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Lynn Sanguedolce, 1959 | Figurative painter

American painter🎨 Lynn R. Sanguedolce is an award-winning🎨 artist who has been represented by prestigious galleries across the country. A professional artist for over thirty years, her work may be found in collections throughout the United States and abroad.

The inspiration for Lynn's work stems from her appreciation of the beauty of nature and the human form. Portraiture and figurative painting are particularly rewarding to Lynn, since they allow her to translate the essence of a subject's personality into a piece of fine art.

Lynn's early career in the 1980's focused on watercolor illustration for many different publications in the New York City area, among them Reader's Digest.
From there, she transitioned into working in oil, producing landscape, figurative and portrait works.
Her commitment to life drawing, plein air landscape and alla prima figurative painting have always been, and continue to be, a crucial component in Lynn's ongoing development as an artist.

Lynn's formal art education includes study at Carnegie-Mellon University, The School of Visual Arts in New York City and the California Art Institute, where she later became an instructor.
Throughout her career, she has continued to study and practice traditional drawing and painting principles through various workshops, classes and private instruction.
Some teachers Lynn feels particularly indebted to are John Phillip Osborne, John Frederick Murray, Glen Orbik and Jeremy Lipking🎨. In addition to teaching workshops, Lynn now leads a popular Open Studio Figure Painting class in Lafayette, California.
Lynn currently resides in the San Francisco East Bay.

Lynn has been honored with numerous international awards and recognition from the Art Renewal Center, the Salon International and multiple top awards as a finalist in successive Portrait Society of America International Competitions.
Most notably, she was chosen by the renowned artist Everett Raymond Kinstler to win the commission to paint a portrait of actor James Stewart for the Permanent Collection of the Players Club, NYC.

Lynn Sanguedolce è una pittrice che ama dipingere una vasta gamma di soggetti. Dopo aver frequentato la School of Visual Arts di New York City, studiando con Sam Martine, ha iniziato la sua carriera come illustratrice di acquerelli.
Il lavoro della Sanguedolce è stato regolarmente presentato nelle principali pubblicazioni nell'area metropolitana di New York.
Il suo amore per la vita all'aria aperta e l'interesse per la pittura di paesaggio l'hanno spinta a studiare con John Phillip Osborne, la cui filosofia rimane un'influenza significativa sul suo lavoro fino ad oggi.

Successivamente, la Sanguedolce ha approfondito la sua comprensione dei ritratti e delle figure sotto la guida di istruttori di spicco nell'area della California meridionale, in particolare Glen Orbik. È anche grata per la sua collaborazione con Joseph Paquet, artista firmato Plein Air Painters of America, con il quale ha continuato i suoi studi nel corso degli anni.
La Sanguedolce è stata insignita di numerosi premi🎨 internazionali e riconoscimenti dall'Art Renewal Center, dal Salon International e da numerosi premi importanti come finalista nelle successive concorsi internazionali della Portrait Society of America.
In particolare, è stata scelta dal famoso artista Everett Raymond Kinstler per vincere la commissione per dipingere un ritratto dell'attore James Stewart per la Collezione Permanente del Club dei Giocatori, New York.