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Carolina Serpa Marques, 1966 ~ Figurative painter

Carolina Marques Serpa was born in Porto in 1966.
In 1989 she finished her Degree in Law at the Catholic University of Porto and since 1991 teaches at the University of Porto Lusiada.
Devotes himself to painting as an autodidact, running custom portraits.
In 2010 is selected as a finalist for the Prix Carmen Miranda.
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Martinho Dias, 1968 ~ Abstract Realism painter

Martinho Dias, Portuguese painter, was born in Trofa, near Oporto, Portugal, where he lives and works. He is represented in the “NY Arts Annual Catalogue”, 2009, New York
He has a degree in Fine Arts - Painting, from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Oporto University, since 1996.

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Duma Arantes 1973 ~ Fashion painter

Duma lives and works in Oeiras, Portugal where she studied advertising in IADE -Visual Arts, Design Marketig Institute and also Painting and Drawing at the National Society of Fine Arts, in Lisbon. 
Duma Arantes 1973 | Lisbon | Fashion painter
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Ric Nagualero | Symbolist painter

Nagualero has been immersed in the world of art for most of his life. A native of Portugal, at the age of two he moved to South America (Brazil) with his parents.
There he resided for the next 15 years, absorbing the exotic surroundings of the land and it’s people, a multiracial culture with its rich traditions and customs.