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Douglas Kirkland, 1934 | Hollywood's photographer

Douglas Kirkland is a Canadian photographer based in the United States.
Douglas Kirkland is the legendary photographer who captured Hollywood elite.
Kirkland has been the cutting edge of fashion, photojournalism and portraiture, working for the world’s most reputable magazines for more than 50 years.
As a young photographer in 1961 he was assigned to shoot Marilyn Monroe during several hours in a closed studio one night, captured a stunning portfolio of alluring and intimate images that survive to this day as a testament to her beauty and vulnerability.

Douglas Kirkland | Marilyn Monroe, 1961

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Richard Savoie, 1959 | Cityscape painter

Richard Savoie is a Quebec painter born in Moncton New Brunswick. He comes from a family of artists, the works of his uncle Roméo Savoie is part of Canada’s National Gallery.
Savoie spent part of his childhood by the sea and is still inspired by the sounds of its many moods, from the gentle lapping of waves on the shore to the thundering roar of surf whipped by a wild wind.
He studies art with Gabrielle Messier and Yolaine Lefebvre and becomes a full time artist by the 1980s.

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J.T. Winik | Figurative painter

Kingston based artist J. T. Winik obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Western Ontario in London.
Since 1996, J.T Winik has dedicated herself entirely to painting, dividing her time primarily between Spain, Holland and Canada. Winik's work frequently incorporates the female form.
Recurring themes examine the emotional tension within the psychological context of various dualities: power and fragility, angst and felicity, and passion and passivity.

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Paul Kelley, 1955 | Figurative painter

Paul Kelley is a Canadian artist, born in Nova Scotia. He took his academic studies at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick form 1973-1975.
Paul lives in LaHave, Nova Scotia with his wife and family. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, kayaking, and working on their 100 year old house and property.

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Danny McBride, 1951

Danny McBride was born in Toronto, and has spent all of his working years in the arts as a musician, composer, singer and artist.
First as a musician, composer and songwriter, Danny made world tours with the likes of David Hasselhoff, Chris de Burgh and Joe Cocker.
His illustrious music career has netted him several gold and platinum records and a profile that still keeps him newsworthy.
In 1996 he wrapped up a US and Taiwan concert tour and began to slow his pace.

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Robert Pilot (1898-1967) | Impressionist painter

Robert Wakeham Pilot MBE RCA was a Canadian artist🎨, who worked mainly in oil on canvas or on panel, and as an etcher and muralist.
Pilot was born on 9 October 1898, at St. John's, Newfoundland, to Edward Frederick Pilot and his wife Barbara (née Merchant).
In 1910, his widowed mother married the artist, Maurice Cullen, moving into Cullen's home in Montreal.
As a child, Pilot assisted Cullen in his studio, and the two would take sketching trips together.

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Paul Peel (1860-1892) | Academic painter

Paul Peel was a Canadian🎨 academic painter. Having won a medal🎨 at the 1890 Paris Salon, he became one of the first Canadian artists to receive international recognition in his lifetime.
Peel was born in London, Ontario, and received his art training from his father from a young age.
Later he studied under William Lees Judson and at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts under Thomas Eakins.

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Genevieve Blais | Art history in the Time of Covid-19

"We could all use a smile in lieu of recent events, so I decided to update art history for 2020" - Genevieve Blais.
Canadian artist🎨 reimagined famous paintings to see what they’d look like if they were painted during the Coronavirus Crisis.