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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Colombian Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Francisco Antonio Cano | Horizontes, 1913

"Horizons" is considered Cano's masterpiece.
"Horizons" epitomizes the idealized migrant family.
It portrays a young, fair-skinned colono family - consisting of a husband, wife, and child - sitting on a bluff, surrounded by mountains.
The three members of the family are likened to the Holy family, with the woman dressed in blue and white like the Virgin Mary, with a baby on her lap.

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Ramiro Ramírez Cardona, 1954 | Surrealist / Realist painter

Ramiro Ramírez Cardona was born in Columbia, in a family of self-taught artists, sculptors and painters.
The human body rather than a being erotic or leakage eager libido, is itself, by its immediate essence, a dreamer, a creator and it is through the body, of that battered body, which has become a being communicating with dreams, ambitions, doubts and loneliness, that man has imagined and amazes us every day.

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Alex Stevenson Diaz, 1962 | Abstract painter

Alex Stevenson Diaz is an artist with appreciation of the human, which communicates through expressive poses the inner struggle of man with himself, his yearnings for freedom, their prisons and bonds.
Anatomies which express the hardness in a baroque miguelangelesco. The tension of his hands and fingers or the rigidity of the neck muscles in head turns back, giving way to an energy that comes from the inside more visceral.

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Alfredo Araujo Santoyo, 1972 | Abstract Figurative Painter / Sculptor

Alfredo Araújo Santoyo is an Colombian artist, born in Bogota, Colombia.
Principal Studies: Specializing in Painting Sculpture and Ceramics: Academie Royale des Beaux Arts, Brussels-Belgium Anatomical Dissection.

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Dorian Florez, 1960 | Figurative painter

Dorian Florez is an artist from Colombia. He was born in Caldas Antioquia. He studied clinical psychology in University of Paris in the period 1982-1988.
At the same time, he was attending School of Fine Arts in Nantes (France) from 1983-1985.
He had many other studies attended many workshops to strengthen his skills. Actually, his talents skills are shining since his birth.

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Gabriel García Márquez ~ La marionetta | La lettera di Addio dello scrittore

Se per un istante Dio dimenticasse che sono una marionetta di stoffa e mi regalasse un poco di vita, probabilmente non direi tutto quello che penso, pero in definitiva penserei tutto quello che dico.

Darei valore alle cose, non per quello che valgono, ma per quello che significano.

Dormirei poco, sognerei di più, capisco che per ogni minuto che chiudiamo gli occhi, perdiamo sessanta secondi di luce.

Andrei avanti quando gli altri si fermano, mi sveglierei quando gli altri dormono.

Ascolterei quando gli altri parlano, e come

gusterei un buon gelato al cioccolato!
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Jorge Lujan ~ Libertango

Born in Medellin, Colombian painter Jorge Botero Lujan grew up in a large family, as the sixth child of twelve. He was known for his artistic traits throughout elementary and high school. He has always been attracted by art books, comic books, films and music, which led him into the world of art.
A self-taught artist, Lujan is always creating, searching, and trying new techniques such as pencil, colors, charcoal, acrylics, and oil. Always observing light, position, and composition of images has strengthened his work relating them to different times in history, costumes and trends.
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Pedro Ruiz, 1957 ~ Conceptual painter

Pedro Ruiz, Colombian painter, was born in Bogotá. At the National School of Beaux Arts in Paris, starts exploring painting and at Stanley William Hayter's studio, Atelier 17, dwells into different printing techniques. His trajectory of exhibits includes important museums in Mexico, Colombia and Spain, as well as prestigious galleries in these three countries as well as the United States.