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Hamish Allan | Surrealist Landscape painter

Hamish Allan is a Christchurch artist working mainly with the New Zealand landscape as subject matter.
Having completed two health-related degrees, Hamish worked as a physiotherapist before embarking on his artistic career in 1999 - initially concentrating on sculpture, then moving his attention to painting.
Hamish’s style is characterized by clean precise imagery, depicting stylised representational New Zealand landscapes and incorporating distinctive architecture.


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Meredith Marsone, 1977 | Abstracted Love

Meredith Marsone's (formerly Collins) paintings and drawings explore questions of heritage and identity.
At times there is a tension in her works that reference her Pakeha and Māori heritage, ta moko or floral designs delicately adorn faces of her subjects. Heritage as well as the continuity of one's lineage are depicted in Meredith's works which often feature her with her daughters.
Crystal Ardern, curator Waikato Museum, describes Meredith's work as "Striking, captivating, and beautiful paintings - yet hinting at something more, something uneasy even. She has explored intimate, sometimes painful issues through paint and canvas, but she has been able to veil her work enough so that she is not completely exposed".