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Rob Hefferan, 1967 | True Romance

Rob Hefferan is an exceptionally talented figurative artist. His varied body of work celebrates the joyous and multifaceted forms that human beings express with limitless imagination and wit.
Rob captures the personality of each of his subjects with honesty, integrity and above all, a sacred appreciation for the unique spirit embodied within us all.
His heartfelt response to humanity is woven into the very fabric of each outstanding portrait, earning him the reputation of one of the finest contemporary realists of his generation.

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Walt Kuhn (1877-1949) | Modernist painter

Raised in Brooklyn, Walt Kuhn (born William but called Walt from a young age) developed an early interest in drawing and theater.
In 1893 Kuhn took art classes at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Six years later he was working in San Francisco as a cartoonist for The Wasp, a weekly satirical magazine. Kuhn returned to New York in the fall of 1900, but by March of 1901 he had left again to study art in Europe, first at the Academie Colarossi in Paris and then later that year at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Academy of Fine Arts) in Munich.

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Michele Petrelli | Modern impressionist painter

Michele Petrelli contemporary Italian artist was keening about painting from when he was very young and he graduated from the Art School in 1991.
In 1999 he obtained the title of technical designer.
He says about himself: "I am an enceph in a glass vial. I am a visual-auditory-tactile artist. I do not despise the material thought wandering in the spirit and in the humour".
During the first part of his life he did not have much painting.

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Yossi Kotler, 1965 | Mixed Media painter

Yossi Kotler is a painter and graphic designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
His artworks are very colorful and strong with a lot of layers. Yossi creates his work with different mediums - acrylic on canvas, oil pastel, ink, charcoal, digital art etc.
Kotler graduated "Wizo College of design" in Haifa Israel in graphic design, in the years 1988-1992.

- "I am an full time artist and a designer".

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Isaac Levitan (1860-1900) | Impressionist painter

Исаа́к Ильи́ч Левита́н was a classical Lithuanian-Russian landscape painter who advanced the genre of the "mood landscape". Levitan's work was a profound response to the lyrical charm of the Russian landscape.
Levitan did not paint urban landscapes; with the exception of the View of Simonov Monastery (whereabouts unknown), mentioned by Nesterov, the city of Moscow appears only in the painting Illumination of the Kremlin.
Characteristic of his work is a hushed and nearly melancholic reverie amidst pastoral landscapes largely devoid of human presence. Fine examples of these qualities include The Vladimirka Road, (1892), Evening Bells, (1892), and Eternal Rest, (1894), all in the Tretyakov Gallery.
Though his late work displayed familiarity with Impressionism, his palette was generally muted, and his tendencies were more naturalistic and poetic than optical or scientific.

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Edgar Degas | Life and Artworks

Edgar Degas seems never to have reconciled himself to the label of "Impressionist", preferring to call himself a "Realist" or "Independent". Nevertheless, he was one of the group’s founders, an organizer of its exhibitions, and one of its most important core members.
Like the Impressionists, he sought to capture fleeting moments in the flow of modern life, yet he showed little interest in painting plein air landscapes, favoring scenes in theaters and cafés illuminated by artificial light, which he used to clarify the contours of his figures, adhering to his Academic training.

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Boris Pasternak | Sometime at a concert hall.. / Negli anni un giorno o l'altro in un concerto, 1931

Boris Beside The Baltic At Merekule 1910 | Portrait by his father Leonid Pasternak

Negli anni un giorno o l'altro in un concerto
Mi soneranno Brahms, - proverò la nostalgia.
Trasalirò, ricorderò l'unione di sei cuori,
I passeggi, i bagni, l'aiola di casa mia.

La fronte dritta della pittrice, timida come sogno,
Con un sorriso mite, un beato sorriso,
Un sorriso immenso e chiaro, come globo,
Il sorriso della pittrice, la fronte e il viso.

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Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614)

Lavinia Fontana was an Italian painter.
She is regarded as the first woman artist, working within the same sphere as her male counterparts, outside a court or convent. She was the first woman artist to paint female figures, and was the main breadwinner of a family of 13.
Lavinia Fontana was born in Bologna, the daughter of the painter Prospero Fontana, who was a prominent painter of the School of Bologna at the time and served as her teacher. Continuing the family business was typical at the time.