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Antonio Duarte, 1942 | Figurative painter

Antonio Duarte was born in Portugal where he graduated from Escola Artes Plasticas of Coimbra and Escola De Belas Artes of Lisbon.
Since graduating he pursued a career as a professional artist in Europe, where his work was shown in many exhibitions in Spain, Portugal and Germany.
Today his paintings form part of private and public collections across Europe.

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Cristina Troufa, 1974 | Surrealist / Symbolist painter

Cristina Troufa is a Portuguese based artist, working predominately in figurative painting. In recent works, she uses her own image in autobiographical paintings that explore her livings and spiritual beliefs. As a form of self-knowledge and self-questioning, her work explores, in a symbolic and surrealistic way, an inner world, which remains inaccessible to the voyeur, who can only guess what each painting represents.
Cristina Troufa holds a masters degree in Painting since 2012 and a degree in Painting since 1998 bout in FBAUP (University of Fine Arts of Porto).
She has exhibited trough Portugal, in solo and group exhibitions since 1995 and international exhibitions, Italy, Spain, France and Australia.

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Miguel Freitas | City streets painter

Miguel Freitas grew up in Lisbon, Portugal, later he moved to Toronto where he continued to study the fine arts exploring ways of expressing his creativity.
His artistic diversity and ability to work with various media and styles has proven to be a great asset to his creative career. Starting out as a photographer, and then venturing into the design industry, his success as a designer and illustrator eventually led him to positions working as Art Director for companies both in Canada and Europe.
Although he enjoys design, he longed for new challenges and creative freedom and so he ventured on his own and now works from his home studio in the Toronto Beaches.
Miguel’s unique technique and style has attracted much attention and created a following where his originals have become sought after by collectors and galleries throughout North America.

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António Macedo, 1955 | Magic Realism painter

António Pedro Urbano Veiga de Macedo is a Portuguese painter, born in Oporto, Portugal.
I attended the local art school, the "Escola Superior de Belas Artes" in 1973-74.
In 1975 I moved to London, where I continued to research into all kinds of painting techniques so as to develop my own style. Over the years, the close proximity to the great Art collections in the Capital, the study of so many great images, and contacts and friendships with artists in the U.K. and Portugal did much to help me learn what cannot be taught at Art School.

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Ernesto Canto da Maia | Symbolist sculptor

Sia benedetto il frutto del tuo grembo (c. 1920-1922, Carlos Machado Museum)

Ernesto Canto da Maia (1890-1981) was born in 1890 at Ponta Delgada (São Miguel island, Azores) in the midst of a wealthy family. In 1907, after graduating at high school, he leaves to Lisbon and enrols at the Drawing Class of the Fine Arts School, having Ernesto Condeixa, José Luís Monteiro and José Alexandre Soares as teachers. In 1912, he participates at the I Portuguese Caricature Exhibit with a set of small statuetes which criticize the frivolity of life at the cities.

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Maria Rita Pires, 1975 | Figurative and Paper sculptor

Maria Rita Pires is an Portuguese Artist who creates sculptures in the Figurative style. Maria Rita graduated Art school, Ar.Co. in 1995, Ceramics course.
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Carolina Serpa Marques, 1966 ~ Figurative painter

Carolina Marques Serpa was born in Porto in 1966.
In 1989 she finished her Degree in Law at the Catholic University of Porto and since 1991 teaches at the University of Porto Lusiada.
Devotes himself to painting as an autodidact, running custom portraits.
In 2010 is selected as a finalist for the Prix Carmen Miranda.
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Martinho Dias, 1968 ~ Abstract Realism painter

Martinho Dias, Portuguese painter, was born in Trofa, near Oporto, Portugal, where he lives and works. He is represented in the “NY Arts Annual Catalogue”, 2009, New York
He has a degree in Fine Arts - Painting, from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Oporto University, since 1996.