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Lisete Alcalde, 1981 | Visionary painter

Lisete Alcalde, Mexican painter, was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, second child of four children, daughter of Sergio Alcalde Justiniani and Patricia Salas.
Having very unique parenting from her father's profession in iridology and her mother's in emotional therapy, Lisete received both health and spiritual guidance.
At the age of 15 Lisete’s artistic talents started to blossom, once she realized her pastime went beyond painting.

Pastel coloring captured her attention while she developed self-taught unique skills of painting by using her fingertips and palms to capture the essence of detailing. As her talent continued to evolve, she created a three-month painting that garnered lots of attention from her family and friends, encouraging Lisete to pursue her art.
By the time Lisete turned 19, after traveling for several months from a soul searching trip, she was certain that painting was her life long passion and had decided to spread her inspiration and bring awareness to the world.
Lisete Alcalde now resides in Brooklyn, New York touching people with her paintings and has taken the urban New York art scene by storm with her murals.