, Italy. She also continued her studies at the Academy of Art in Siena. Originally trained in classical art, she began exhibiting her work in Paris, Italy and England. Upon her return to the Untied States, she took up residence in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. Here she began the transition of her technique to include more varied use of color and strong gestural strokes, inspired greatly by the artists Sargent, Chase, Sorolla and Zorn.
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Alonso Pereira | Abstract Figurative painter

In a rigorous process of intense personal research and deep thought, through the use of oil painting technique have created a work in which within a timeless space appear diverse reminiscent forms as the focal point which seek a balance that erases the borderline between the figurative and abstraction, thus this way enveloping and submerging the spectator in an imaginary universe of forms, textures, hues of grays and brow-ochres, signs which have multiple possibilities of interpretation according to each spectator’s personal universe.

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Winslow Homer | In Autumn Woods

Winslow Homer (1836-1910) is regarded by many as the greatest American painter of the nineteenth century. Born in Boston and raised in rural Cambridge, he began his career as a commercial printmaker, first in Boston and then in New York, where he settled in 1859. He briefly studied oil painting in the spring of 1861. In October of the same year, he was sent to the front in Virginia as an artist-correspondent for the new illustrated journal, Harper's Weekly.
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Alan Fearnley, 1942 ~ Retro and Classic Car

Alan Fearnley, British painter, is known for his superb paintings of motor racing and Formula One around the world. Fearnley was born in Yorkshire, and studied at Batley College of Art. His early works established Alan as an artist of unique talent and quality. Over the past 30 or so years Alan had built up a wealth of subject matter, starting with landscapes and moving later into his well known transport and motor racing paintings, the work that started to flow reflected not only his special skills, but also his love and passion for both motoring and motor sport.

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Henry Asencio, 1972 ~ Essence of Woman..

Henry Asencio is an award-winning contemporary American painter who works largely in the medium of oil on canvas. Asencio is widely known for his paintings of the female form on abstract backgrounds. His works’ “personal investigations of femininity, spirituality and abstraction possess the power to transform today’s ideals of contemporary sensuality and simple elegance”.
Asencio’s painting style is loosely defined in a contemporary format, combining elements of expressionism and realism with abstract painting techniques. Asencio’s art has been described as “Abstract Expressionism” and “Abstract Realism”.
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Barbara Cole, 1953 ~ Abstract photographer

While we're completely blown away when we see paintings that look like pictures, we're even more excited when we come across pictures that look like paintings! Such is this set, called Painted Ladies, by Barbara Cole, Canadian photographer. The self-taught photographer not only challenges our reality, she does it all using Polaroid film!
"I fell in love with Polaroid film sometime late in 1987", Cole says. - I had been experimenting with the Polaroid Spectra camera and Tungsten light and I loved the mood that its warm colors and creamy palette evoked. In the end, however, it proved too difficult to work within the limitations of this simple point and shoot camera and I abandoned it.
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Henry Asencio, 1972 ~ Abstract Expressionists painter

American painter Henry Asencio has emerged as one of the most intriguing young artists working today. His work blends the classical ideals of figurative painting with a unique style. Merging introspection and visual spectacle, Asencio's personal investigations of the figure, spirituality and abstraction possess the power to transform todays ideals of elegance and sensuality. 
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Lesley Anne Derks, 1977 | Cityscape painter

Lesley-Anne Derks, Scottish painter, was born in Scotland (Falkirk) and spent her childhood growing up in the industrial town of Grangemouth, with companies such as BP and ICI dominating the skyline with their buildings and plants, lighting up the sky at night with their orange glow. While at school it was this orange glow that would appear in some of her early paintings.

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Il Trattato della pittura

Credo che, invece che definire che cosa sia l'anima, che è una cosa che non si può vedere, molto meglio è studiare quelle cose che si possono conoscere con l'esperienza, poiché solo l'esperienza non falla. E laddove non si può applicare una delle scienze matematiche, non si può avere la certezza, scriveva il grande Da Vinci 1452-1519.
Oggi esistono oltre 8.000 fogli di appunti, più di 16.000 pagine, con molte decine di migliaia di disegni lasciati da Leonardo, ma si ritiene che siano solo una piccola parte di ciò che ha scritto e disegnato. Alcuni pensano che abbia scritto 60.000, forse 100.000 pagine, ormai perdute. Ma forse qualcosa ancora esiste, sepolta in qualche antico archivio; nel 1966 per esempio sono stati trovati due nuovi codici a Madrid. Si tratta di pagine scritte quasi "di getto", tant'è vero che gli esperti di Leonardo dicono: "sembra di sentirlo parlare come da un registratore ".
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La Monna Lisa di Afghanistan

Lo sguardo enigmatico della Ragazza Afgana [The Afghan Girl] dagli occhi verde ghiaccio, considerata La Monna Lisa dell'Afghanistan, è diventata l'icona della condizione dei profughi in tutto il mondo.
Facente parte del celeberrimo reportage di Steve McCurry, questa fotografia è stata scattata nel 1984 al campo profughi Nasir Bagh in Pakistan, vicino alla città di Peshawar, campo che ospitava i rifugiati fuggiti dall'Afghanistan occupato dai sovietici.
Sharbat Gula 1984 - Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry
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Peihang Huang, 1984 ~ The Pop Art of Barbie Doll

Peihang Huang [黃沛涵] was born in Taipei, Taiwan and is a full time artist. Huang uses vibrant oil paints to create these dreamy, saccharine, and occasionally morbid portraits inspired by Barbie Dolls.
Taiwanese young artist Peihang Huang, as a young generation of the land in chaotic situation both cultural and political, her painting tap aim to Taiwan’s history while linking it to global culture by referencing Western Pop culture to portray her feeling about being Taiwanese. At the same time, as an artist in residential, she turns her way to involve/intervene the foreign city in a Taiwanese point of view by holding conceptual events based on the execution by painting and video.

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Paul Boswijk, 1959 ~ Figurative painter

Paul Boswijk, Hollandaise painter, studied at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen. Everything is in the paintings of Paul to the light. Whether in broad strips through a window enters or filtered through leaves on a face schijnt.Interieurs, hotel rooms, café terraces and in recent years also gardens and landscape, are the environments where Paul's models are. Because there are always people in his paintings. They are not portraits in the sense that only the person depicted is but the model is still an essential part of the schilderij. Paul paints a picture and tries here with no story to tell. Symbolism, deep meanings and high thoughts are with him not to be sought, and he is thus a real realist. De last time he works as many wet-on-wet, where previously a more layered technique was gehanteerd. Dit to as directly as possible result to obtain, though without much form and suggestion from losing.

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Bec Winnel | Fashion illustrator

Bec Winnel is an accomplished Australian illustrator* and artist. Winnel’s portraiture combines the illustrative precision of a graphic artist with the sophistication and emotiveness of a painter. The ethereal quality of the her work is the result of carefully accreted layers of pencil, pastel and washes of paint.
Winnel’s work is delicate and otherworldly, and seems to border on the immaterial. Her imagery emerges from the surface like a dream state: soft, plush, and seemingly on the brink of dissolving into thin air.

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Vidan ~ Figurative painter

Vidan, Italian painter, was born in the picturesque city of Perugia, which is nestled between the elegant cities of Rome and Florence. In his youth, Vidan realizes immediately his passion for the arts. His vocation was established instantly and pursued with zeal thus attending some of the finest art schools in Italy to include the Liceo Artistico di Milano and later the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Brera. Since moving to the U.S in 1988, Vidan was grown and is recognized today as a strong force in the very competitive world of romance artists. Vidan is the nephew of Pino.

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Richard MacDonald, 1946 | Figurative sculptor | Cirque du Soleil

Richard MacDonald 1946 | American figurative sculptor | Cirque du Soleil

A native Californian, Richard MacDonald - American sculptor**, was educated at the prestigious Art Center College of Design and received a Bachelor of Professional Arts, Cum Laude.
In the 30 years of his artistic career, Richard MacDonald has achieved international distinction for his sculpture, paintings, and drawings, and has been the recipient of many national and international awards**.
He has also held numerous one-man shows and exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe and the Orient.
His fascination with the human figure and human emotions has led MacDonald to focus on sculpting figures of mimes, dancers and athletes, each of which conveys a sense of joy and pays tribute to the beauty of the human form.

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Odilon Redon 1840-1916 ~ Still Life

Odilon Redon's work represent an exploration of his internal feelings and psyche. He himself wanted to "place the visible at the service of the invisible"; thus, although his work seems filled with strange beings and grotesque dichotomies, his aim was to represent pictorially the ghosts of his own mind. Redon also describes his work as ambiguous and undefinable: "My drawings inspire, and are not to be defined. They place us, as does music, in the ambiguous realm of the undetermined". A telling source of Redon's inspiration and the forces behind his works can be found in his journal A Soi-meme [To Myself]. His process was explained best by himself when he said: "I have often, as an exercise and as a sustenance, painted before an object down to the smallest accidents of its visual appearance; but the day left me sad and with an unsatiated thirst. The next day I let the other source run, that of imagination, through the recollection of the forms and I was then reassured and appeased". More Odilon Redon

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Winslow Homer ~ The Poet of the Sea

Winslow Homer [1836-1910] American painter, is considered one of the foremost painters in 19th century America and a preeminent figure in american art. Largely self-taught, Homer began his career working as a commercial illustrator. He subsequently took up oil painting and produced major studio works characterized by the weight and density he exploited from the medium. He also worked extensively in watercolor, creating a fluid and prolific oeuvre, primarily chronicling his working vacations. Some major artists create popular stereotypes that last for decades; others never reach into popular culture at all.
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Francesco Furini ~ Baroque Era painter

Francesco Furini [1600-1646] was an Italian painter of Florence, known for working in the Baroque style and Mannerist style of Florence. His early training was by Matteo Rosselli - other pupils include Lorenzo Lippi and Baldassare Franceschini, though Furini is also described as influenced by Domenico Passignano and Giovanni Biliverti. He befriended Giovanni da San Giovanni. Traveling to Rome in 1619, he also would have been exposed to the influence of Caravaggio and his followers.

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Dmitri Spiros, 1961

Дмитрий Спирос is a Russian contemporary impressionist artist. Dmitri comes from a family with Greek roots. From ancient times onward there has formed a small Greek population in the Southern part of Russia on the shores of the Black Sea. Spiros was born in Tashkent, in one of the former USSR republics, and lived there until 1998. From 1998-2010, Spiros lived with his family in Russia, in the city of Samara. Spiros currently resides in the popular resort city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
The subjects of his paintings are mostly city scenes, genre paintings, the sea, flowers and portraits. Most of Dmitri Spiros's paintings are created using the medium of the palette knife, oils and acrylic paint. Spiros is constantly finding new themes, subjects and creative approaches to use.

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Alexander Millar, 1960 ~ Fly With Me

Scottish painter Alexander Millar is one of the UK's most popular contemporary artists. Born and raised in the small mining community of Springside, just outside the town of Kilmarnock on the west coast of Scotland, Millar's earliest memories were of his time spent in the company of old men dressed in dark suits smoking woodbines and large missile-shaped women decked out in big overcoats, pinnies, tartan headscarves and zipped booties, adorned with fake fur around the top.
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Maksai János, 1954 ~ Figurative painter

Maksai János, Hungarian painter, was born in Debrecen. Learn the bases of painting at free schools of art from 1972. Since 1983 János taken part regularly in the work of international colonies of artists. János paintings were shown in several independent and collective exhibitions: in Budapest, Szentendre, Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló and Tokaj. János pictures can be found in the homes of collectors in Austria, France, Germany, Poland and Australia. Hi work with oil technique on canvas. "I would like to paint the beauties of the world. I try to tell people in the language of painting in what a wonderful world of nature we are living, we must only behave in a human way for it. I live in Debrecen since 1990. I have been a freelance artist".

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Giampaolo Ghisetti, 1944

Giampaolo Ghisetti, Italian painter, approached painting toward the 50s. In the 60s he takes part in many art exhibitions together with other artists achieving nominees and prizes. At that time he moves to Murano where he begins his glass decoration activity. Well known for his ability, he receives commissions to portrait very important cultural from all over the world. At the same time Ghisetti assiduously works on his main art: oil painting on canvas. In 1970 the Academy of Saint Andrea in Rome awards him a Golden Medal certificate for his great artistic qualities.
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Asit Kumar Patnaik, 1968 ~ Figurative painter

Asit Kumar Patnaik, Indian painter, was born in Orissa in 1968. A National Scholar and MFA topper from BHU, he has received several provincial and national awards, the latest being a grand felicitation from the Government College of Art and Crafts, his alma mater in Khalikote, Orissa. A semi-realistic figurative painter, Patnaik has enjoyed much critical acclaim and popular appreciation over the past few years.
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James Tissot ~ En Plein Air/Genre painter

James Jacques Joseph Tissot [1836-1902], French painter, illustrator and etcher, born at Nantes. Studied from c.1856 at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, under Lamothe and H. Flandrin; became friendly with Whistler and Degas. Early influenced by Henri Leys and painted pictures of Faust and Marguerite. Later turned to scenes from contemporary life, especially of fashionable women, under the influence of Manet and Alfred Stevens. Took part in the defence of Paris and the Commune and was obliged to flee to London in 1871.

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André Deymonaz, 1946 ~ Impressionist painter

André Deymonaz, French painter, was born in Casablanca, Morocco. The Deymonaz family settled in Provence, located in the south of France. This became an inspiration for Deymonaz, using light to elevate his subject matter contained the intimate moments of everyday French life.
André Deymonaz is a lover of nature who wants always to reflect its beauty, never to betray it. He approaches numerous themes without fear: market scenes, meeting places, Provence villages and intimate moments of ordinary people. He is capable of transmitting the beauty of the stalls, the atmosphere of the smoky cafes, where one can almost hear the laughs and noisy conversation.

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