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Jean Abrie, 1962 | Figurative / Wildlife painter

South African painter Jean Abrie was born in the former Eastern Transvaal and in his early years grew up in Zimbabwe.
There he developed a great love for wildlife.
Upon returning to South African he completed his secondary schooling and graduated at the University of Pretoria.
Jean prefers to work in oils and capture the many facets and mystical qualities of African wilderness in a photo realistic style on large canvasses.

With the Southern African wilderness areas and game parks on his doorstep, his work portrays a distinct affection for African wildlife and he specializes in African big game and also a huge variety of birdlife in Africa.
Apart from wildlife, he is also an accomplished figurative artist, producing a large number of paintings in a contemporary realistic style with vibrant colors and broad brush strokes, which provides the opportunity to work in a style very different to photo realism.

As a multi-talented artist, he has taken part in numerous exhibitions in different genres of art in the Far East, major cities in USA and the UK. Participation and invitations to the largest wildlife art shows and exhibitions in the USA on a regular basis, has become a regular feature of his career and he has done so with great success, in New York, London, Charleston, Seattle, Reno, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples and Orlando.
Collectors range from large multinational companies in US, Europe and South Africa as well as individual businessmen and private collectors from all over the world.

Realism is his preferred style and he has developed a sophisticated technical ability by paying great attention to detail.
His love for the open spaces, the people, animals and the huge variety of birdlife on the African continent, is evident in his work.
The intimate knowledge needed, is gained through extensive travel, research and study of the subjects he loves to paint.

He believes one can never know enough about any subject you choose to paint.
In the African wilderness, driven by instinct and the harsh conditions on the continent, everything may not be pretty but it is always beautiful.