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Moïse Kisling ~ Surrealist painter | School of Paris

Moïse Kisling, born Mojżesz Kisling (January 22, 1891 – April 29, 1953), was a Polish-born French painter. He moved to Paris in 1910 at the age of 19, and became a French citizen in 1915, after serving and being wounded with the French Foreign Legion in World War I. He emigrated to the United States in 1940, after the fall of France, and returned there in 1946.
Born in Kraków, Austria-Hungary, he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Kraków. His teachers encouraged the young man to go to Paris, France, considered the international center for artistic creativity in the early 20th century.

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Roman Zakrzewski | Figurative painter

Polish painter Roman Zakrzewski (1955 in Oświęcim - 25 December 2014) attended the public secondary school of fine arts in Bielsko-Biała. Then he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where he received a degree from Jerzy Nowosielski’s studio in 1985. Since he was very young, the artist has shown interest in portraits, which have become the main theme of his artistic work.

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Vera Rockline | School of Paris

Vera Nikolayevna Rockline / Вера Николаевна Рохлина (Moskou, 1896 - Paris, 4 april 1934) was born in Moscow to French and Russian parentage. She studied at the studios of the best avant-garde masters of her time; Il'ia Mashkov in Moscow, and later Alexandra Exter in Kiev. Rockline soon became known as Mashkov's most talented student and was noted for her painterly technique. From 1918 she exhibited her works extensively and, like many young avant-garde artists, participated in decorating the streets of the city for the anniversary of the October Revolution.

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Robin Wight | Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures

British artist Robin Wight uses stainless steel wire to form stunning, dramatic sculptures of winged fairies dancing in the wind. The enchanting forms, which range in size from miniature to life-sized, seem to have a life of their own as they strike dynamic poses, contort their bodies, and hold onto windswept dandelions.

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James Crandall | Impressionist painter

After a long career as a concept illustrator in the advertising and motion-picture industry, American painter James Crandall has shifted his focus to traditional easel painting. He finds subject matter in everyday life, and is always looking for an intriguing play of light, or the unstaged gestures of people at work and at play. An ongoing series of paintings depicts life in his maternal grandfather's hometown of Lucca in northern Tuscany, where he regularly visits. Recent work also includes scenes from the rural backroads of California's Gold Country, where he and his wife Nancy make their home.
He is a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America and an Artist Member of the California Art Club.
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Hossam Dirar, 1978 | Abstract Mixed Media painter

Hossam Dirar was born and raised in Cairo, a city whose rich heritage has been a huge inspiration.
BA Fine Art, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, 1995-2000;
Graduated with honours, and won best Graduation project amongst all entries.
Major studies: Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, and Mixed Media.
Minor Studies: Product Design, Photography, Multimedia, Textiles and Ceramics.
He is a graduate of Helwan University where he received the highest marks of his year for his graduation project. A multi-disciplinary artist working across painting, photography, installation, video and graphic design.

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Myrtille Henrion Picco, 1952 | Neo-Surrealist painter

French painter Myrtille Henrion Picco was born in Nancy, France. Child, she doodles everywhere and all the time. But this is the photography in first that attracts her, as enought to do it her job. She waives this passion when she understands how her look has become analytical, "rectangular" and cold as the metal of her camera. The camera lens separates her to the world.
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John Ottis Adams | Impressionist painter

The Landscape painter John Ottis Adams [1851-1927] was born in Amity, Indiana, a small town south of Indianapolis. He attended Wabash College in 1871, but left a year later for the South Kensington Art School in London to study under John Parker. Adams returned to Indiana in 1876, eventually settling in Muncie.
In 1880 Adams returned to Europe, traveling to the Royal Academy in Munich to study with Gyula Benczúr. In Munich, Adams met two other painters from Indiana, Theodore Clement (T. C.) Steele and William Forsyth. After seven years in Munich, Adams returned to Muncie and opened an art school there with Forsyth. Adams also taught classes in Union City and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Emil Barbarini | La Belle Époque

Emil Barbarini (Vienna 1855 - Brunn am Gebirge 1930) was born in 1855 in Vienna where he lived until his death in 1930. He was at first apprentice to and consequently influenced by his father, the Landscape painter Franz Barbarini. However, Emil soon found his own style which was very different from that of his father.
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Gustave Moreau | Symbolist painter

Gustave Moreau,  (born April 6, 1826, Paris, France-died April 18, 1898, Paris), French Symbolist painter known for his erotic paintings of mythological and religious subjects.
The only influence that really affected Moreau’s development was that of his master, Théodore Chassériau (1819-56), an eclectic painter whose depictions of enigmatic sea goddesses deeply impressed his student. In the Salon of 1853 he exhibited Scene from the Song of Songs and the Death of Darius, both conspicuously under the influence of Chassériau.

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Raoul Dufy | Fauvist/Cubism painter

French painter in oil and watercolour, illustrator and designer, Raoul Dufy [1877-1953] was born at Le Havre. Took a job in commerce but also began in 1892 to attend evening classes at the municipal Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where he met Othon Friesz. Awarded a scholarship in 1900 and went to Paris where he studied for four years under Bonnat at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Influenced at first by the Impressionists, then from 1905 by the Fauve style of Matisse and began to work in richer colours. First one-man exhibition at the Galerie Berthe Weill, Paris, 1906. Worked with Marquet at Trouville in 1906 and with Braque at L'Estaque in 1908; was temporarily influenced by Braque's early Cubist style and Cézanne.
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Charles Camoin | Fauvist painter

Charles Camoin (French: [kamwɛ̃]; 23 September 1879 - 20 May 1965) was a French painter associated with the Fauves.
Born in Marseille, France, Camoin met Henri Matisse in Gustave Moreau's class at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Matisse and his friends (including Camoin, Henri Manguin, Albert Marquet, Georges Rouault, André Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck), formed the original group of artists labeled the Fauves (meaning "the wild beasts") for their wild, Expressionist-like use of color.

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Albert Marquet | Fauvist painter

Albert Marquet (27 March 1875 - 14 June 1947) was a French painter, associated with the Fauvist movement.
He initially became one of the Fauve painters and a lifelong friend of Henri Matisse.
Marquet subsequently painted in a more Naturalistic style, primarily landscapes, but also several portraits and, between 1910-1914, several female paintings.

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Takeji Fujishima | Yōga Art Movement

Fujishima Takeji / 藤島 武 (October 15, 1867 – March 19, 1943) was a Japanese painter, noted for his work in developing Romanticism and Impressionism within the Yōga (Western-style) art movement in late 19th- and early 20th-century Japanese painting. In his later years, he was influenced by the Art Nouveau movement.
Fujishima was born to an ex-samurai class household in Kagoshima, Satsuma Domain in southern Kyūshū, Japan, where his father had been a retainer of the Shimazu clan daimyō.
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Zbigniew Kopania, 1949 | Still Life/Landscape painter

Zbigniew Kopania Henry was born in Lodz, Poland. Having graduated from secondary schools in 1969, he became a student at the state theatrical, television, and film college, the Faculty of Camera-Works. Included among its distinguished alumni is Roman Polanski.
Together with film and photographic activities, he cultivated paintings in the department of Art. The early stage of his painting was under the guidance of Dr. K. Zwolinska and J. Mierzejewski, a renowned painter in Poland and abroad.

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Domenico Morelli | Symbolist painter

Domenico Morelli (7 July 1823 – 13 August 1901) was an Italian painter, who mainly produced historical and religious works. Morelli was immensely influential in the arts of the second half of the 19th century, both as director of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples, but also because of his rebelliousness against institutions: traits that flourished into the passionate, often patriotic, Romantic and later Symbolist subjects of his canvases.
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Vincenzo Gemito | Figurative sculptor

Vincenzo Gemito [1852-1929] born in Naples in 1852, is considered to be the most important Italian sculptor of the late nineteenth century and is increasingly regarded as one of its greatest draughtsmen. His origins were unpromising. An orphan street child until he was adopted by a poor artisan, he was put out as an assistant to the sculptor Emanuele Caggiano at the age of nine. He then attached himself informally to the older but more progressive sculptor Stanislao Lista, who apparently encouraged him to work from street models.

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Charles Sprague-Pearce | Academic Orientalist painter

During the mid-nineteenth century, before America had truly established its claim to artistic originality, American artists were seduced by the fascinating Parisian art scene. During the latter half of the nineteenth century an important group of American artists congregated in France, among them Mary Cassatt, James Abbot MacNeill Whistler - though only temporarily- and Daniel Ridgway Knight, among many others. Another American artist, albeit one who has not been given sufficient attention, is Charles Sprague Pearce (October 13, 1851 - May 18, 1914), whose presence in Paris and later Auvers-sur-Oise was important for the propagation and appreciation of American artwork, even though he continued to be strongly influenced by the predominant European artistic styles of the period.

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Masson Benoit | Still life painter

Italian painter R. Masson Benoit works in Turin. Up to 20 years studied painting at various masters. After participated in group exhibitions held several solo exhibitions. His works are a series of colors that convey the viewer a fresh emotional outburst, feeling fragrant viability tangibility. Colors are sometimes violent, sometimes calm are always in a pleasant harmony. The joyful and exciting palette R. Masson Benoit has a touching charm.
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Karin Jurick | Figurative Realist painter

When painter Karin Jurick was in high school, she spent many days and hours going to train stations and museums so she could sketch the variety of people who came into her view. She would sketch fast, quickly filling up sketchbook after sketchbook, and it was just something she wanted to do – the more she did it, the better she got.

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Andrew Salgado, 1982 | Figurative Abstract painter

Andrew Salgado -born in Regina, Canada- has situated himself as one of the eminent emerging painters in both the UK and North America. He has been listed by Saatchi as "one to invest in today" (Sept 2013), lauded by esteemed critic Edward Lucie Smith as a "dazzlingly skillful advocate" for painting, and been endorsed by Tony Godfrey (author of Phaidon's Painting Today) as an "exciting artist with a particular vision".

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Arthur Severn | Landscape in Watercolour painter

From a well-known artistic family -his father Joseph, brother Walter and sister Mary were also painters-, Joseph Arthur Palliser Severn [1842-1931] was closely linked to John Ruskin; he married the famous art critic's niece Joan Ruskin Agnew in 1871. Severn joined Albert Goodwin and Ruskin on a trip to Italy in 1872 and the present work illustrates the influence of Ruskin's artistic theories.
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Renoir | Young Spanish Woman with a Guitar, 1898

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir | Woman with a Cat, 1875

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Pierre Auguste Renoir - Girl Asleep with Cat, 1880

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Ferdinand Max Bredt | Orientalist painter

Ferdinand Max Bredt is regarded as one of Germany's foremost Orientalist painters of the 19th century. Like many of his compatriots who were interested in the world of the Orient, he travelled extensively in Greece, Turkey and Tunisia, recording his journeys on both paper and canvas.
His works often depict the everyday life in the harem and its inhabitants - luxuriant scenes graced by richly attired odalisques. Alternatively, he depicted women chaperoned in an outdoor setting against a backdrop of exotic architecture. As in the present work, the definining characteristic of the artist is a profound sense of languor and softness, achieved through a wonderful sense of contour and gentle colours.

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Jules Pascin | Expressionist painter

Jules Pascin, original name Julius Pincas (born March 31, 1885, Vidin, Bulgaria-died June 1, 1930, Paris, France), Bulgarian-born painter, renowned for his delicate draftsmanship and sensitive studies of women.
Born of Italian Serbian and Spanish Jewish parents, Pascin was educated in Vienna before he moved to Munich, Germany, where he attended art school in 1903.

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Andrea Benetti, 1964 | Neo Cave Art

Andrea Benetti, born in Bologna in 1964, has been expressing his pictorial talents for many years to the favor of both critics and the general public of the complex world of contemporary art. His work has been shown in highly prestigious venues, and is on permanent display in at least a dozen museums, public institutions and international collections.
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