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Sir Edward Burne-Jones | Pittore Preraffaellita

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (1833-1898), pittore Britannico, fu il rappresentante più significativo della scuola Pre-Raffaellita in Inghilterra od anche gli ultimi romantici.
"Io aspiro ad un quadro come un bellissimo romantico sogno, di qualcosa che mai è stato e mai sarà - in una luce migliore di qualsiasi altra luce mai mostrata - in una terra che nessuno può definire, o ricordare, solo desiderare".
Due sue opere, la Crocifissione e l'Albero della vita, sono conservate nella chiesa romana di S.Paolo.

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Julianna Pasadena | Figurative painter

Achieving both national and international recognition, American painter Julianna Pasadena, has traveled throughout Italy, Holland, Turkey, India, Spain, Austria, et. al. allowing Julianna to understand the cultural milieu in which the Masters lived and to study their works directly.
Julianna is the quintessential Renaissance woman in that her work is a creative blending of the classical and the contemporary.

Julianna | American Neo-Classical Baroque painter

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Papa Wojtyła back in Vatican with Tomasz Rut

The art of Tomasz Rut, recently included in the Vatican Collection and blessed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, continues to expand the realm of contemporary figurative painting to the limits achieved only by the greatest art masters in history.
Painted earlier this year to commemorate the beatification of John Paul II, the two originals on canvas: "Nolite Timere" and "Be Not Afraid" pay tribute to the beloved late Pope and depict John Paul II as the Saint and as the charismatic leader of the world accompanied by another legendary figure behind the political changes of the twentieth century, the first President of democratic Poland, Lech Walesa.
Be Not Afraid | Tomasz Rut 1961 - Polish Figurative painter
Be Not Afraid | Tomasz Rut 1961 - Polish Figurative painter
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Tomasz Rut in the Vatican Collection

On wednesday, October 12.2011, during Tomasz Rut's audience with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI , attended by thousands of spectators from around the world at the St. Peter's square in the Vatican, two large paintings by Tomasz Rut became part of the collection at St. Peter's cathedral after being blessed by the Holy Father.
Tomasz Rut 1961 - Polish Figurative painter
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Mark Keller ~ Figurative painter

Mark Keller, American painter, is a self-taught artist from San Francisco who provokes the imagination with masterful subtlety and grace. Multi-award winning with widespread International acclaim, Mark’s work is about telling stories - intrigue for the audience to unfold.
The depth and superb execution of his work, full of cryptic clues and mystery, has established him as one of the world’s leading artists. From Buenos Aires tango bars to New York street musicians he evokes audible and visual emotions like few others.
Mark Keller | American Figurative painter

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Renso Castaneda, 1970 | Figurative painter

Renso Zevallos Castaneda, Peruvian painter, was born in Lima. Graduateded of the National School autonomous superior of Beautiful Arts of Peru in the specialty of Painting of 1989-95.

- "I started to paint a long time ago, I don not remember exactly when, what I remember is always there were paintings in my home.. why?
My mother is an artist like my father, my uncle, my aunt… unfortunately not too much people knows about them, well it was impossible to choose another thing to do, I always enjoyed make copies from famous artists and now I like to do realistic paintings to imitate the texture of the skin, the shadows, the lights. I feel a great satisfaction when I finish a painting besides it is not a easy work to do".

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Juan Medina, 1950 | Hyperrealist / Surrealist painter

Mexican painter Juan Medina was born in Mexico City. In the beginning it was shape, then came light, afterwards color and finally texture; as in the architectonic creation, the genesis of Juan Medina’s pictorial work rests on a solid structure of techniques and concepts that weave in plastic dimensions his memories made of oil and canvas.
With time, the step from watercolor to oil was the resource that allowed him to approach with mastery the conscience of time encrusted in stone, wood, mirrors and all model object that transfers Renaissance rhetoric without moralizing it.

Juan Medina 1950 | Mexican Surreal Hyperrealist painter

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Mark Keller, 1955 | Storyteller painter

Mark Keller | American Figurative painter

Mark Keller is a self-taught artist from San Francisco who provokes the imagination with masterful subtlety and grace. Multi-award winning** with widespread International acclaim, Mark’s work is about telling stories - intrigue for the audience to unfold.

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Joey Havlock, 1967 ~ Abstract Surrealist painter

Joey Havlock 1967 | American Abstract Surrealist painter | Alchemic Anatomy

Born in Manassas, Joey Havlock, American Abstract /Surrealism painter, experienced a childhood that provided an optimal environment for the later development of his artistic expression. The sphere of creative and character diversity to which he was exposed has inspired many of his individual works as well as series such as his Liquid Geometry and the Master Minds.
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Daniel Gerhartz, 1965 | Impressionist painter

Born in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, where he now lives with his wife Jennifer and their young children, Daniel F. Gerhartz's interest in art emerged as a teenager.
Studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois and his voracious appetite for museums and the modern masters such as John Singer Sargent, Alphonse Mucha, Nicolai Fechin, Joaquin Sorolla, Carl von Marr as well as a host of other French and American impressionists have inspired him.

Daniel F. Gerhartz 1965 | American Figurative painter

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Mahmood Sabzi | Abstract Impressionist painter

Born in Ahwaz, Iran, Mahmood Sabzi Iranian painter, started painting at the age of twelve; encouraged in his early progression as an artist by his parents and inspiring teachers.
He earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Jundi Shapur.
"The best part of agriculture was the purity of its primal spaces", he says, explaining his early sensitivity to artistic concepts.
An accomplished abstract painter, Sabzi's passion for the spiritual is represented in the open spaces, symbolism and intricate patterns that make up the backgrounds of his compositions.
Juxtaposing the complex feelings, body language and attitudes of his predominantly female figures against a backdrop of shapes and forms in space, Sabzi uses texture, lines and color to make artistic statements about love and beauty.

Mahmood Sabzi | Iranian Abstract Impressionist painter

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Kevin Beilfuss, 1963 | Impressionist painter

Kevin Beilfuss 1963 | American Impressionist Figurative painter

Kevin Beilfuss* is an American painter* living in the Chicago area with his wife, Janice and son Drew. He attended Illinois State University where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting in 1985. After working in an ad agency for a year, Kevin attended the American Academy of Art where he concentrated on painting and illustration.

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Giuseppe Gigli, 1955 | Hyperrealist painter

Giuseppe Gigli was born in Arcevia (Ancona) in 1955, where he still lives and works. In the mid 70's, after the first paintings and exhibits, he attended various schools and workshops in Florence where he specialized in the restoration of works of art.
Giuseppe spent the following 30 years as an art restorer, consulter, and dealer, proving himself on an international level and collaborating with art historians, superintendence, auction houses, galleries and museums. Throughout all this he never abandoned his personal quest as a painter, even if it was relegated in an exclusively private sphere.

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India ~ Ancient Art History

Each era is unique in its distinctive culture. In the same way Indian art forms have continuously evolved over thousands of years. In ancient India, various art forms like paintings, architecture and sculpture evolved. The history of art in ancient India begins with prehistoric rock paintings. Such rock paintings can be seen in the Bhimbetaka paintings, belonging to the prehistoric age. Thereafter, an advanced town planning is seen in Harappa and Mohenjodaro, with their centrally planned cities indicating a highly developed architecture. Another remarkable example of sculpture from Harappan civilization comes in the form of the dancing girl from Mohenjodaro.
India | Ancient Art History
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Marcel Dyf (1899-1985) ~ Impressionist painter

French painter Marcel Dyf, was born in Paris in 1899. In his youth he showed a marked ability for painting. At the age of twenty-three he took the step of becoming a professional artist and devoted himself entirely to painting. He soon became known not only in France, but also in England, America, Canada, Germany and Algeria. Among his most successful exhibitions were those at the famous Petrides Gallery in Paris in 1949, 1951, and 1953. He was greatly honored in 1950 by being asked to exhibit in the National Display Gallery at the Carnegie Institute.
Marcel Dyf 1899-1985 | French  Impressionist painter | En plein air
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Marcel Dyf

Marcel Dyf (1899-1985), French painter, painted still-life scenes of flowers, gardens and pastoral scenes, but his true passion lay in portraiture. Noted for his portraits, his inspiration for many compositions often came from his wife Claudine who posed for him and allowed him to immortalize the spirit of womanhood. His wife, Claudine, became a frequent subject of his work.
Marcel Dyf 1899-1985 | French Impressionist painter | Lady Claudine
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Marcel Dyf ~ The Impressionist flowers

French painter Marcel Dyf (1899-1985) noted for his portraits and bouquets of flowers, his inspiration for many compositions often came from his wife Claudine who posed for him and allowed him to immortalize the spirit of womanhood. His pastoral scenes capture French countryside with unique color, light and vibrancy.
Marcel Dyf 1899-1985 | French Impressionist painter | Still Life
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Roger Desoutter, 1923 ~ Maritime painter

Born and educated at Mill Hill, Roger Charles Desoutter, British painter, went on to obtain a degree in engineering at Loughborough; after which he was chosen, in 1942, to join the team of Sir Frank Whittle, engaged in the design and development of the first jet engines, which occupied him until 1945. Most of his spare time during this period was making sketches in pen and ink, and pastels, as well as producing technical drawings for engineering publications.
Roger Desoutter 1923 | British Maritime painter
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Vladimir Kush, 1965 ~ The Surreal landscapes

Vladimir Kush, Russian painter and sculptor, was born in Russia, in a one-story wooden house near the Moscow forest-park Sokolniki. At the age of seven Vladimir began to attend art school until late evening where he became acquainted with the works of great artists of the Renaissance, famous Impressionists and Modern Artists.
Vladimir Kush 1965 | Russian painter | The  Surreal Landscapes
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Vladimir Kush, 1965 | The Metaphorical Realism

Vladimir Kush 1965 | Russian Surrealist painter | The Metaphorical Realism
The Founder of Metaphorical Realism, Vladimir Kush once showed enthusiasm for the German Romanticism of Caspar Friedrich, admired works of the Impressionists from Édouard Manet to Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne, and took interest the Russian Symbolists, Kandinski, Petrov-Vodkin and Filonov. From reproductions, Vladimir, for the first time, learned about Surrealist painters - René Magritte and Salvador Dali. But Vladimir sought his own direction, his own creative method.Vladimir remembered a percept given by Dali: “Any rewarding painting is grasp and retention of the Unknown”. But, in order to retain the Unknown, one should, first and foremost, perfect his skill. Only then is it possible to represent even the most amazing dream.
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Victor Bregeda, 1963 | Surrealist Plein air painter

Victor Viktorovich Bregeda /Виктор Викторович Брегеда is an Russian painter* working in the surrealism* and metarealism styles. He was born in the Russian city of Taganrog into a family of painters. He was attracted by the Dutch school of painting*.
The artists who most inspired him were Leonardo da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Max Ernst, Nicholas Roerich, and he states,
"I also like the French school of the 18th and 19th centuries... and in addition, the works of Andrew Wyeth. My artistic abilities are in my blood, thanks to my forefathers, and I grew up in a strong creative environment". 
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Arrivano gli Emoticons nei commenti di Facebook

Arrivano finalmente anche nei commenti di Facebook le faccine/smile/emoticons.
Ora, non solo nella chat, ma anche nei commenti sugli stati dei nostri amici avremo la possibilità di inserire facilmente gli smile e gli emoticons che tanto ci piacciono. Infatti, grazie alle faccine, i commenti di Facebook sono diventati più colorati e belli da leggere.

Facebook Emoticons - Tutt'Art@Facebook Emoticons - Tutt'Art@
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Iman Maleki, 1976 ~ Realist painter

Iman Maleki, Iranian painter, was born on 1976 in Tehran. He has been fascinated by the art of painting since he was a child. At the age of 15, he started to learn painting under the mastery of his first and only teacher - Morteza Katouzian - who is the greatest realist painter of Iran. Meanwhile, he began to paint professionally. In 1999 he graduated in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran. Since 1998, he has participated in several exhibitions.
Iman Maleki 1976 | Iranian Realist painter
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José Parra, 1975 | Surrealist painter

José Parra 1975 | Mexican Surrealist painter

José Parra, Mexican painter, was born in Guadalajara Jal. Mexico on Jan. 29th 1975.
He started as an apprentice at his father’s studio in Guadalajara at the age of 16, where he was able to develop his own compositions always influenced by the Spanish baroque sculpture, paintings and furniture manufactured at the family’s studio.
He lived in Puerto Vallarta for short periods of time during 1998-1999, where he was able to begin a more personal style at first influenced by surrealism but blending it with Mexican elements like “Talavera”.

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Yo Coquelin ~ Fantastic and Visionary painter

Yo Coquelin, French painter, lives and works in Paris. Since 1978, her paintings have been featured at major Contemporary Art Shows in Paris as well as individual and group exhibitions throughout France and internationally. “I would like my paintings to merge what has been, what is and what will be, between CHAOS and HARMONY”.
Yo is Sociétaire of ‘Salon d’Automne’, ‘Salon des Artistes Français’ and the Taylor Foundation, French artists associations. She is a member of the ‘Musée de l’Imaginaire’, in Ferrieres’ castle, near Paris.
Yo Coquelin | French Fantastic and Visionary painter
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George Tsui ~ Classical/Romantic painter

George Tsui, Chinese-born American painter was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York in the late 60s, studying first at the School of Visual Arts and later majoring in oil painting at the Art Students League while working at NBC, he was awarded the prestigious 1997 Emmy Award for Best Individual Art and Craft. Included in his works of that period are some movie posters, also several paintings chosen for the 1984 Winter Olympics poster series, as well as limited edition art prints for the 1985-1986 "Night of 100 Stars” event for a tribute to The Centennial of The Actor’s Fund of America, the original art work with 100 celebrities signatures was owned by ABC Television Corp.
George Tsui | Chinese-born American Classical/Romantic painter
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Espressionismo figurativo di Fidel Garcia, 1960

Fidel Garcia ~ Mexican Figurative and Abstract Expressionist painter

""L'arte esprime l'anima dell'umanità nel nostro comune viaggio attraverso i secoli". - Fidel Garcia

Nato a Città del Messico, Fidel Garcia è un pittore e creatore autodidatta.
All'età di sette anni, l'abilità artistica di Garcia divenne evidente a suo padre, un artista lui stesso, che incoraggiò e sostenne la sua passione per la creatività.
Ha sviluppato uno stile dimensionale internazionale unico che è fantasiosamente intriso del potere visivo di artisti rinascimentali come il maestro barocco spagnolo Diego Velazquez, il maestro americano John Singer Sargent, il maestro francese William Bouguereau, il maestro surreale spagnolo Salvador Dali ed il maestro di design austriaco Gustav Klimt.

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Andrea Orr ~ Figurative painter

Traditionally trained at Pensacola Christian College in Florida, Andrea Orr, American painter, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Art in 2006, and a Master of Fine Arts in 2009. While at PCC, Andrea learned the importance of accurate drawing, strong value patterns and variety in edgework, essentials for a successful painting, under the masterful teaching of her mentor and instructor, Brian Jekel.
Andrea Orr's paintings reveal her fascination with light and the beauty it bestows upon seemingly ordinary objects. Andrea credits her talent as a gift from God, and desires to use her art to bring glory to Him. Her desire is that her paintings will connect to the hearts of those who view them, drawing others to a fuller recognition of the goodness of God and the wonder of His love. Believing that the human eye holds the key to engaging the soul and has the ability to move the heart, Andrea's goal is to communicate a message of hope, love, and beauty to those who see her work.
Andrea Orr | American Figurative painter
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Julio Cesar Rodriguez, 1976 ~ Surrealist painter

Julio Cesar Rodriguez, Cuban painter, was born in the province of Holguin, Cuba, on the 14 th of September in 1976. Since he was young he was inclined to the arts. He began his studies at the age of 12, in the vocational school of art in Holguin. He later continued in a professional school in the city. After graduating in 1995, he dedicated himself entirely to finding his own true line of art.
Julio Cesar Rodriguez 1976 | Cuban Surrealist painter
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Paul Gauguin: Innanzi tutto, l'emozione!

Nel nuovo stile di Paul Gauguin, il cloisonnisme o sintetismo, il colore si chiude in zone, così che la scena si presenta in superficie e si annulla ogni rapporto tra spazio e volumi. A proposito dell'uso delle ombre, nel 1888, Gauguin scriveva a Émile Bernard:
«Guardate i giapponesi, che pure dipingono in modo ammirevole e vedrete una vita all'aria aperta e al sole, senza ombre. Usano i colori solo come combinazione di toni, di armonie diverse [...] voglio staccarmi quanto più è possibile da qualsiasi cosa che dia l'illusione di un oggetto, e poiché le ombre sono il trompe-l'oeil del sole, sono propenso ad eliminarle. Ma se una sfumatura entra nella composizione come forma necessaria, allora è diverso. Così, mettete pure delle ombre, se le giudicate utili, oppure non le mettete: è la stessa cosa, se non siete schiavi dell'ombra. È piuttosto questa che deve essere al vostro servizio».
Paul Gauguin 1848-1903 - French Post-Impressionist painter
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Aldo Balding, 1960 ~ Figurative painter

The narrative quality of Aldo Balding's magnificent paintings is usually what initially draws his viewers in. Aldo's works have been referred to as "nostalgic", but he considers them timeless. Aldo's conveys his love of the more formal time and finds a suited man is much more interesting, narratively speaking, than someone in sneakers and jeans. He continues the timeless feel of his work into his interior scenes and landscapes.
Aldo Balding 1960 | British Figurative painter