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Hans Zatzka | Madonna with the Infant Jesus, 1930

Austrian artist Hans Zatzka was born in 1859 in Vienna. He spent his childhood in the 19th district of Vienna, Braytenzeer Strasse, 2. His artistic talent was noticeable at an early age. From 1877-1882 Hans Zatska studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, his teacher was Professor Blaas. Hans Zatska achieved great success and in 1880 was awarded a gold medal. After graduation, he made several research trips to Italy, and later studied fresco painting in churches and portraits. Hans Zatska’s favourite genre of painting is ideal images of women and cupids.
For the life of Hans Zatska earned a religious painting, the painting of churches and altars. He lived in his home studio, absorbed in his work. Hans Zatska never took pupils. Hans Zatska died on the 17th of December 1945.