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Lo Chan Peng 羅展鵬, 1983

Lo Chan Peng was born in Chiayi, Taiwan and graduated Fine Art Department of Chinese Culture University.
Lo Chan-Peng had won many domestic art contests, and became well-known with “Strawberry Journal” series, which honestly records the sub-culture of young generation.
Lo uses his paintings to express what he observed from the real world, which not only depicts the mindset of young generations nowadays, but can be seen as a kind of self-dissect.

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Lin Ching Che, 1987 | Watercolor painter

Taiwanese painter Lin Ching Che is a member of several major associations of artists. He prefers to paint with watercolors. Most of his paintings are urban landscapes and still life.
Lin Ching Che was born in Taipei, Taiwan.
He received his first art education at the local elementary school, after that was high school, the National University of the Arts, and National Taiwan Institute of Fine Arts. Currently, the artist is a member in several international associations of Watercolor artists. Over the last twelve years, Lin Ching Che regularly participates in all kinds of exhibitions.

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Chien Chung-Wei 簡忠威, 1968 | Romantic Cityscape painter

Chien Chung-Wei 簡忠威aimed to be a painter at age 10. He earned the master degree in Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University and was selected as one of the 30 painters in One Hundred Years of Watercolor in Taiwan in 2009. In 2010, he set up the world’s first live demonstration teaching system in Chung-Wei Chien’s Art Studio for teaching watercolor. In 2014, he was selected in the 147th AWS Annual International Exhibition and the 94th NWS Annual International Exhibition; which made him the first Taiwanese painter get selected in the AWS and NWS annual exhibition. In addition, he was also accepted as the signature member in NWS in the same year.
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Chen-Wen Cheng, 1964 | Realistic Watercolor painter

In 2014, Mr. Chen-Wen Cheng become finalist of World Watercolor Competition (France) and Winner of Golden Prize for his masterpiece "Loving Mother".
Master Chen-Wen Cheng  程振文 was born in 1964 in Taiwan Ping Dong County.
Mr. Chen-Wen Cheng received many prizes from Art Exhibitions in Taiwan during past years, which includes Tay-Yang Prize Winner, Tay-Yang Art Exhibition Winner, Chu Chien Prize Winner, Chu Chien Fine Art Exhibition First Prize etc.
As a Member of Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association, Chen-Wen Cheng was invited for many art exhibitions.
Some of his master pieces become the collection of national Museums and Universities.
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Gaylord Ho, 1950

Taiwanese sculptor Gaylord Ho was born in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan. Born to poor farmers Gaylord spent most of his free time helping, along with his brother, with the chores of scratching out a living on a small rice farm in middle Taiwan. His parents, while certainly not well off financially, were accepting and loving of their children and believed strongly in education. Gaylord was sent off to the public school system as soon as he was of age.
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Abraxsis Der Jen ~ Love stories in the Forbidden City

Abraxsis Der Jen is an Taiwanese painter.
Specialty: Portraits of traditional Chinese women, national character, national costumes.
Submitted works are included in a huge series of paintings under the general title: Illustration Collection of the Ancient Chinese People - The Zephyr-Love Stories of the Royal Manchu in the Forbidden City.