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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Peruvian Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Cecilia Paredes, 1950 ~ Body painter

Cecilia Paredes was born in Lima, Peru and currently lives and works between Philadelphia, PA US and Lima, Peru. Cecilia builds objects mainly using discarded natural elements and with her work, re creates another language. She also does performances using make up, body painting or any other resource to create her anthropomorphic images, transforming herself into animals, plants or landscapes. These acts are registered on photography, creating her photoperformances.
She studied at the Catholic University Art School in Lima, at the Cambridge Arts and Crafts School in England and at the Scuola del Nudo in Rome, Italy. Cecilia is a Rockefeller Fellow since 1998.
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Benito Cerna, 1960 ~ Figurative painter

Peruvian painter Benito Cerna was born in Peru on April 4, 1960. Self-taught painter, Cerna working on many projects of restoration of works of art and historical monuments. 2nd place silver medal SNBA the Carrousel du Louvre Paris, France 2009.
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Pablo Neruda / Benito Cerna ~ Perche' tu possa ascoltarmi.. /So that you will hear me..

Benito Cerna, 1960 ~ Figurative painter

Perché tu possa ascoltarmi le mie parole
si fanno sottili, a volte,
come impronte di gabbiani sulla spiaggia.
Collana, sonaglio ebbro
per le tue mani dolci come l'uva.
E le vedo ormai lontane le mie parole.
Più che mie sono tue.
Come edera crescono aggrappate al mio dolore antico.
Così si aggrappano alle pareti umide.
E' tua la colpa di questo gioco cruento.
Stanno fuggendo dalla mia buia tana.
Tutto lo riempi tu, tutto lo riempi.

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Ernesto Arrisueño, 1957 | Magic Realism painter

Ernesto Arrisueño, Peruvian painter, was born in Lima, a time when migration to Australia was almost exclusively from Britain and Europe. In the past decade however, Australian life has been enriched by migration from many South American countries. Arrisueño studied art in Lima before completing a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Ricardo Palma University.
Throughout the 1980's he exhibited widely in Peru in both individual and group exhibitions. Architectural drawing, for which he had won a number of prizes as a student, developed as a major theme in his work where figures and objects are juxtaposed with beautifully rendered building fragments.

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Vito Loli, 1954 ~ Figurative painter

Vito Loli, Peruvian painter, is a self-made artist who knows how to effectively combine various techniques and materials to depict his passion for nature and women figures. Besides, he is committed to fighting for environmental sustainability, particularly in his country, Peru, which has the largest biodiversity in the world in its many species. Most of his work merges these two passions, achieving very personal images, full of magic and a direct and provoking message. Through his work, the artist shares his introspective journey, using nature as a metaphor.
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Renso Castaneda, 1970 | Figurative painter

Renso Zevallos Castaneda, Peruvian painter, was born in Lima. Graduateded of the National School autonomous superior of Beautiful Arts of Peru in the specialty of Painting of 1989-95.

- "I started to paint a long time ago, I don not remember exactly when, what I remember is always there were paintings in my home.. why?
My mother is an artist like my father, my uncle, my aunt… unfortunately not too much people knows about them, well it was impossible to choose another thing to do, I always enjoyed make copies from famous artists and now I like to do realistic paintings to imitate the texture of the skin, the shadows, the lights. I feel a great satisfaction when I finish a painting besides it is not a easy work to do".

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Albert Lynch ~ La Belle Époque

Albert Lynch [1851-1912] settled in Paris, where he studied at l'École des Beaux-Arts. Lynch worked under the guidance of painters Jules Achille Noël, Gabriel Ferrier and Henri Lehmann. He showed his artwork in the Salon of French artists which he won in 1890 and 1892 and in the World's Fair of 1900 during which he received a gold medal.
Albert Lynch 1851-1912 | Peruvian painter | Belle Époque
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Victor Crisostomo Gomez

Peruvian painter Victor Crisostomo Gomez is a contemporary artist from Lima, Peru, and features the people and cultures of his native country in his vibrant and captivating portraits. These compelling images blend tradition with a contemporary edge. The dichotomy of past and present would normally be difficult and prohibitively complex, however, Victor, a Native American of Inca Qechua heritage, effortlessly bridges the two extremes while traveling the jungles of South America for his research and inspiration.