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Stanislav Sidorov, 1954 | Impressionist painter

Станислав Сидоров was born in the city of Blagoveshchensk, in the Far East of Russia.
This Town is the capital of the Amur Region and has a unique location directly on the border with China.
Stanislav came from a family of artist's who nurtured and encouraged his creative talent.
He started his art education as a child in the Creative school for Gifted kids then, 4 years in college, then 6 years In the Vladivostok University of Fine Art with formal studies focused on the traditions of the Russian Realistic School of painting characterized by artist's of the 19th century.

In August of 1977 his family immigrated to America. Since then he lives in Denver, Colorado, working as a free lance artist.
He has Been contracted to work with different Galleries throughout the United State he also exhibits his art work in selective Art Festival Shows Exhibitions.
These last few years his paintings became more and more decorative with bright expressive color.

While he is capable of working in different genres, one of his favorites is an architectural motive.
He likes small towns' secluded streets and old architecture.
They inspire nostalgia about previous generations, events and cultures.
His work shows remarkable depth and saturation with feeling, both of these are so often missing from a lot of other contemporary paintings.

Whether it is a portrait, a genre, a landscape or a still-life, all of these are withing the Stan's' capability range, touching one's soul, challenging one's mind, and not allowing the beholder remain indifferent.
Stanislav's work is displayed in both public and private collections throughout Russia, China, Japan, Spain and the United States.
Through the media of oil, pastels and charcoal, his works capture the beauty, wonder and emotion of the human experience.
Stanislav stands for real fine art as opposed to Mass Production.
Although the freedom and many rewards of the artistic profession are enjoyable, each painting is born "in hard labor", and only then it may claim to be called "a work of art".

Stanislav Sidorov Сидоров Станислав Николаевич 1954 | Russian Genre painter

Stanislav Sidorov Сидоров Станислав Николаевич 1954 | Russian Genre painter