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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Macchiaioli Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Guglielmo Ciardi (1842-1917) | Veduta painter

Guglielmo Ciardi was an Italian painter🎨. He was born in Venice, the son of an official of the Austrian government.
Ciardi enrolled in 1861 at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied perspective with Federico Moja🎨 and landscape and seascape with Domenico Bresolin, taking over the latter’s teaching post in 1894. He went to Florence in 1868 and formed friendships with Giovanni Costa and the Macchiaioli painters🎨.

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Telemaco Signorini (1835-1901) | Macchiaioli Art Movement

Telemaco Signorini was an Italian artist who belonged to the group known as the Macchiaioli🎨.
He was born in the Santa Croce quarter of Florence, and showed an early inclination toward the study of literature, but with the encouragement of his father, Giovanni Signorini, a court painter for the Grand Duke of Tuscany, he decided instead to study painting.
In 1852 he enrolled at the Florentine Academy, and by 1854 he was painting landscapes En Plein air.
The following year he exhibited for the first time, showing paintings inspired by the works of Walter Scott and Machiavelli at the Florentine Promotrice.

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Antonio Paoletti | Genre painter

Antonio Ermolao Paoletti (May 8, 1834 in Venice - December 13, 1912 in Venice) was an Venetian🎨 impressionist painter from the Macchiaioli group🎨 and teacher.
Paoletti is well known for his paintings of Venetian genre scenes🎨.
Paoletti attended course in the Accademia as a pupil of Pompeo Marino Molmenti, and as a colleague of the sculptor Antonio Dal Zotto and the Armenian painter and engraver Edgar Chahine.

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Adolfo Tommasi | Macchiaioli painter

Adolfo Tommasi (1851, Livorno - 1933, Florence) was an Italian painter🎨.
Having left Livorno, Tommasi moved to Florence, where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts and met Silvestro Lega🎨, who taught Adolfo’s younger cousins Angiolo and Ludovico and spent a great deal of time with the Tommasi family. He also briefly studied under Carlo Markò the Younger, but the style of academic painting did not appeal to him.

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Niccolò Cannicci | Genre painter

Niccolò Cannicci (1846-1906) was an Italian painter🎨, who painted urban and rural views, often depicting the intersection of the urban and industrial landscape with the rural and pastoral.
He was born in Florence. He began his studies in design at Academy of Fine Arts of Florence under professors Marrubini and Pollastrini, and from there moved to the studio of professor Antonio Ciseri.
He then was influenced by the school of the Macchiaioli🎨.
He moved to San Gemignano.
He painted mainly landscapes and genre paintings🎨 of peasant life and animals.

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Macchiaioli Art | History and Sitemap

The Macchiaioli were a group of Italian painters🎨 active in Tuscany in the second half of the nineteenth century, who, breaking with the antiquated conventions taught by the Italian academies of art, did much of their painting outdoors🎨 in order to capture natural light, shade and color.
This practice relates the Macchiaioli to the French Impressionists🎨 who came to prominence a few years later, although the Macchiaioli pursued somewhat different purposes.

Federico Zandomeneghi🎨 - Il giubbetto rosso, 1895

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Giovanni (Nino) Costa | Genre painter

Giovanni Costa (15 October 1826 - 31 January 1903), often known as Nino Costa, was an Italian ⎆ landscape painter and patriotic revolutionary.
Giovanni Costa was born in Rome on 15 October 1826, the fourteenth of the sixteen children of Gioacchino Costa (died 1842) and Maria Chiappi (died 1857). His father was from Santa Margherita Ligure and as a young man had moved to Rome, where he opened a wool-spinning factory and achieved wealth and position. The family lived in a large house in Piazza San Francesco a Ripa, in Trastevere, close to the factory.

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Giovanni Boldini | Academic painter | The French Cityscapes

Born in Ferrara, the Italian painter* Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931)* moved to Paris in 1871, where painted a number of landscapes in suburban locations outside Paris.
His work from 1871-1886: the bustling streets and squares to cafés, theaters, and concert halls- reflects the influence of his contemporaries: Degas, Manet, Caillebotte, Meissonier, and Fortuny among others.

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