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Stas Sugintas, 1969

Stanislavas Sugintas was born in Vilnius, Lithuania.
1980-1984 - Vilnius Middle Art School, Lithuania.
1986-1993 - Academy of Fine Arts of Belarus, Minsk Took general courses in painting, drawing and composition.
Sugintas is member of the "Maison des Artists", France and member of the Union of Designers, Belarus.

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Cayetano de Arquer Buigas (1932-2012)

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas🎨 (January 11th, 1932-September 13, 2012) was and stands as perhaps one of the most emblematic inheritors of 19th-century Catalan and French Impressionist style🎨 (seen in artists such as Ramón Casas and Eduard Degás🎨). With his elegant, restrained color palette and compelling balance between composition and subject choices, Buigas’s output has afforded him the status of a beloved, enduring master.

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German Aracil, 1965 | Figurative painter

German Aracil 1965 | Spanish painter

Spanish artist🎨, German Aracil was born in Alicante. In 1985 he began his studies at the San Carlos School of Fine Art in Valencia, Spain.
Aracil's first one-man show was held in his home town of Alicante, followed in 1990 by exhibitions in New York, Miami, USA. Subsequently, German Aracil has exhibited his work with great success in Spain, Portugal, Japan, Germany, France, South America and the USA.

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Ricardo Sanz, 1957 | Figurative painter

Ricardo Sanz🎨 is an Spanish painter🎨. His work is contemporary figurative style. His artistic vocation was forged through his grandfather, owner of the Art Gallery La Perfecta in which he met the great artists of the painting: Sorolla🎨, Zuloaga, Vázquez Diaz, etc.
He has won top honors, including the National Living Culture Award🎨, the Goya Prize🎨 Foundation, or Paul Harris Medal awarded* the Rotary International Foundation.

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Lita Cabellut, 1961 | Mixed media painter

Lita Cabellut was born in Barcelona, into a Sinti family and lived on the streets until the age of 12 when she was adopted by a prominent family.
She was introduced to her masters in the Prado: Velazquez🎨, Goya🎨 and Frans Hal🎨s and became deeply affected by art. She attended drawing and painting lessons and had her first exhibition at the age of 17 in Madrid.

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Antonio Tordesillas, 1960 | Figurative painter

Antonio was born in Madrid, Spain. His father wanted him to paint and eventually to continue family tradition and become either a painter or a designer. His father studied in a school of a great Spanish painter, José Arpa Y Perea (Sevilla, 1860-1952), who was well known not only in Europe but also in the United States of America.
After studying with his father, Antonio began in 1975 to attend classes at the Academy Artium Peña, the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. The academy was at that time one of the most important art schools in Europe and trained many currently famous realist and hyperrealist painters of Spain.

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Mariano Fortuny y Marsal (1838-1874) | Orientalist painter

Mariano Fortuny y Marsal has passed into posterity as one of 19th-century Spain’s greatest masters. The stature of his art is accompanied by the memory of an enormous international success equaled only by Sorolla🎨 in his time.
Famous in Second-Empire Paris, his work was one of the most coveted of its time by major European and American collectors.

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Martin Rico (1833-1908) | Impressionist painter

Born on 12 November 1833, at the age of twelve Martín Rico began studying at the Liceo Artístico y Literario (Lyceum) and later became a pupil of the painter Vicente Camarón, who would introduce him to landscape painting, which shaped his artistic personality in a decisive way.
The brother of the engraver Bernardo Rico, with whom he later collaborated in illustrations for magazines, he also studied at the San Fernando Academy and travelled around Spain with his painter friends Pablo Gonzalvo and Plácido Francés.

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