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Wislawa Szymborska | Love at First Sight / Amore a prima vista

They’re both convinced
that a sudden passion joined them.
Such certainty is beautiful,
but uncertainty is more beautiful still.

Since they’d never met before, they’re sure
that there’d been nothing between them.
But what’s the word from the streets, staircases, hallways -
perhaps they’ve passed by each other a million times?

Ron Hicks | Tell me more

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Wassily Kandinsky | IV - La Piramide

Lo spirituale nell'arte, 1910

Così, lentamente molte arti si avviano a dire quello che hanno da dire, con i loro mezzi specifici.
E nonostante questa separazione, o grazie ad essa, le arti non sono state mai tanto unite come in quest'ultima fase della svolta spirituale.
In tutte si avverte la tendenza all'antinaturalismo, all'astrazione e all'interiorità. Consciamente o inconsciamente ubbidiscono al detto di Socrate: "Conosci te stesso!". Consciamente o inconsciamente, gli artisti si occupano sempre più del loro materiale, lo saggiano, pesano sulla bilancia spirituale il valore interiore degli elementi creativi.

Wassily Kandinsky | Unstable Compensation, 1930

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Giacomo Leopardi | Calm after the storm / The la quiete dopo la tempesta, 1829

The storm hath passed;
I hear the birds rejoice; the hen,
Returned into the road again,
Her cheerful notes repeats. The sky serene
Is, in the west, upon the mountain seen:
The country smiles; bright runs the silver stream.

Giovanni Segantini | Dopo il temporale / After the thunderstorm

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Jane DeDecker, 1961 | Figurative sculptor

Jane DeDecker has been sculpting the human figure for over thirty-five years. She seeks to capture moments that reveal truths about the human condition, that, when stripped down to their essence, are understood intrinsically.
As a figurative sculptor, she communicates emotional experience through lyrical compositions that move the viewer.
DeDecker’s sculptures stop life in mid-sentence - somewhere between inhaling and exhaling - and gives it form. She tells a story through the simple moments that imprint our lives and define us.

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Manuel de Gracia (1937-2017)

Spanish painter Manuel de Gracia was born in Mora de Toledo. He started in Madrid practicing in the Círculo de Bellas Artes workshops and he held his first solo exhibition in 1963 in the Sala Toisón, together with Manuel Cano and José Suárez.
Later he exhibited individually at the Eureka gallery and after that he showed this work in Valladolid and Santander.

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Wassily Kandinsky | III - The Spiritual revolution, 1910

Concerning the Spiritual in Art, 1910

The spiritual triangle moves slowly onwards and upwards. Today one of the largest of the lower segments has reached the point of using the first battle cry of the materialist creed. The dwellers in this segment group themselves round various banners in religion. They call themselves Jews, Catholics, Protestants, etc. But they are really atheists, and this a few either of the boldest or the narrowest openly avow. "Heaven is empty", "God is dead".

In politics these people are democrats and republicans. The fear, horror and hatred which yesterday they felt for these political creeds they now direct against anarchism, of which they know nothing but its much dreaded name.

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Carl Frederic Aagaard (1833-1895)

Carl Frederik Peder Aagaard was a Danish landscape painter and decorative artist.
He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and under P. C. Skovgaard. Many of his paintings focused on spots frequented by tourists.


He was the son of a shoemaker. He had his first painting lessons in Odense but, in order to improve his skills, moved to Copenhagen in 1852 and joined his brother Johan, who was a woodcutter.

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Emily Dickinson | I Fear a man of frugal speech / Temo l'uomo di poche parole

Poem 543

I fear a Man of frugal Speech
I fear a Silent Man
Haranguer I can overtake
Or Babbler entertain

Temo un uomo di poche parole
temo un uomo che tace
l'arringatore - posso superarlo
il chiacchierone - posso intrattenerlo.

Danielle Richard | Sometimes in Summer