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Mahnoor Shah, 1991 | Ballet dancers

Mahnoor Shah was born in Islamabad, Federal - Pakistan.
'I am a collaborative and driven Freelance Graphic Designer over three years of experience delivering digital and print materials for a variety of client campaigns.
Adept at visual strategy, layout development, and electronic production for print media.
Excels in peer review environments calling for creative brainstorming to bring ideas from concept to execution.
Pursuing a freelance career serving forward-thinking clients with a shared passion for clean design and the latest visual trends'.
Key Skills: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Digital and traditional Portrait.

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Sara Abid | Impressionist painter

Pakistani painter Sara Abid is a self-taught artist and has interned with Ufaq Ehsan - Artist and former NCA teacher and Zil-e-huma - former PTV art and set designer/director.
- I am a self-taught artist from Lahore, Pakistan, specializing in the impressionist style of art. For me a painting is not just blobs of paint on your canvas; it’s your mind, soul, energy, personality and mood. When a single painting is completed, you look at it and smile; the more you look at it, the wider the smile gets. Sometimes you just don’t want to give your work away, feeling a connection with it like that’s your child and only YOU have the right over it! But I want to share this happiness with the world. I want every painting of mine to cheer you up.