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Leslie Allen

Leslie Allen is an American painter, known for working in the Figurative style. "Married 35 years and have two amazing children. Best of all I have 4 wonderful grand kids. I love to paint it is very rewarding. I have developed so many wonderful friendships through my art and I feel truly blessed. I have always had a passion for art and nature. I love starting with a blank canvas and making it come to life with paint.
I paint for a living so each piece I try and make special and hope it touch's someones heart. My work is inspired by people, nature, and emotion.
I am so thankful to have passion for art and having this wonderful world of art to escape to. I hope my artwork always reflects my passion for art and each piece you look at leaves you with a wonderful feeling. Its an amazing feeling knowing over a 1000 of my paintings and prints are hanging in lodges, cabins, estates, homes, all over the world".
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Ford Madox Brown ~ Pre-Raphaelite painter

The Last of England - City Art Gallery, Birmingham, 1855
The Last of England - City Art Gallery, Birmingham, 1855

British painter Ford Madox Brown [1821-1893] was born at Calais and trained at Antwerp, in Paris and at Rome, where he came into contact with the Nazarenes. Settling in England in 1846, he became a friend of the Pre-Raphaelites and, with his taste for literary subjects and meticulous handling, an influence on their work, though he was never a member of the Brotherhood. Rossetti studied briefly with him in 1848 and Brown's Chaucer at the Court of Edward III (Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 1851) contains portraits of several of the Brotherhood.

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William Shakespeare ~ Aforismi...

Ford Madox Brown - Romeo and Juliet
Ford Madox Brown - Romeo and Juliet

  • Che peccato che ai matti non sia permesso di parlare saggio di ciò che i saggi fanno pazzamente!
  • La bellezza tenta i ladri più dell'oro.
  • Io considero il mondo per quello che è: un palcoscenico dove ognuno deve recitare la sua parte.
  • Tutto il mondo è un teatro e tutti gli uomini e le donne non sono che attori: essi hanno le loro uscite e le loro entrate; e una stessa persona, nella sua vita, rappresenta diverse parti…
  • Ti dimentichi forse che son donna? Devo dir quel che penso.
  • Gli uomini sono morti in ogni tempo, e i vermi se li sono mangiati, ma non per amore.
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    Tan Chun Chiu ~ Watercolor painter

    Tan Chun Chiu was born in China and developed an interest in art when he was a young child. He began his art studies in China and continued when he came to America in 1974. His delicate work is the combination of the essential qualities of traditional realism and contemporary painting techniques.
    Accomplished in a wide range of media, he incessantly challenges his mastery of watercolor, oil and printmaking. Many subjects inspire the widely traveled artist. Pre-eminent among them is an abiding reverence for the peace and beauty of the world of nature that is reflected in his painting.

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    Vladimir Gusev / Владимир Гусев, 1957 | Figurative Impressionist painter

    Russian artist* Владимир Гусев* successfully works on genre paintings, landscapes, still lifes and portraits.
    Rejecting the naturalistic way of fine, Vladimir Gusev* in his work does not neglect certainty.
    His landscape works are always interesting on composition, spatial and color palette. Optimistic perception of nature allows him to make a sharp poetic expression.
    Painting Gusev gives a feeling of lightness and ease of perception. Gusev - an active participant in many youth, Moscow, national and international exhibitions.
    His works are in private collections in the USSR, Japan, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Germany, Britain, Poland and Finland.

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    Josep Costa Vila, 1953

    Spanish painter Josep Costa Vila, born near Barcelona, learned Art at the Sant Jordi Art School of the same city, from 1969-1974.
    In 1974, he went on improving his academic Art training by attending the famous Massana School, still in Barcelona, where he was graduated in 1977.

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    Mariola Bogacki, 1965 | Surralist painter

    Mariola Bogacki was born in Poland and now lives in Germany where he settled in 1984. With a work laden with Symbolism, Bogacki offers us a world filled with magic and poetry especially in tables that evoke the female sensuality, but is capable of printing true to the art recreation of a fried egg hung on a wall. Surrealism stroke realistic and vivid colors. A trip to the dreams through the imagination of the artist. In 2002 and 2003 she got an insight into the works of the international accepted artist. Since 2005 she acts as a freelanced artist.
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    Adrian Gottlieb, 1975 | Figurative/Portrait painter

    Naturalist painter and portraitist Adrian Gottlieb was born in northeastern Vermont. He currently lives and paints from a studio in Southern California. By the age of 15, Gottlieb had already exhibited in the VT state capitol, and had been recognized by Vermont Governors Madeline Kunin and Howard Dean, his painting of Vermont's Abenaki Indian Tribal Council was purchased by the University of Vermont for permanent exhibition. Gottlieb was chosen the first place national winner (painting and graphics category) of the 1993 Young Inventors and Creators of America Award - a competition designed and funded by the US Patents, Trademarks and Copyright Offices, and the US Library of Congress.
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    Mariana Palova, 1990 | Fantasy surrealism painter

    Mariana Palova is an Mexican artist**. When she was a child simple visions made incursion in her life, such visions she exaggerated or included in elements of living things through drawings.
    At 16, counting with a low training in visual arts, as a result of her self-taught formation, she starts to feel an interest for digital photography, thanks to the fascination found in the experience of looking at herself as she really was, even in the most superfluous environment.

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    Octavian Florescu, 1957

    I was born in the Southern Romanian town of Craiova. In 1979, I interrupted my university studies in engineering to become a full-time painter. For five years I studied church painting and restoration that gave me the opportunity to learn and master all painting techniques from the ancient fresco to the contemporary oil and acrylic. The influence of the Byzantine style is noticeable in the suppleness of the personages. Since 1989, while in Hungary, I completely dedicated myself to surrealism. Moving to Canada meant real international recognition. I won various national and international awards and have been shown and celebrated in several art galleries. The prizes include first place at the "International Salon of Art" in Montreal, and at the national HMV "Music in Visual Art", Canada. My paintings have been featured in galleries and exhibitions in Romania, Hungary, Canada, the United States, Austria, France and Mexico.
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    Alfred Gockel, 1952 | Abstract painter

    Alfred Alexander Gockel was born in Ludinghausen, Germany. From his earliest days on, he was fascinated by the magic of colors on paper. This talent and enthusiasm resulted in the release of this first art work by a german publisher at the age of 8. His art is composed with the most beautiful lighted colors, trimmed with powerful black figures and accents. The separate colors and the black trims all fade together, and create an individual image for every spectator, no matter what culture or social position.
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    Van Tame ~ Impressionist City

    Van Tame is an Vietnamese-born French painter, is able to capture the vibrancy of cities like New York and London, in his energetic and dynamic paintings. With distinctively animated strokes, Tame's cityscapes remind us of the teeming, bustling life in famous cities. While the images might seem of average canvas size when viewed online, Van Tame actually paints on large scale canvases that are on average, about 4 feet x 3 feet.
    With regard to his use of vibrant colors and the feature of blurred forms, his biography explains that his work is close to that of the “impressionists”, because “[he] does not paint objects, but reflections”.
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    Diego Dayer, 1978 ~ Figurative painter

    Diego Dayer was born in Rafaela, Provincia de Santa Fé. He began his art in Marcela Grosso´s workshop, plastic artist in his natal City. Afterwards he began to study painting in the “Escuela de Arte de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba”. He has participated in numerous group shows in Cordoba, Rafaela y Capital Federal, in Argentina. In 2002, he made his solo debut in “Cerrito Gallery” Cordoba.

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    Jorge Lujan ~ Libertango

    Born in Medellin, Colombian painter Jorge Botero Lujan grew up in a large family, as the sixth child of twelve. He was known for his artistic traits throughout elementary and high school. He has always been attracted by art books, comic books, films and music, which led him into the world of art.
    A self-taught artist, Lujan is always creating, searching, and trying new techniques such as pencil, colors, charcoal, acrylics, and oil. Always observing light, position, and composition of images has strengthened his work relating them to different times in history, costumes and trends.
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    Ilan Itach, 1975 ~ Flamenco street

    Israeli painter Ilan Itach was born in Jerusalem where he still lives and works. Itach is a self-taught artist from an immigrant, working-class neighborhood in Jerusalem. His first studio was nestled on a hilltop overlooking Jerusalem's picturesque Old City whose ancient walls appear in many of his early artworks.

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    Michel Pellus, 1945

    Canadian painter Michel Pellus, born in Montreal, descends from a long line of artists. His grandfather Guillaume Pellus, born in Reims, France, who is listed in the Benezit as an artist and restorer of stained glass after the first World War, emigrated to Canada where he worked as a master artist in stained glass. Michel Pellus’ father, Raymond Pellus also born in France, was an artist and professor in Montreal for thirty-five years, while his mother, Tina Roy is a painter in Miami, Florida. At 27 years of age, Pellus decides: “Painting will be my life”.
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    Pablo Neruda / Irjan Moussin ~ L'amore..

    Che hai, che abbiamo,
    che ci accade?
    Ahi il nostro amore é una corda dura
    che ci lega ferendoci
    e se vogliamo
    uscire dalla nostra ferita,
    ci stringe un nuovo nodo e ci condanna
    a dissanguarci e a bruciarci insieme.
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    Lettera di Abramo Lincoln all'insegnante di suo figlio, 1830

    Dovrà imparare, lo so, che non tutti gli uomini sono giusti, che non tutti gli uomini sono sinceri.
    Però gli insegni anche che per ogni delinquente, c’è un eroe;
    che per ogni politico egoista c’è un leader scrupoloso....
    Gli insegni che per ogni nemico c’è un amico,
    e che vale molto più una moneta guadagnata con il lavoro che una moneta trovata.
    Gli insegni a perdere, ma anche a saper godere della vittoria,
    cerchi di tenerlo lontano dall’invidia, se ci riesce,
    e gli insegni il segreto di una risata discreta.
    Gli faccia imparare subito che i bulli sono i primi ad essere sconfitti....
    Se può, gli trasmetta la meraviglia dei libri....
    He will have to learn, I know, that all men are not just, all men are not true,
    but teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero;
    that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader.
    Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend.
    It will take time, I know, but teach him, if you can, that a dollar earned is of far more value than five found...
    Teach him to learn to lose...and also to enjoy winning.
    Steer him away from envy, if you can, teach
    him the secret of quiet laughter.
    Let him learn early that the bullies are the easiest to lick...
    Teach him, if you can, the wonder of a book...

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    Étienne Pirot, 1952 | Abstract/Symbolist sculptor

    Born in Grenoble, French sculptor Étienne Pirot [Étienne] spent his childhood and his youth in the "Dauphiné" province. He went to University in Ottawa (Canada) and back in France, he obtained a degree in plastic arts in Marseille. Then he became a student at the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts" in Paris and an art teacher from 1974-1976.
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    Sonia Drabkin, 1961 ~ Romantic Fantasy painter

    Israeli painter Sonia Drabkin is an emerging surrealistic and romantic fantasy artist. Sonia Drabkin’s art is heavily influenced by Surrealism. As with artists of this style who preceded her, her sources lie in Paris of the 1920s. Drabkin celebrates a vision of the world in which the imagination is set free. She aspires to express her ideas, experiences, and emotions in a symbolic and surreal manner. She creates paintings where reality is like a dream in search of the inner self’s authentic voice. Rising out of her works is the desire that wonder and magic not be lost from reality.
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    Michael Kerman, 1964

    Ukrainian painter Michael Kerman was born in the Ukraine and is the son of the well known painter, Wolf Kerman. He attended the Ukraine Republic Art School and graduated in 1982. He was accepted and attended the Kiev High Academy of Art and graduated with honors.
    Kerman's paintings, mostly in acrylic on canvas, are strongly influenced by post Impressionists, specifically Matisse. His use of color are directed by his goal to achieve balanced composition reached through form and color. His work has been exhibited in Israel, Europe, and the USA, and can be found in private collections throughout the world.

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    Emanuel Mattini, 1966

    Emanuel Mattini is an Iranian-born, American educated painter, strongly influenced by music. His figurative works are melodies performed in textured forms - brilliant in color, exciting in design.  His works metamorphose music into art, art into human expression, human expression into the rhythm of life. The quiet play of sound, the expression of scale relating to the yin and yang of color and motion reflect in his life as well as his art. His art has a freshness of style and approach, a blend of the modern with the ancient, reflecting an age of quality - quality of meaning and of image. These qualities were ingrained in Emanuel in his native Shiraz, Iran, the famed valley of poets and philosophers, where he was born in 1966.
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    Michael Rozenvain, 1963 | Abstract Impressionist painter

    Ukrainian painter Michael Rozenvain attended art school in Kiev and later on continued his studies at the Lvov Academy of Applied Art. He immigrated to Israel in 1990 and has since had a number of one - man shows as well as participating in group exhibitions. At the same time, he has contributed large Plurals and decorative elements to public buildings as well as Monumental displays in hotels and libraries. On one's first encounter with the work of Michael Rozenvain, one's mind turns to the palimpsest of many generations past-that is, the parchment or tablet on which an earlier drawing or writing has been erased to make way for another.
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    Dreama Tolle Perry | Garden and Still Life flower painter

    American painter Dreama Tolle Perry is a self-taught artist who finds her inspiration in color and sunshine. She is a prolific painter and an inspirational teacher. Dreama lives in Paris, KY with her husband Ron, dog Maggie and world famous cat, Eddie. Dreama paint scenes of France and Italy, flowers and cats.

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    Cris Pereby ~ Figurative sculptor

    Belgian sculptor and painter Cris Pereby born into a painter and sculptor family spent her childhood in Belgium. She was fascinated during her many museum visits by the Early Flemish painters such as Hans Memling, Jerôme Bosch, Peter Chistus, Pieter Bruegel and admired their magnificent art so delicate and full of spirituality. She discovered later that a genius of impressionist painting, Vincent Van Gogh, lived close to her Belgium home before leaving for Paris and Arles. Her destiny was that she should follow in his footsteps.

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    Angie Braun, 1961 ~ Blue Eyes..

    Angie Braun is an German painter, known for working in the PopArt Figurative style. Angie Braun living and working in Germany.
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    Andrei Zadorin, 1960

    Андрей Задорин  is an Belarusian painter. In the same way that words are used to create a narrative, Zadorine uses visual images to create atmospheric feeling. His work is directly addressing the soul. Poetic and romantic, Zadorine appeals to the viewer by illustrating the vulnerable and precious nature of the human soul.
    Memory (particularly drawn from childhood) and the acceptance of the irreversibility of human life are strong underlying currents that drive much of his work. This requires the viewer's time and attention removed from intellectual enquiry to allow an experience rather than a sensation of his work to manifest.

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    Hermann Hesse / Fabian Perez ~ Così vanno le stelle..

    Così per la lor via vanno le stelle,
    incomprese, immutabili!
    Tu, mentre noi ci dibattiamo in vincoli,
    di luce in luce ascendi.

    Tu, la cui vita è tutta di splendore!
    E se dalle mie tenebre
    devo tendere a te braccia nostalgiche
    sorridi e non m'intendi.
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    Pedro Álvarez Castelló ~ Tango Argentino

    Pedro Reinaldo Álvarez Castelló (1967-2004) was a Cuban painter who rose to prominence during Cuba's Special Period. Alvarez was a native of Havana, Cuba. He studied art at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro" from 1980-1985 and the Instituto Superior Pedagogico Enrique Jose Varona from 1986-1991. He was a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. He married a Cuban woman and had a child. When he wasn't travelling to promote his work, he divided his time between Malaga, Spain and Havana.
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    Jonathan Ahn, 1977

    Korean-born American painter Jonathan Jungsuk Ahn was born in Seoul, South Korea and immediately displayed talent in fine arts. At age seven Jon moved to the Boston area, where he began studying under and studied under Mrs. Angell-Rickenbacker for over a decade until Jon left for Paris, France.
    Jon continued studying art in Paris within the hallow Parisien Museums. During this time, Jon produced a substantial body of work all the while studying the works of Old Masters. After several years of traveling the world, Jon settled in San Francisco where he has received his MFA at the Academy of Art University.

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    Rabindranath Tagore /Antonio Tordesillas | Sonno /Sleep

    Nel tuo sonno, al limite dei sogni,
    aspetto guardando in silenzio il tuo viso,
    come la stella del mattino che appare per prima
    alla tua finestra.
    Con i miei occhi berrò' il primo sorriso
    che, come un germoglio, sboccerà'
    sulle tue labbra semiaperte.
    Il mio desiderio e' solo questo...

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    Nazim Hikmet ~ Sotto la pioggia camminava la primavera..

    Barbara Florczyk
    Sotto la pioggia camminava la primavera
    con i suoi piedi esili e lunghi sull'asfalto di Mosca
    chiusa tra gli pneumatici i motori le stoffe le pelli
    il mio cardiogramma era pessimo quel giorno
    quel che si attende verrà in un'ora inattesa
    verrà tutto da solo
    senza condurre con sè
    coloro che già partirono
    suonavano il primo concerto di Čajkovskij sotto la pioggia
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    Leonardo da Vinci ~ Esempio tra la Poesia e la Pittura..

           Trattato della Pittura - Parte prima /11

    Non vede la immaginazione cotal eccellenza qual vede l'occhio, perché l'occhio riceve le specie, ovvero similitudini degli obietti, e li dà all'impressiva, e da essa impressiva al senso comune, e lí è giudicata. Ma la immaginazione non esce fuori da esso senso comune, se non in quanto essa va alla memoria, e lí ferma e lí muore, se la cosa immaginata non è di molta eccellenza. Ed in questo caso si ritrova la poesia nella mente, ovvero immaginativa del poeta, il quale finge le medesime cose del pittore, per le quali finzioni egli vuole equipararsi ad esso pittore, ma invero ei n'è molto remoto, come di sopra è dimostrato.
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    Leonardo da Vinci ~ Del Poeta e del Pittore..

        Trattato della Pittura - Parte prima /10

    La pittura serve a piú degno senso che la poesia, e fa con piú verità le figure delle opere di natura che il poeta, e sono molto piú degne le opere di natura che le parole, che sono opere dell'uomo; perché tal proporzione è dalle opere degli uomini a quelle della natura, qual è quella ch'è dall'uomo a Dio. Adunque è piú degna cosa l'imitar le cose di natura, che sono le vere similitudini in fatto, che con parole imitare i fatti e le parole degli uomini.
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    Mihai Criste, 1975 ~ The Kiss of Autumn

    Mihai Criste is a creative Romanian painter who is fascinated by abstration, mystery and surrealism. He graduated from the Visual Arts Academy in Romania in 2001 and since then has been participating in group exhibitions along with illustrating children’s books, such as the The Wizard of Oz. The graceful composition of his paintings, along with his creative concepts and titles, give his pieces a special touch and him a great degree of distinction. A painting professional for more than 10 years, Mihai has participated in numerous contests and exhibitions. His artworks combine several subjects in an attempt to confuse the viewer of what is reality.
    Mihai Criste 1975 | Romanian Surrealist painter
    The Kiss of Autumn
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