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Jeremiah Stermer, 1946 ~ Surrealist photographer

'I call myself a realist/surrealist, though I think of my brand of surrealism as being grounded in tradition. At the age of eleven I taught myself how to paint in oils. After a life-changing NDE out-of- body experience when I was 30, I want my art to allude to that sampling of nirvana. I appreciate when someone says my work looks like a photograph, but my goal is for everything to look and feel real, to go beyond the purely visible. I pay a lot of attention to the air around everything. I apply colors in layers in thin flat relief leaving virtually no evidence of brushstroke. The most important aspect of my work is MOOD.
My works are in various renowned collections around the country. I have been represented in galleries in Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Baltimore, Maryland. South Hampton, and New York City, New York. Wellesley, Massachusetts. Naples and Palm Beach, Florida. I have two pieces in the collection of a well known television and movie actor, and am in the permanent collection of The Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, North Carolina. I have several pieces in ‘The World’s Top 200 Collections’. I have given numerous lectures and demonstrations on realistic oil painting and surrealism at various institutions in Maryland.