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Kurt Anderson, 1957 | Floral / Figurative painter

Kurt Anderson, American painter*, is best known for his floral still life and figurative paintings.
He is especially attracted to flowers as a subject because they allow the richest expression of color and the liveliest use of brushwork.
These paintings have won him top honors* with the Oil Painters of America, the Salon International and the Open Market National.

He also won Grand Prize* in International Artist magazine’s 2004 Floral Painting Challenge.
"Anderson's techniques represent the collective wisdom of generations of artists - artists who've spent their lives learning to see, to understand what they saw, and then inventing ways to describe it in two dimensions... It's a nice gem to find in the middle of a sometimes confusing art world in which the skillful draftsman takes a back seat to the newest fad" - Editor Michael Ward in The Artist's Magazine.