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Justyna Kopania | Abstract Palette Knife painter

- "My name is Justyna Kopania. I am a painter. Art is my asylum, life, poetry, music, the best cigar, tasty strong tea, everything.
My Art reflects the world I perceive with all my senses; people I meet and love; nature I admire, and all the things that affect the way I am.
The Man is my main inspiration and This Man is the principal topic of my project. I am focusing on Their psyche, attitudes, as well as Their appearance, manners and all the complex processes that take place both outside and inside the Man'.

'I cannot imagine existing without my art, my paintings, my inspirations - it is, and will be, an intrinsic part of my life. I prefer oil painting on huge canvases. People from all around Europe find the pieces of their selves in my works and are impressed with the sincerity and truth expressed through them.In my studio - work - I paint a few, sometimes several hours a day. Paintings are entirely painted by hand. I always try to give the climate the moment that stuck in my memory'.

In painting I try to show the "world", which could be seen by looking at reality that surrounds us, from another perspective, unusual, remote, sometimes through the eyes of the child, sometimes music, composer, or someone who looks lichen on the sea, the moon , the sky and the stars ..., the river ... looks out the window and looks out into the street. Walking down the street looking at people"s faces. In rain, snow or fog. Perhaps the world that surrounds us Human really is quite different than we perceive it every day.

Perhaps in every drop of rain, the grain of sand, petal snow are millions of colors that you can see, if you look for them, exactly an unusual perspective of our view. I would like to connect and be able to capture the image of time that passes so quickly. Pass a second - which are born minutes. The minutes are created with the hours ... hours - days. From days - weeks. From weeks - months. From months - years. From years - life...

Justyna Kopania si presenta in maniera chiara e precisa al pubblico.

Sono una pittrice. L'Arte è il mio asilo, la vita, la poesia, la musica, i migliori sigari, un gustoso the forte. L’arte riflette il mondo che percepisco con tutti i miei sensi, le persone che incontro e amo, la natura che ammiro e tutte le cose che influenzano il mio modo di essere”.

"L'uomo è la mia ispirazione principale e quest'uomo è il tema principale del mio progetto. Mi sto concentrando sulla sua psiche, sugli atteggiamenti, sul suo aspetto, i modi e tutti i complessi processi che avvengono sia all'interno che all'esterno del suo essere".

"Non posso immaginare la mia esistenza senza la mia arte, i miei dipinti, le mie ispirazioni. Preferisco il dipinto ad olio su tele enormi. Persone provenienti da tutta Europa trovare “pezzi di loro stessi” nei miei lavori e sono impressionato dalla sincerità e verità espressa attraverso di loro".