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Impressionist Artists | Sitemap

Impressionism is only direct sensation. All great painters were less or more impressionists. It is mainly a question of instinct, and much simpler than [John Singer] Sargent thinks' - Claude Monet 1840-1926
Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919 | La Loge, 1874

List of Impressionist Artists

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Clemente Tafuri | Figurative painter

Clemente Tafuri [1903-1971] è stato un pittore ed illustratore Italiano. Frequentò l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, dimostrando sin dall'inizio una predisposizione innata per la pittura, e la tendenza ad una pittura vivace, nutrita di colore e di calore. Si indirizzò dapprima alla pittura. Dopo il 1924 ottenne dal Ministero di dipingere figure allegoriche; nel frattempo allestì varie personali che gli procurarono notorietà. L'Accademia d'Italia gli assegnò il Premio della Pittura; gli venne commissionato il ritratto del principe di Savoia.

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L.W.Howard [1884-?] was an American painter, known for working in the Figurative style.
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Richard Macneil, 1958 | Cityscape/Figurative painter

British painter Richard Macneil is a self taught artist who has always worked in the creative industry. Born in Worcester, UK in 1958, he started his working life at Worcester Royal Porcelain and has always worked in the fields of sculpture, ceramics and graphics both in the UK and internationally.

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Colin Campbell Cooper ~ Impressionist painter

Colin Campbell Cooper [1856-1937] was an American painter who was held in high regard as an Impressionist painter both internationally and in America. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1856 to an upper class family that encouraged him to pursue an art career at an early age. He initially studied with Thomas Eakins at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, and then later, he made the pilgrimage to Paris and studied at the Academies, Julian, Vitti and Delecluse.
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Paco de Lucia, il Maestro del Flamenco

Francisco Sánchez Gómez, in arte Paco de Lucía (Algeciras, 21 dicembre 1947-Cancún, 26 febbraio 2014), è stato un chitarrista e compositore spagnolo. È stato uno dei più più grandi musicisti nella storia del flamenco.
Paco de Lucía (Francisco Sanchez) nasce ad Algeciras, in provincia di Cadice Andalusia (Spagna) figlio di Lucía Gómez e Antonio Sánchez. Il nome d'arte Paco è il diminutivo di Francisco e il cognome de Lucia è in onore della madre. Egli è nato immerso nella cultura flamenca che ha appreso ancor prima gli venissero impartite lezioni pratiche.

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Steve Henderson, 1957 ~ Realism / Impressionist painter

Steve Henderson is an artist from Washington focusing on landscapes, seascapes and figurative work in a style that fuses impressionism with realism. A lifetime fine artist, Steve Henderson pursued a successful career in illustration before turning to fine art fulltime. His paintings are sold and displayed nationwide through exhibitions, shows, and galleries.
About his art, Steve says: "I look for, and paint, beauty, as a counteracting effect of our media-saturated fascination with ugliness. Yes, the world is a brutal place, but it is also our home. There is peace, serenity, quietude, thoughtfulness, majesty, grace, joy, and hope in this home of ours -and that is what I paint".
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Annibale Carracci | Baroque Era painter

Annibale Carracci (1560-1609) was the most admired painter of his time and the vital force in the creation of Baroque style ⎆. Together with his cousin Ludovico (1555-1619) and his older brother Agostino (1557-1602) -each an outstanding artist- Annibale set out to transform Italian painting ⎆.
The Carracci rejected the artificiality of Mannerist painting ⎆, championing a return to nature coupled with the study of the great northern Italian painters of the Renaissance ⎆, especially Correggio ⎆, Titian ⎆ and Veronese ⎆.

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Paco Yuste ~ Hyperrealist painter

Spanish painter Francisco Rafael Martinez Yuste under the pseudonym Paco Yuste, was born in Valencia in 1958. From his childhood he felt great predilection for the drawing. In fact drawing was his favorite pastime. When hi was 12 years old his parents move to Brussels, and he joins an internal college where his artistic interests for the drawing and for the music wakes up. In this period hi passes most of his free time drawing. At the age of 17 years he is employed at his parents’ shop. His artistic interests persists and to satisfy them the same year joins the Academy of Fine Arts, where he starts studying by night illustration.
Since he was undecided between the drawing and the music, after studying one year fine arts, he begins to study music. After studying music four years he returns to the Academy of Fine Arts to study illustration and design.

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Jozsef Rippl Ronai ~ Post-Impressionist painter

Jozsef Rippl-Ronai (1861-1927) was an Hungarian painter, known for working in the Les Nabis style. He first introduced modern artistic movements in the Hungarian art.
He was born in Kaposvár. After his studies at the High School there, he went to study in Budapest, where he obtained a degree in pharmacology. In 1884 he traveled to Munich to study painting at the Academy. Two years later he obtained a grant which enabled him to move to Paris and study with Munkácsy, the most important Hungarian realist painter.
In 1888 he met the members of Les Nabis and under their influence he painted his first important work, The Inn at Pont-Aven, a deeply felt work notable for its dark atmosphere. His first big success was his painting My Grandmother, 1894. He also painted in a portrait of Hungarian pianist and composer Zdenka Ticharich, 1921.
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Giovanni Bellini ~ High Renaissance painter

Italian painter Giovanni Bellini [1430-1516)] was the founder of the Venetian school of painting and raised Venice to a center of Renaissance art that rivaled Florence and Rome. He brought to painting a new degree of realism, a new wealth of subject matter, and a new sensuousness in form and color.
Perhaps more than any other, Giovanni Bellini [Giambellino] was an artist who passed through different periods and cultural revolutions. He, before Leonardo, was the great inventor of the representation of sentiment and nature, painting works of extraordinary poetry, landscapes that brought together everything that had been seen until then in Italy and Europe, with the human figure totally immersed in the surrounding space. These moving, deeply felt scenes are also intimately Venetian - in the softness of the light, in the sober realism of the men and women, in the taste for details of vegetation described in a single botanic identity.
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Sebastiano del Piombo | Mannerist painter

Sebastiano del Piombo (c. 1485-1547), byname of Sebastiano Luciani, was an Italian painter of the High Renaissance and early Mannerist periods, famous for his combination of the colors of the Venetian school and the monumental forms of the Roman school.

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Francesco Lavagna ~ La natura morta Napoletana del settecento

Francesco Lavagna (Napoli 1684-1724) è stato un pittore dalle ottime capacità artistiche, specializzato nel genere pittorico delle nature morte, ma della cui vita conosciamo pochissimi aspetti. Giuseppe Lavagna era discepolo del pittore napoletano Belvedére Andrea, detto Abate Andrea (1652-ivi 1732)
Abate Andrea (1652-ivi 1732)Abate Andrea (1652-ivi 1732)
ma ingrandì un po’ soverchio i suoi fiori e gli dipinse con più libertà. Divenne cieco e morì nel 1724 a quaranta anni.
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Cloisonnism painting style

Cloisonnism is a style of Post-Impressionist painting with bold and flat forms separated by dark contours. The term was coined by critic Edouard Dujardin on the occasion of the Salon des Indépendants, in March 1888. This style’s name derives from the historic “cloisonné” enameling technique, in which bands of metal are used to outline areas of uniform color.
Émile Bernard
Émile Bernard
In painting, Cloisonnism emerged with Post-Impressionism in the 1880s, most prominently in the work of Émile Bernard and Paul Gauguin. At this time the style was both radical and nostalgic, it brought together influences from both contemporary Japanese prints as well as Gothic art and architecture, abstracting three-dimensional forms to near decorative, flat shapes.

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Louis Anquetin ~ Cloisonnism painting style

French painter Louis Anquetin (1861-1932) was a contemporary of Vincent van Gogh and a celebrated painter in his own right, known for working in the Cloisonnism style.
Anquetin was born in Étrépagny, France and educated at the Lycée Pierre Corneille in Rouen. In 1882, he came to Paris and began studying art at Léon Bonnat's studio, where he met Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The two artists later moved to the studio of Fernand Cormon, where they befriended Émile Bernard and Vincent van Gogh.
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Gabriel Picart, 1962 - Realistic Figurative painter

Spanish painter Gabriel Picart, born in Barcelona, has spent most of his life in the same neighborhood. Picart's career as an illustrator blossomed; he worked on commissions throughout Europe. Picart quickly won assignments from all the major publishing houses in America and Canada. Picart worked as well for advertising agencies, graphic design firms and catalogue houses, and began showing his work at the Sala Parés in Barcelona - a very prestigious gallery. In 1996, he had his first show at the WolfWalker Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. This was quickly followed by his participation in a group show of Catalan artists at Ambassador Gallery in New York, where he was among some of the leading contemporary figurative painters working in Spain at that time.

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Richard Johnson ~ Morning Romance | VideoArt
"When I paint, it is my hope to reach beyond the canvas and engage the viewer, to connect on the shared plane of experiences, to nod together and say, "Yes, that is what youth is like, that is what a rose is like, that is what morning light feels like." I seek to create shared moments" - Richard Johnson
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Richard S. Johnson, 1939 ~ Impressionist painter

Richard S. Johnson is an award-winning contemporary American painter based in Chicago, Illinois. Johnson was born in Chicago to a family of artists. While still in primary school, Johnson was accepted as a scholar to the Art Institute of Chicago. A graduate of the American Academy of Art, he embarked on a career as an illustrator. Johnson's style has been regarded as having the technical excellence of Pre-Raphael Romanticism mixed with contemporary Expressionism and Abstraction.

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Theodore Earl Butler ~ Impressionist painter | VideoArt

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Pierre Marcel, 1954 ~ Surrealist painter

Pierre Marcel Schmidt, born in Strasbourg, France, came to Florida in 1986 and resided in Miami Beach's Art Déco district for 15 years. While Pierre Marcel was originally brought to South Beach as a muralist to participate in the burgeoning renovation of the district, he quickly developed a reputation as one of South Florida's premiere decorative painters. In this regard, he was awarded the commission by the City of Miami Beach in 2000 to create the mural "ARTS" at the City's convention center depicting the renaissance of The Arts in Miami Beach.
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Debora Calicchia, 1998 | Impressionist Figurative painter

I'm graduated at the Illustration Academy in Rome in 2003. Since that time i've been aimed to become an Illustrator for children's books but it's a difficult way and i am doing the best to reach my purpose.
At present, i invest my time in painting following the Impressionism art period inspiration - Renoir, Monet, Lepage, Millet, Carpentier..etc., that i love so much. For painting i utilize the slice rather then the brush, a technical that many oil painters don't use. It's more difficult but the effect makes me glad and really satisfied me.

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Theodore Earl Butler ~ Impressionist painter

Theodore Earl Butler [1861-1936) one of America’s most innovative Impressionist painters, did not receive the recognition he deserved in his lifetime, since he was all but eclipsed by his famous father-in-law, Claude Monet.

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Leon Augustin L'Hermitte ~ Naturalist painter

French artist Léon Augustin L'Hermitte (1844-1925) was an Naturalist realist painter and etcher whose primary subject matter was of rural scenes depicting the peasant worker. He was born in Mont-Saint-Père. A student of Lecoq de Boisbaudran, he gained recognition after his show in the Paris Salon in 1864. His many awards include the French Legion of Honour, 1884 and the Grand Prize at the Exposition Universelle in 1889. L'Hermitte died in Paris in 1925.
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Micko-Vic ~ Palette Knife Cubist painter

Serbian painter Micko-Vic is a self taught artist with a flair for creativity running through his genes. He first sketches out the scene with pencil and brush, and then adds a combination of acrylic and impasto gel with a palette knife layer upon layer within each scene to get the final, textured effect.
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Po Pin Lin, 1970 ~ Impressionist Cityscape painter

Chinese-born American painter Po Pin Lin [born October 11, 1970, Taiwan] has won the Award of Excellent in the Oil Painters of America's national and regional exhibition in 2001 and 2002 and has been a signature member of Oil Painters of America for many years. He has been featured twice in Southwest Art Magazine and was named "one of the 21 finest American artists under 31". Po Pin Lin is also the cover story and the subject of a six pages feature article in The Artist's Magazine in September issue of 2003. He is featured in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine premier issue- "The Chinese Academic Tradition- Po Pin Lin: From Taiwanese Farm buy to American City-Dweller". Most recently, he is featured in Art of the West magazine in November/December issue of 2009, article "Young Guns- Po Pin Lin".
Po Pin's work is currently represented by Lee Youngman Gallery (Calistoga, CA), and Jones and Terwilliger Galleries (Carmel, CA).

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Giacomo Favretto | Genre painter

The Venetian painter Giacomo Favretto (1849-1887) is one of the most important masters of the Italian Nineteenth century, mainly depicting Genre subjects in his native city.
A true “innovator” of the Venetian school during the second half of the century, he both revived and modernised the unique aspects of great Veneto tradition, from Longhi to Tiepolo - that had been abandoned in the first half of the Nineteenth century in favour of paintings of history and landscape.

Born in Venice into a family of humble origin, Favretto enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1864, where he trained under Pompeo Molmenti. He was said to have been discovered in a stationer's shop cutting out silhouettes to make a living. By age 30, he had lost sight from one eye.

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Vincenzo Irolli | Genre painter

Vincenzo Irolli (1860-1949) was an Italian painter. Vincenzo Irolli enrolled at the of Naples Institute of Fine Arts, where his masters included Gioacchino Toma, in 1877 and graduated three years later. The work he presented regularly at the exhibitions of the Naples Società Promotrice di Belle Arti as from 1879 comprised portraits and Genre scenes. He became a member of the Circolo Artistico Napoletano in 1890 and worked with Giovanni Migliaro and other local artists on decorations for the Caffè Gambrinus at the end of the decade.

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Muriel Dolemieux, 1954 ~ Figurative painter

'My life as an artist really began in 1973 when I graduated from “l’Ecole Nationale des Sciences Géographique” -National Geographic Sciences Institute in Paris, as an Artist Cartographer. But I always knew I would be an artist. When I was a kid I never asked myself if I was able to draw, I just did it ... It was in my blood! Some of my ancestors and parents are famous artists, such as Guillaume Coustou, Nicolas de Largillière, Nicolas and Edouard Gatteaux, Henri Viot my Great-Grand-Father, Simone de Boutray my Grand-Mother, Martine Gayet my Mother...

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Christian Rohlfs ~ Expressionist painter

German painter Christian Rohlfs (1849-1938) is one of the important representatives of German Expressionism. Rohlfs was born in Gross Niendorf, Kreis Segeberg in Northern Germany. He took up painting as a teenager while convalescing from an infection that was eventually to lead to the amputation of a leg in 1874. He began his formal artistic education in Berlin, before transferring, in 1870, to the Weimar Academy. Initially he painted large-scale landscapes, working through a variety of academic, naturalist, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist styles.
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Washington Maguetas, 1942 ~ Impressionist painter

Innocence and beauty and also the impact of different aesthetic and emotional experiences which Washington Maguetas has had in the course of a long artistic career. Many of his work hark back to a late 19th-century world of elegance and exquisite natural settings.
Brasilian painter Washington Maguetas is a prolific artist of great versatility who has absinfuences together with the spirit of his native land Brazil to produce paintings which reflect the best elements of both traditions.
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