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Fabrice de Villeneuve, 1954 | Vintage style painter

Fabrice de Villeneuve is an French painter.
- "My past has been my source of inspiration.
If I could take you for a walk in my child hood house, where I grew up, we would be surrounded by lush gardens of flowers and vegetables overlooking the beautiful sea.
Therefore, my affinity with my splendid en vironment was to characterize who I was to become".

Fabrice de Villeneuve 1954 | French Vintage painter

Fabrice de Villeneuve 1954 | French Vintage painter

"Later in life when I became an antique dealer, I filled my life with objects, paintings and furniture that captivated my sense of beauty.
And when I became an artist and a creator in my own right, it was again the richness and the peacefulness that I had been enamoured with, as a child, that led me to the path, which enlightened my imagination.
My dedication and love for my work have supported my efforts to continue being my own editor.

I have formed a team of Studio artists who works with me to ensure that we offer you the best quality product and I oversee every step of the production in the making of these artistic pieces.
My tribute and sincere gratitude goes out to all buyers, customers and designers all over the world, who have inspired me to continue exploring the art world".