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Antonio Duarte

Antonio Duarte, Portuguese painter, was born in Portugal where he graduated from Escola Artes Plasticas of Coimbra and Escola De Belas Artes of Lisbon. Since graduating he pursued a career as a professional artist in Europe, where his work was shown in many exhibitions in Spain, Portugal and Germany. Today his paintings form part of private and public collections across Europe. 
Antonio Duarte | Portuguese painter

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Ron Hicks, 1965 | Impressionist Figurative painter

Ron Hicks was born in Columbus, Ohio but spent most of his childhood growing up in the modest and friendly neighborhood of Park Hill in Denver, Colorado.
He shared a dream with a close childhood friend early on... "He just always knew he would go to college and become an artist", remembers Ron's friend.
Ron's family later relocated back to Ohio where, during his high school, he was awarded* several awards and honors for various art shows and competitions.

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Barry Gross, 1948 | Portrait / Surrealist painter

In art historical terms, the early works of Barry Gross, American painter*, combine the hyperfocus of Surrealism with Renaissance spirituality and humanism. It is then all set to motion with the dynamism and drama of Baroque. Dali and Fra Angelico join forces with Bernini. His paintings reveal to the viewer something deeply felt, yet only vaguely remembered.
This dichotomy of reality and fantasy is matched in other works in which his protagonists are captured in a never-never land between sleep and awakening or caught between the depths of the ocean and the limits of outer space. His current works explore the theme of isolation and loneliness.

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Charles Hawthorne ~ Portrait and Genre painter

Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872-1930) was an American painter and a noted teacher who founded the Cape Cod School of Art in 1899. He was born in Lodi, Illinois and his parents returned to Maine, raising him in the state where Charles' father was born. At age 18, he went to New York, working as an office-boy by day in a stained-glass factory in New York, and studying at night school and with Henry Siddons Mowbray and William Merritt Chase, and abroad in both Holland and Italy.
Charles Webster Hawthorne 1872-1930 | American Portrait and Genre painter
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Giovanni Pascoli | Night Blooming Jasmine /Gelsomino notturno

E s'aprono i fiori notturni,
nell'ora che penso a' miei cari.
Sono apparse in mezzo ai viburni
le farfalle crepuscolari.
Da un pezzo si tacquero i gridi:
là sola una casa bisbiglia.
Sotto l'ali dormono i nidi,
come gli occhi sotto le ciglia.
And in the hour when blooms unfurl
thoughts of my loved ones come to me.
The moths of evening whirl
around the snowball tree.
Nothing now shouts or sings;
one house only whispers, then hushes.
Nestlings sleep beneath wings,
like eyes beneath their lashes.

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Daniel Garber ~ Impressionist painter

Daniel Garber [1880-1958] was an American painter and member of the art colony at New Hope, Pennsylvania. He is best known today for his large impressionist scenes of the New Hope area, in which he often depicted the Delaware River. He also painted figurative interior works and excelled at etching. In addition to his painting career, Garber taught art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for over forty years.
Daniel Garber 1880-1958 | American Impressionist painter
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Igor Maykov, 1966 | Surrealist painter

Igor Maikov 1966 | Latvian painter

Игорь Майков was born in 1966. From 1994 he constantly exibits paintings in Latvia and other countrys. I have been drawing since the early childhood, multi layered oil painting - play of colours, light, a shadow on a canvas bewitches! Portraits to write - pure pleasure, especially if work has gone right! I constantly exhibit my work since 1994 in Latvia and abroad. Many of my works are in private collections: Canada, the USA, Germany, Finland, Russia, etc.

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Andrew Wyeth ~ Regionalist style

Andrew Wyeth 1917-2009 | American Realist painter | Regionalist style
Andrew Wyeth [1917-2000] was an American painter, primarily a realist painter, working predominantly in a Regionalist Style. He was one of the best-known U.S. artists of the middle 20th century. Born in the small rural Pennsylvania town of Chadds Ford. He was home schooled in many subjects, including art education. Known to shun traditional oils, Wyeth instead opted to work with watercolors, drybrush, a technique where watercolors are used but water is squeezed or otherwise removed from the brush, and egg tempera.
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Lucio Olivieri ~ Figurative sculptor

Lucio OIliveri, Italian sculptor, was born, lives and work in Milan. For some year now, he has identified himsel in a personalized figurative that aims to express states of mind and human attitudes through the synthesis/essential of the human figure. He has received many aknowlegements and awards. His work have been and are exhibited in countless galleries and artistic show rooms.
Lucio Olivieri | Italian Figurative sculptor

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Victoria Selbach ~ Figurative painter

Victoria Selbach, American painter, in her youth, studied drawing and pastel at the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Pittsburgh and continued on to art classes at Carnegie Mellon University. Her years at CMU provided a range of course work including drawing from live models and studying anatomy at the Pitt Medical School Morgue. Victoria moved to New York City and graduated from Parsons School of Design. While making New York her home Victoria has traveled extensively and is indebted to all the amazing faces and startling visual environments that have fascinated and inspired her.
Victoria Selbach | American Figurative painter

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Stephen Darbishire ~ Impressionist painter

Stephen John Darbishire was born on 1940. His father was a doctor whose forbears go back to the Norman invasion and include John Bright and more recently the Wordsworthian scholar Helen Darbishire. His mother was an accomplished singer whose family included artists and musicians, notably the celebrated Liverpudlian James Hamilton Hay.
Stephen Darbishire 1940 | British Interiors and Landscape painter

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Il Premio Nobel per la Pace

Il Premio Nobel per la Pace è stato previsto nel testamento di Alfred Nobel 1833-1896 nel 1895 ed è stato assegnato per la prima volta nel 1901, come gli altri premi previsti da Nobel stesso.
La cerimonia di consegna del Nobel per la Pace si tiene ad Oslo.
L'assegnazione del premio non si è svolta in 19 occasioni:
  • Durante la prima guerra mondiale: 1914, 1915, 1916 e nel 1918, mentre nel 1917 venne assegnato alla Croce Rossa Internazionale;
  • Negli anni difficili tra le due guerre mondiali: 1923, 1924, 1928 e 1932;
  • Durante la seconda guerra mondiale: 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942 e 1943, mentre nel 1944 venne assegnato alla Croce Rossa Internazionale, come durante il primo conflitto mondiale;
  • Negli anni della guerra fredda, 1948, 1955, 1956 e la guerra del Vietnam 1966, 1967, 1972.
Mahatma Gandhi Statue on Marina Chennai, India 1954 | D. P. Roy Chowdhury 1899-1975 | Indian sculptor
Mahatma Gandhi Statue on Marina Chennai, India 1954
Roy Chowdhury 1899-1975 | Indian sculptor

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Alda Merini / Howard Pyle | Those like me.. / Quelle come me...

Howard Pyle 1853-1911 | American Golden Age Illustrator | The mermaid, 1910 Howard Pyle 1853-1911 | American Golden Age Illustrator | The mermaid, 1910
Howard Pyle 1853-1911 - American Golden Age Illustrator - The mermaid, 1910

Quelle come me regalano sogni,
anche a costo di rimanerne prive…

Quelle come me donano l’Anima,
perché un’anima da sola è come
una goccia d’acqua nel deserto…

Quelle come me tendono la mano
ed aiutano a rialzarsi, pur correndo il rischio
di cadere a loro volta…
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Vladimir Kush, 1965 ~ The Surrealist sculptures

Vladimir Kush, Russian painter and sculptor, was born in Russia, in a one-story wooden house near the Moscow forest-park Sokolniki. At the age of seven Vladimir began to attend art school until late evening where he became acquainted with the works of great artists of the Renaissance, famous Impressionists and Modern Artists.
Vladimir Kush 1965 | The Surrealist sculptures

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Colin Staples, 1959 ~ Figurative and Portrait painter

Colin Staples, Australian painter: For me, art has always been my vital spark, a journey of discovery into not only techniques and visuals, but of mind and letting go to watch the work create itself.
The creation of art has been my driving force since early childhood with the past 10 years seeing continued growth. The concepts behind my art have been largely influenced through many years of studying martial arts and it's philosophies of no mind; shedding the ego. I feel my best work is expressed through this approach and have developed a feeling I am now intimate with, and trust.
Colin Staples 1959 | Australian Figurative and Portrait painter

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The Crescent Moon Tower, Dubai

The Crescent Moon Tower is the architectural design project submitted to the 11th ThyssenKrup Elevator Architecture Award by the California-based firm Transparence House. In response to the challenge to design a tall emblem structure for Za’abeel Park, one that should signify the modern face of Dubai, Transparence House chose a larger than life crescent shape that has a two-fold statement. First it boldly identifies Dubai as part of the Islamic world, and second, because of the technical difficulty of building such a structure, it proclaims Dubai’s advanced level of technical and economic development.
The Crescent Moon Tower is designed to accommodate a children’s library, a conference facility, a restaurant, multiple cafes, and an open-air observation platform.
The Crescent Moon Tower | Dubai
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Armand Point ~ Symbolist painter

Armand Point (23 March 1860 or 23 March 1861 - February 1932 or March 1932) was a French painter, engraver and designer who was associated with the Symbolist movement and was one of the founders of the Salon de la Rose + Croix. Later he formed his own atelier. Sources differ over the details of his birth and death.
Point's earliest works were Orientalist scenes of markets and musicians and the street life of his youth in Algeria. In 1888 he travelled to Paris where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts under Auguste Herst and Fernand Cormon. He was linked to Numa Gillet. From 1890 he exhibited at the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts.
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David Gilliver, 1979 ~ Psychadelic Light painter

David Gilliver started to experiment with long exposure photography in hours around dusk and after sunset, allowing the camera to keep on exposing for longer time, producing images and effects incapable for the human eye to see.
The technique used by the artist, involves the photographer using a long - duration shutter speed on the camera, while he walks into the picture frame adding the lights he wants, using glow sticks, light orb or torches. The shoot may last as longs a 30 minutes. The effect also makes moving objects blurry, while stationary object remain sharp.
David Gilliver 1979 | Scottish Psychadelic Light painter

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The Albert Einstein Memorial, 1979

Albert Einstein Memorial | Washington DC 1979

The Albert Einstein Memorial is a monumental bronze statue depicting Albert Einstein seated with manuscript papers in hand by sculptor Robert Berks. 
It is located in central Washington, D.C., United States, in a grove of trees at the southwest corner of the grounds of the National Academy of Sciences at 2101 Constitution Avenue N.W., near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
The memorial, situated in an elm and holly grove in the southwest corner of the grounds of the National Academy of Sciences, was unveiled at the Academy's annual meeting, April 22, 1979, in honor of the centennial of Einstein's birth. 

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Albert Einstein | L'Autobiografia scientifica

Anthony Falbo 1953 | American Cubist painter | Albert Einstein 1879-1955

  • La mente è come un paracadute. Funziona solo se si apre.
  • L'immaginazione è più importante della conoscenza. La conoscenza è limitata, l'immaginazione abbraccia il mondo, stimolando il progresso, facendo nascere l'evoluzione.
  • Le persone sono come le biciclette: riescono a mantenere l'equilibrio solo se continuano a muoversi.
  • L'uomo che è convinto dell'esistenza e della operatività della legge di causalità non può concepire l'idea di un Essere che interferisce con il corso degli eventi. A patto naturalmente che egli prenda l'ipotesi della causalità veramente sul serio.

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António Macedo, 1955 | Magic Realism painter

António Macedo 1955 | Portuguese Realist Figurative painter

António Pedro Urbano Veiga de Macedo is a Portuguese painter, born in Oporto, Portugal. I attended the local art school, the "Escola Superior de Belas Artes" in 1973-74.
In 1975 I moved to London, where I continued to research into all kinds of painting techniques so as to develop my own style. Over the years, the close proximity to the great Art collections in the Capital, the study of so many great images, and contacts and friendships with artists in the U.K. and Portugal did much to help me learn what cannot be taught at Art School.

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Edwin Herde, 1951 ~ Figurative painter

Edwin Herder, American painter and illustrator, was born in Pennsylvania. He has lived most of his life close to his childhood home in Bryn Athyn.He graduated from the Tyler School of Art in 1975 and jumped right into a freelance illustration career. In fact, instead of attending his graduation ceremony, he was in New York in a meeting with John Berg, the art director for Columbia records.
Edwin Herde 1951 | American Figurative painter
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John Michael Carter, 1950 | Impressionist Figurative painter

John Michael Carter was born in Chicago. He showed an interest in drawing at an early age and began his studies at 15 with his father E. L. Carter, a commercial artist and illustrator. After graduation from high school he attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago.
In 1970 Carter continued his studies at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. There he studied the major classical schools of drawing and painting with Reynolds Brown, Harry Carmean and Lorser Feitelson.

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Alexandre Cabanel ~ Academic painter

Alexandre Cabanel [1823-1889] was a French painter, most active during the second half of the nineteenth century. He painted historical, classical and religious subjects in the academic style; Cabanel was also well-known as a portrait painter. He is considered one of the best representatives of the L'art Pompier and Napoleon III's preferred painter.

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José Villa Soberón, 1950 | John Lennon Memorial, Havana, 2000

José Ramón Villa Soberón is a Cuban sculptor, particularly known for his public sculptures around Havana. He studied at the The National School of Art in Havana, Cuba and the Academy of Plastic Arts in Prague. He is a professor at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana.
His sculptures, paintings, engravings, drawings and designs are held by the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana, and in 1996 he was one of the selected artist in the second Trienal Americana de Escultura in Argentina.

José Villa Soberón 1950 | Cuban Figurative sculptor | John Lennon Memorial | Cuba 2000

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Franz's Kafka Memorial, Prague 2003 | Public Art

Si tratta di una statua di bronzo dedicata a Franz Kafka 1883-1924, scrittore e aforista boemo di lingua tedesca, una delle maggiori figure della letteratura del XX secolo. Fu cittadino dell'impero Austro-ungarico fino al 1918 e, successivamente, cecoslovacco.
Jaroslav Róna 1957 | Franz's Kafka Memorial | Prague 2003
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Mario Irarrázabal, 1940 | Figurative sculptor

Mario Irarrázabal studied philosophy and art from 1960-1964 at the University of Notre Dame, IN, and theology at the Università Gregoriana Pontificia in Rome from 1965-1967. In 1968 he continued his studies under the German sculptor Otto Waldemar. He first exhibited his work in Chile in 1970, consistently using the human figure to express injustice, loneliness, helplessness, sorrow and torture, as in Judgement 1978; Valparaíso, Mus. Mun. B.A.

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Lluís Ribas, 1949 ~ Luminist Figurative painter

Ribas was born in Masnou, Spain, a coastal town in the Maresme district near Barcelona. Ribas spent hours on the beach tracing his first drawings in the sand. His mother dreamed of a life for him that would be less difficult than that of a fisherman. At nine years of age he began studying drawing and painting with Jose Maris Martinez.
Lluís Ribas 1949 | Spanish Luminist Figurative painter

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Helene Knoop ,1979 | Apollo and the Muses

Helene Knoop, Norwegian painter, lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Her oil paintings are authentic representations of humans with a sensual touch where the light comes from the inside.
Knoop handcrafts every painting, creating high quality paintings using a long process often up to a year until completion. Her paintings are within a classical manner with influences from the Renaissance and Symbolism.
She uses materials like the Old Masters did; oil painting on canvas, and she paints from life.

Apollo and the Muses | Helene Knoop 1979 | Norwegian Figurative painter
Apollon - Apollo and the Muses

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Ernest Hemingway ~ Il vecchio e il mare, 1952

Il vecchio e il mare fu pubblicato per la prima volta nel 1952.
Vinse il premio Pulitzer nel 1953 ed il Premio Nobel nel 1954.
Motivazione: "Maestria nel formare lo stile dell'arte della narrazione moderna".

- Era un vecchio che pescava da solo su una barca a vela nella Corrente del Golfo ed erano ottantaquattro giorni ormai che non prendeva un pesce. Nei primi quaranta giorni passati senza che prendesse neanche un pesce, i genitori del ragazzo gli avevano detto che il vecchio ormai era decisamente e definitivamente salao, che è la peggior forma di sfortuna, e il ragazzo li aveva ubbiditi andando in un'altra barca che prese tre bei pesci nella prima settimana. Era triste per il ragazzo veder arrivare ogni giorno il vecchio con la barca vuota e scendeva sempre ad aiutarlo a trasportare o le lenze addugliate o la gaffa e la fiocina e la vela serrata all'albero. La vela era rattoppata con sacchi da farina e quand'era serrata pareva la bandiera di una sconfitta perenne.

Ernest Hemingway at the bar in El Floridita, Havana -  Sculpture by Cuban sculptor José Villa Soberón, 2003
Ernest Hemingway at the bar in El Floridita, Havana by Cuban sculptor José Villa Soberón, 2003

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Helene Knoop, 1979 | Figurative / Narrative painter

Helene Knoop has studied under Odd Nerdrum and became part of the renowned “Nerdrum School” where philosophical ideas are as equally important as the handcraft. She is a painter who values sincerity and handcraft above irony and originality. And her paintings are for everyone and for eternity.
A six-pages article showing her work and interview was published in the flight magazine, Scanorama in 2004. Good sales results and publicity have been achieved at her solo-exhibitions. Her last solo show was in 2005, at Amells Gallery in London. In Helene Knoop’s pictorial universe we are confronted with an aesthetic which is in sharp contrast to what today is considered “True Art”.
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Lorenzo Quinn, 1966 | Figurative sculptor

Contemporary Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn is a leading figurative sculptor whose work is inspired by such masters as Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin. Exhibited internationally, his monumental public art and smaller, more intimate pieces transmit his passion for eternal values and authentic emotions. He is best known for expressive recreations of human hands. "I wanted to sculpt what is considered the hardest and most technically challenging part of the human body", he asserts. "The hand holds so much power – the power to love, to hate, to create, to destroy".
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Lesley Harrison ~ Wildlife painter

Painting Animals that touch the heart, by popular wildlife artist Lesley Harrison, American painter, will help artists portray the emotion and "feelings" of certain popular animals, as well as the wonderful textures of luxuriously soft fur and glistening eyes. Lesley Harrison's, California girlhood was shaped by animals and art. "I was born loving animals, she says. "It seems to be in my blood". She remembers an ongoing menagerie from cats to chickens.
Lesley Harrison | American  Animal painter
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Robert Hagan, 1947 | Plein Air painter

Robert Hagan raised in the lush, languorous sub-tropical northern New South Wales, Australia and educated at Newcastle University, he communicates in a typical offhanded Aussie manner. Widely traveled with studios in Suffolk, England, San Diego, USA, Southport, Australia and Pattaya, Thailand.

Robert Hagan 1947 | Australian Plein-air Impressionist painter

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Boris Indrikov /Борис Индриков, 1967 | Unicorn Dream

Борис Индриков is an Russian painter*, known for working in the Magical Realism style.
Boris Indrikov was born in was born in Leningrad and lives and works in Moscow.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Boris Indrikov see:

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Robert Hagan, 1947 | Western painting

Robert Hagan raised in the lush, languorous sub-tropical northern New South Wales, Australia and educated at Newcastle University, he communicates in a typical offhanded Aussie manner. Widely traveled with studios in Suffolk, England, San Diego, USA, Southport, Australia and Pattaya, Thailand.

Western painting | Robert Hagan 1947 | Australian Impressionist painter

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Charles Warren Mundy, 1945 | Impressionist / Plein air painter

Charles Warren Mundy 1945 | American Plein Air Impressionist painter

Charles Warren Mundy is an American* impressionist painter. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His works has been displayed in the Indiana state Museum, The University of Louisville Hall of Fame, Indianapolis 500, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

For biographical notes and other works by Charles Warren Mundy see:

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Charles Warren Mundy, 1945 | Still life

Charles Warren Mundy, b. 1945, Indianapolis, Indiana.
- Master Signature Member, Oil Painters of America.
- Master Status, American Impressionist Society.
- Signature Member, American Society of Marine Artists.
For biographical notes and other works by Charles Warren Mundy see:
Still life | Charles Warren Mundy 1945 | American impressionist painter

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