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Claude Gaveau, 1940 | Abstract Figurative /Still life /Landscape painter | Part. 2

Claude Gaveau is an internationally acclaimed French master celebrated for his compositions. His works are harmonious with a brilliant palette of vibrant colors that seem to be overlaid with silk giving a soft and subtle result.
For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Claude Gaveau see Claude Gaveau, 1940 | Abstract Figurative /Still life /Landscape painter.

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H Momo Zhou, 1981 | Figurative painter

Born in Guangzhou, China, Awarded painter H. Momo Zhou has followed in her family footsteps of creating fine artistic works. Her parents, highly respected professors of fine arts at the prestigious Guangzhou University of Art, China, nurtured Momo’s unique gift of spatial awareness of color, juxtaposition of line form, and a broad brush stroke of creativity. Her images embody the quintessential nuances of romanticism, realism and impressionism.

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Surreal world by Amandine Van Ray

Amandine Van Ray is an Estonia-based artist (from Tallinn) who creates Surreal artworks with the use of both photography and digital art. In her works, her subjects portray very expressive emotions as they are surrounded by a Surreal world filled with floating creatures and such. Her impressive skills and boundless imaginations makes her mix of digital art and the subject’s expressions an amazing masterpiece. Scroll down to see some of her works.
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Samuel Morse ~ Gallery of the Louvre

National Gallery of Art NGA, Washington

Known today primarily as the inventor of the telegraph, Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872) began his career as a painter. Born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, he attended Yale University, graduated in 1810, and moved to Boston. There he became the private pupil and friend of the painter Washington Allston, who introduced him to a traditional program of study that encompassed drawing, anatomy, and art theory.
With Allston’s encouragement, Morse went to London, where he met Benjamin West and was accepted as a student at the Royal Academy of Arts. Morse’s first major painting there, The Dying Hercules (1812-1813, Yale University Art Gallery), earned high praise. Returning home in 1815, full of optimism and national pride, Morse confronted an artistic climate unfavorably disposed to history painting in the grand manner and was forced to turn to portrait painting for financial support. Throughout the late 1810s and 1820s, he painted portraits of clients in cities and towns along the Atlantic seaboard.

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Fedosenko Roman, 1970 ~ Figurative / Impressionist painter

Роман Федосенко was born in 1970.
Lives and works in Minsk, Belarus.
A lot of traveling and actively exhibit their work.
Participates in various art projects.
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Derek Jones, 1945 ~ Watercolor Figurative painter

Derek Jones is a coal miner's son, born in County Durham, and he is currently based in Berwickshire. He went to Art College at Hartlepool and followed this by completing a degree in Fine Art at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Following a year working in a museum, Derek began to teach art. He later helped to run a gallery in Berwick upon Tweed. For the last twenty years, Derek has been concentrating on his own work, which consists mainly of figurative drawing.

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Françoise Nielly, 1960 ~ Palette Knife painter

Françoise Nielly is a French knife-painter who is famous for painting vibrant and colourful closeup portraits of people such as Barack Obama. She was born in Marseille, brought up near Cannes and Saint-Tropez and is now living in Paris.
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Pavlos Samios, 1948 ~ Greek romance

Παύλος Σάμιος - Pavlos Samios was born in Athens in 1948. At an early age, he started painting and drawing by helping his father with his shoe workshop.
He became fond of religious painting that attracted his interest since his childhood and worked in Dionysios Karoussos icon painting workshop until the age of eighteen. At the same time, he attended classes on drawing in Panos Sarafianos workshop whereupon he was accepted at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

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Jin Hongjun, 1937 ~ Traditional Chinese painter

Mr. Jin Hongjun / 靳洪軍 was born in 1937 and is a native of Beijing. His family are descendants of the Emperors of the Qing Dynasty. He studied Chinese painting with many well-known artists such as Li Kuchan and Li Keran in the Chinese Painting Department, Central Art College of China. As a professional artist at the Beijing Painting Institute, Professor Jin particularly specialized in fine brushwork. His paintings have been collected by the China National Art Museum and by the Chinese government and many important organizations. One of them was elected into the 13th Exhibition of SECO of the U.N. Jin Hongjun also was invited to visit India and to teach in Japan plus to participate in art exhibitions of his works in the U.S., Singapore, Korea, Canada, Thailand and other countries.
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Richard Diebenkorn ~ Abstract and Figurative Expressionism painter

By Michael Kimmelman, New York Times newspaper, March 31, 1993

Richard Diebenkorn 1922-1993, one of the premier American painters of the postwar era, whose deeply lyrical abstractions evoked the shimmering light and wide-open spaces of California, where he spent virtually his entire life, died yesterday at his home in Berkeley. He was 70.
The cause was respiratory failure after a long illness, said his dealer, Lawrence Rubin of M. Knoedler and Company in Manhattan.
Two rounds of open-heart surgery, pneumonia and a bout of radiation therapy over the last two years had hobbled Mr. Diebenkorn, making his breathing so difficult that eventually his creative efforts were limited to drawings and other small-scale works he could produce while bedridden. Even these, in the soft, bleached colors he favored, often suggested a vast scale.

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Duong Quoc Dinh, 1967 ~ Body painting | VideoArt

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Marco Grassi, 1987

Marco Grassi è nato a Reggio Emilia (Italia), dove risiede a lavora attualmente. Dopo aver conseguito il diploma di Ragioniere, decide di perseguire la strada dell’arte, iscrivendosi nel 2006 all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna; terminato il ciclo di studi sceglie di dedicarsi a tempo pieno all’attività pittorica, passione che lo accompagna da molti anni.

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Alexei Khlebnikov / Алексей Хлебников ~ Still Life of Flowers painter

Alexei Khlebnikov / Алексей Хлебников is a painter from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Has received an academic art education.
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Yannis Moralis ~ Abstract / Expressionist / Cubis painter

Yannis Moralis / Γιάννης Μόραλης [1916-2009] is an outstanding figure in Modern Greek painting. He became a professor at the School of Fine Arts at a very early age and for years taught the younger generations of Greek painters.

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Shahrzad Hazrati, 1957 ~ Figurative painter

Shahrzad Hazrati was born in Ghorveh, Iran.
Student of interior architecture at the Polytechnic University in Tehran 1975-77;
Student at fine arts Department in the Tehran University 1978-79;
Student at fine arts Department in the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul 1988-90;
Member of the Turku Artist Association 1993 -
Artist of the Year 2002;
Member of Finish Artist Association,
Aspirant member 1998 -2008;
Member 2010 -

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Gabriel García Márquez ~ La marionetta | La lettera di Addio dello scrittore

Se per un istante Dio dimenticasse che sono una marionetta di stoffa e mi regalasse un poco di vita, probabilmente non direi tutto quello che penso, pero in definitiva penserei tutto quello che dico.

Darei valore alle cose, non per quello che valgono, ma per quello che significano.

Dormirei poco, sognerei di più, capisco che per ogni minuto che chiudiamo gli occhi, perdiamo sessanta secondi di luce.

Andrei avanti quando gli altri si fermano, mi sveglierei quando gli altri dormono.

Ascolterei quando gli altri parlano, e come

gusterei un buon gelato al cioccolato!
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Vladimir Ryabchikov, 1967

Владимир Рябчиков was born in 1967.
In 1994. graduated from Rostov State Pedagogical University, Arts - Graphic Department.
In 1988. began to exhibition activities.
Party more than two hundred group exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including exhibitions in the project «Die Russen Kommen» 1992-2002.
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Dmitriy Kalyuzhny, 1975 ~ Figurative painter

Дмитрий Калюжный was born in 1975. Graduated from the Kharkov State College of Art. Graduated from the Kharkov State Academy of Art and Design. Member of the Union of Young Artists of Ukraine.
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Dorus Brekelmans, 1972 | Figurative Palette Knife painter

Dutch painter* Dorus Brekelmans was born in Waalwijk, Netherlands. After a three year (1991-1994) study in advertising drawing at the Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts in Antwerp, he continued his training in applied graphics and illustration at the Carolus Magnus University of Antwerp (1994-1998). 
Since, Dorus regularly participates as independent illustrator and painter, in exhibitions in the Netherlands, where he is also represented by a number of distinguished galleries.

"My paintings are figurative, realism is often the basis of my canvases. Yet I am as an artist rather than a realist, but rather to mention. An impressionist I work alternately in acrylic or oil on canvas or panel, the sizes of my paintings range from small to large.
The paint is often spontaneous and expressive with brushes or applied with a palette knife.
My color palette is mostly sunny mention".

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Giuseppe Cacciapuoti, 1969 | Figurative /Seascape painter

Giuseppe Cacciapuoti, Neapolitan -Italian painter*, was born in Pozzuoli. The range of his interests extremely wide. He paints portraits, still lifes, landscapes and seascapes.
Cacciapuoti studied at the Istituto di Belle Arti di Napoli where today he is a full time lecturer.
Cacciapuoti gives the viewer a pleasant vision of beauty and seduction. Cacciapuoti’s paintings and skillful work of color with show lifelike expressions and attitudes. His talent on a canvas could bring an environment to life and the sea welcoming the boat floating above.
His works can be found in private and public collections all over the world.

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Charlene Van Den Eng, 1971 ~ Portrait painter / Fashion designer

Dutch painter Van Den Eng Charlene studied at some of the most prestigious art institutes in the Netherlands, including the Amsterdam Art/Fashion Institute AMFI. Her main technique is oil painting and over the years she gradually focused her work in portraits. Before she starts her paintings, she captures a series of photographs in locations significant for the subject.

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Kareem Iliya, 1967 ~ Fashion watercolor designer

Lebanese-born American artist Kareem Iliya was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He moved to Texas in 1976 and studied fashion design initially at the University of Texas, Austin, USA. Then he continued his studies at the Institute of Fashion Technology, in New York. He graduated in 1990. Kareem is now living in New York, USA.
Kareem started his fashion career workjing with Giorgio Armani, and from 1992 also freelanced as an illustrator.

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Nadia Wicker, 1981 ~ Fashion illusions photography

French photographer Nadia Wicker is an illusion artists, a master in the art of transporting oneself into their own visual universe.
Self-taught photographer and makeup artist, Wicker works in the genres of fashion and fine-art photography.

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Kemal Kamil Akca ~ Parfum d'Orient

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Kemal Kamil Akca ~ Fine Art photographer

Kemal Kamil Akca, nickname Wafflefineart, is a Fine Art photographer and photo-artist living and creatin in Turkey.

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Laurentino Marti, 1946 ~ Watercolor painter

Spanish painter Laurentino Martí was born in Costur, Castellón.
He is one of the best watercolorists in Spain and began to win recognition and awards since 1988 with the Grand Prix Societé Beaux Arts XXXII Salon Int. d’Arts Plastiques 1988 and he didn’t stop from that date.
His art can be found in several museums not only in Spain. He has also permanent exhibitions in Barcelona, Valencia, Castellón, Lleida, Tarragona, Málaga, Sevilla, Novo Sancti Petri, Sitges, Madrid and much more.

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Kyle Stuckey, 1987 ~ Figurative painter

American painter Kyle Stuckey, born in New Hampshire, began his formal art education at age 18 studying drawing and painting privately with Lori Woodward. He supplemented his education with art videos by Morgan Weistling and Daniel Gerhartz, and studied with Mike Malm via a scholarship he received from Scottsdale Artists School in 2006.
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