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Sharon Maia Wilson

Sharon Maia Wilson, American painter, was a prolific artist working for 30 years from her studio in Tucson, Arizona. She was predominantly self taught through independent study and experimentation. While well versed in many styles and media, she is best known for her work in oil paint. Although an early bout with breast cancer curtailed her career in the late 90s, she emerged rejuvenated and continued to paint with a fervent joy until her passing in 2005.

Her later works are representational of that fervency and devotion to the indelible human spirit. The light and pathways in her paintings stand testament to the idea that just ahead lie better times and places, an idea which drove her vision and her life. Her work has been featured in many publications, galleries and exhibitions all over the world.
Sharon passed away due to complications associated with a recurrence of breast cancer. Her family is committed to prevention of this disease through increased awareness with a portion of all art sale proceeds going to breast cancer research.