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Mirjam Appelhof ~ Dreaming of another world

Dutch Artist Mirjam Appelhof living in the Netherlands. "I started with making images 4 years ago. I had a enormous urge to translate my inner feelings. Fortunate I found my way to translate it…the camera.My creations reflect movement because I believe that nothing is static ”there were the moment stops, movement continues in time“.
My favorite lens is the macro lens.I love to created worlds from little materials…
I give them a meaning. My work is mostly build up with different images. I put them together in Photoshop.
Everything you see I created myself. Sometimes I ”paint” on my images or use different materials. The figures you see are mostly me… I use the self-timer.
The little black man with the wings on the image opposites is a dragonfly.
Around this little black man I created a serie about 30 images.. I love to build new worlds