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Robert Högfeldt | Watercolor cartoonist

Gustaf Robert Högfeldt was born in 1894 in Eindhoven, Netherlands and died in 1986 in Stockholm.
He was a painter, primarily known for his watercolours.
His pictures often feature comical and fairytale-like narratives.
He studied in Paris, Düsseldorf and Stockholm and is represented at the Nationalmuseum and Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

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Hanna Pauli | Genre painter

Hanna Hirsch, later Hanna Pauli (Stockholm, 13 January 1864 - 29 December 1940, Solna), was a Swedish painter; primarily of genre scenes and portraits.
Hanna Hirsch was a daughter of music publisher Abraham Hirsch. She was a friend of Eva Bonnier, and they followed each other through the painting school of August Malmström, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm.

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Eva Bonnier (1857-1909)

Eva Fredrika Bonnier (1857-1909) was a Swedish painter and philanthropist.

Born in Stockholm as the daughter of publisher Albert Bonnier and a member of a leading family of publishers, Bonnier studied painting with August Malmström and became a student in the women's section of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm in 1878.
Together with her friend and co-student Hanna Hirsch, she traveled to Paris in 1883, staying there until 1889.

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Eva Bagge (Swedish, 1871-1964)

Eva Bagge (15 December 1871 - 6 November 1964) was a Swedish painter who studied first in Sweden and then made study trips to Rome and Paris.
Remembered in particular for her farm scenes and interiors, she did not reach her peak until 1941 when works based on her approach to late 19th-century Realism attracted attention at her solo exhibition in a Stockholm gallery.
Such was the interest that they were soon exhibited in Munich and Berlin. Several Swedish art museums, including Stockholm's Nationalmuseum, have works by Bagge in their collections.
Born on 15 December 1871 in Stockholm, Eva Bagge was the daughter of the printing press director Per Olof Bagge (1833-1872) and his wife Henrika Ottiliana née von Fieandt. She was the youngest of the family's three children and the cousin of artist Elisabeth Bagge.

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Gustaf Theodor Wallén | Genre painter

A painter of landscape, coastal scenes, portraits and sculpture, Gustaf Theodor Wallén was an artist of considerable renown achieving significant success in Paris and in Sweden.
He was born in Stockholm 14th December 1860.
Wallén studied at the Academy of Art under George von Rosen (1843-1923), a professor at the Academy from 1860-1908.
In 1887 Wallén won a travel award which enabled him to study in Paris at the Académie Colarossi and, under William Bouguereau at the Academie Julian.

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Gerda Roosval-Kallstenius (Swedish, 1864-1939)

Gerda Roosval-Kallstenius (10 February 1864, Kalmar - 21 August 1939, Västervik) was a Swedish painter who specialized in landscapes and scenes with figures.
She was the daughter of businessman John Roosval and Johanna Kramer. Her father's family produced several notables in the world of the creative arts, including her maternal uncles, the art historian Johnny Roosval and early filmmaker Albin Roosval.
Roosval-Kallstenius grew up in Kalmar and was sent to Montreux after completing her girls' school, where she deepened her French skills and gained artistic inspiration.
After returning to Kalmar in June 1881, she was taught drawing and painting by Christine Sundberg, one of the first women to study at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.

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Erik Tryggelin | Impressionist / Genre painter

Erik Viktor Tryggelin (1878-1962) in Stockholm, was a Swedish artist, drawer and photographer.
Erik Tryggelin studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts (Konstakademien) in Stockholm. Then he studied in Paris for some time, during the period of October 1911 until January 1913.
In Paris he lived a normal artists' life with his Swedish fellows, for instance David Wallin (1876-1957), Svante Kede (1877-1955), Otto Strandman (1871-1970), Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) and Svante Nilsson (1869-1942).
In Paris he accompanied the art scene and he discovered modernism. In the springtime of 1912 he went to the gallery Bernheim-Jeune and saw the futurists. In 1906 Galerie Bernheim-Jeune was installed in 25, Boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris.

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Greta Gerell (1898-1982)

Anna Margareta Ulrika (Greta) Gerell (1898, Stockholm - 1982, Stockholm) was a Swedish painter and graphic artist.
Gerell was the daughter of Consul General Carl Peter Gerell and Anna, born Sellman. After evening and summer courses at Althin's painting school 1913-1915, she attended the Academy of Art 1915-1920 and Axel Tallberg's etching school.
In 1920 she came to the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris and in 1921 to André Lhote in Paris.
Gerell first appeared with landscape and animal motifs. After study trips to France and the Netherlands, she devoted herself primarily to interior, portrait and figure painting.
Motivationally, her visual world can be reminiscent of contemporary art movements as well as older painters like Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin or Dutch masters from the 17th century.