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Plamen Dimitrov, 1988 | Abstract sculptor

Plamen Dimitrov is an Bulgarian artist of figurative and abstract bronze sculptures.
Every sculptures are unique in the visual art world because they are 3 dimensional in nature and other then reliefs, utilize 360 degrees of space requiring the artist to fully think through this aspect of the work keeping it interesting and well thought out at all angles of view.

The sculptures are produced in bronze casts that are suitable for indoors,outdoors and the garden.
I am able to take on the design and sculpting of commissions art.
I need my sculptures to live and breathe to emit a powerful sense of its own energy and movement.

Plamen Dimitrov è uno scultore Bulgaro, con oltre 15 anni di esperienza.
Le sue opere sono principalmente sculture in legno, fatte a mano o sculture in bronzo.