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Josep Teixido, 1956 | Abstract palette knife painter

Josep Teixido was born in Calella, Barcelona, and currently resides in Vilassar de Mar, also in the province of Barcelona, Spain. He has exhibited his work for over 25 years in Spain and France.

With warm colours, and his unique palette knife technique, his exotic paintings instantly capture the attention of the viewer, allowing them to dream and take a journey of the senses. Always playing with our perception, Josep subtly oscillates between the figurative and the abstract, while transporting us to gorgeous locations reminiscent of his homeland. 

His works are like a moment frozen in time, seizing the lush climate and warm sunlight. His virtuosity lies precisely in his ability to transmit the magnificence and glare that prevails under the sun in the kingdom of Catalonia.
Bright colours, carefully spread, in prism-like geometric blocks capture the entire spectrum of light. He knows how to seduce the eye of the viewer by offering his own poetic vision of the world. Sounds and sensations emerge, and time slows down while every detail is felt, creating a connection between the work and the viewer.
The artist sees himself rightly as an abstract impressionist, with influences as diverse as Michelangelo, Velázquez, Van Gogh and Cezanne, whom he is particularly fond of.

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by painting and I think I'm a self-taught painter because, despite I was taught drawing at Primary School, I have acquired my knowledge thanks to my environment.Painting is my own way to express myself. I can shape my inward in the canvas with the essential help of the palette knife and the colors. As a nature’s lover and great observant, my environment has always been my source of inspiration. At present I devote myself exclusively to painting, my true passion, and that is why I feel extremely fortunate.