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Christophe Heymann, 1956 | Pop Art painter

Christophe Heymann was born in Fort-Lamy (Chad) the 4th of August 1956. Four years later, confronted with the first violent waves of independance, the family went back to France. Wrenched from his native soil, the artist will always have an unquenched and mysterious attraction to his roots. This memory of a premature departure from his birthplace has always remained a source of inspiration.

Uprooted, the child is displaced between eastern and southern France. Nowhere a complete outsider, nowhere completely at home, he’s started to develop a love of escapism. As a kid, he was travelling through the world of comics. Adult, he’s travelling around the real world, immersing himself then  leaving with a mind full of rich  memories which he lays down on the canvas.
Since 2005, CHAP is based near Montpellier, in Clermont L’Hérault, in the South of France.

Christophe Heymann è un artista Francese nato nel 1956 a Fort-Lamy (Chad), legato a doppio filo al post espressionismo e al cubismo più realista, le sue opere sono una esplosione di colori e geometrie, ritratti filtrati da una visione personalissima e ripetitiva che segnano lo stile di Heymann già dalle sue prime opere.