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Christine Taherian, 1960 ~ Impressionist painter

Christine Taherian, British painter, was born in Cardiff in 1960. During late 70's she went to Glasgow and attended a Fine Art Course in Glasgow University. Before finishing the course she moved to Tehran with her family and continued studying and practising painting.
While she was in Tehran, she also studied Persian language and researched on Middle Eastern art and culture. Christine has produced art works in different media and styles but her major interest is impressionism using Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media.

Christine returned to the United Kingdom with her family in mid 90's and continued working with different art groups in Surrey and London area. She is currently member of different art societies such as Guildford Art Society, Woking Art Society and The Society of Women Artists (SWA). Christine has had a number of awards for her paintings and has been interviewed by the media on numerous occasions, about her achievements. She has participated in a number of exhibitions at galleries throughout the country, including Fine Art UK, Ledbury, Mill Studio, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre (2007), Guildford House Gallery, The Mall Galleries, London at the Society of Women Artists (SWA) and The Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) annual exhibitions.