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Fatima Ronquillo, 1976 | Magic realism painter

Fatima Ronquillo is a self-taught painter who combines old master techniques with a playful modern sensibility to create a world where art history meets with imagined characters from literature, theatre and opera.

Born in Pampanga, Philippines, Fatima Ronquillo emigrated as a child to the United States in 1987 where her family settled in San Antonio, Texas.
She began exhibiting her work from the age of fifteen and is now widely collected in the United States and internationally.

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Jaime Gubaton | Surrealist painter

Filipino painter Jaime Gubaton was already winning art contests as far back as he can remember, beating other kids twice his height and age.
Gubaton is a Fine Arts graduate with a major in Advertising from the University of the East Caloocan.

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Lydia Velasco, 1942 | Figurative painter

Lydia Velasco was born in the town of Navotas, Philippines. Velasco’s love for the arts is an innate calling she traces back to her childhood.
She pursued Fine Arts major in advertising at University of Santo Tomas and then worked for many years as an artist for an advertising agency wherein her art directors turned out to be H.R. Ocampo and Cesar Legazpi, who are both national artists now.
Velasco is regarded as one of the top women artists in the Philippines today.

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Wilfredo Alicdan, 1965 | Genre painter

Wilfredo Alicdan - born in Dasmariñas, Cavite - is a Filipino figurative artist.
His works are distinguished by their quaint and geometric folk representations, populated by rounded stylized figures usually engaged in traditional and rural activities Alicdan graduated elementary school in 1978 from Francisco E. Barzaga Memorial School in Dasmariñas.
He graduated high school from Immaculate Conception Academy in 1982 with a gold medal for "Artist of the Year" award. He studied fine arts in the Philippine Women's University from 1983-1986.

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Romel de la Torre, 1963

Born in the Philippines in a community of artists, Romel de la Torre’s artistic interest started at a very young age.
With the encouragement of his parents he began sketching the world around him. Romel and his family migrated to the United States where he began going to museums studying and learning on his own; works of famous artists like Sargent🎨, Sorolla🎨, Fechin🎨, Mucha🎨 and the American Impressionists.

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Fernando Amorsolo (1892-1972) | Genre painter

Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto🎨 (May 30, 1892 - April 24, 1972) was one of the most important artists in the history of painting in the Philippines.
Amorsolo was a portraitist and painter of rural Philippine landscapes. He is popularly known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light.
The volume of paintings, sketches and studies of Amorsolo is believed to have reached more than 10, 000 pieces.
Amorsolo was an important influence on contemporary Filipino art and artists, even beyond the so-called "Amorsolo school".

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Romel de la Torre, 1963 | Figurative painter

"I find spiritual beauty in all the things that I paint. The innocence of a child's face, the endless blue color of the sky, the smell of flowers in the garden, the sound of raindrops falling on the roof. These gives joy in my heart, inspiration, and gratitude... of being an artist" - Romel de la Torre
Born in Cebu City, Philippines in a community of artists, Filipino painter Romel de la Torre's artistic interest started at a very young age.

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Anita Magsaysay-Ho | Cubist painter

Anita Magsaysay-Ho (May 25, 1914 - May 5, 2012) was a Filipino painter. She was the only female member of the Thirteen Moderns, a standing group of Filipino modernist artists and in 1958 was chosen by a panel of experts at the six major painters of the country. The most famous work of Magsaysay-Ho are subject to the beauty of Filipino women dealing with everyday issues.