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Isabelle Sauvineau, 1965 | Pop Art painter

French painter Isabelle Sauvineau studied nursing during her time spent at Cegep in Granby.
She later started working in the fashion industry where she stayed for 5 years.
After the birth of her two children Sauvineau’s passion for painting emerged.
It’s with enthusiasm and confidence that she launched herself down a new career path, in the visual arts.

As a self-taught painter Isabelle Sauvineau has been dedicated to her work for the past 15 years.
Inspired by masters such as Modigliani and Tamara De Lempicka, Sauvineau was able to develop her own distinct style.
Through her worldly experiences she continues to draw strength and creativity through original free-flowing forms of expression where the female figure dominates the picture plane.
A multi-dimensional artist, Sauvineau favours using a combination of oil and acrylic techniques, which helps to realise her paintings.

Using oils Isabelle Sauvineau adds character to the various elements and figures in the composition.
She uses acrylic paint to render the faces of the characters in her works.
Amid the realism of the oil and vibrancy of the acrylic colours Sauvignon’s work would characteristically be classified as Pop Art.

Over the past several years the artist has participated in numerous symposiums and exhibitions.
She is involved in many cultural and artistic activities.
Isabelle Sauvineau is represented by several galleries in Quebec including the Beauchamp Art Gallery’s, as well as throughout the United States.