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Juan Fortuny, 1939 | Impressionist / Realist / Figurative painter

Juan Fortuny* is an Spanish painter*, known for working in the Realist, Impressionist* e Figurative style.
Juan Fortuny was born in Badalona, a small fishing town near to Barcelona, on the 20th of April, 1939.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Juan Fortuny see: Juan Fortuny, 1939 | Impressionist / Realist painter ➠.

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Miloslava Vrbova-Stefkova | Ballet dancers

Czech artist Miloslava Vrbova-Štefková (1909-1991) was an traditionalist post-impressionist painter.
During the 1937-1938 Miloslava Vrbova-Štefková studied at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris with Czech Abstract painter František Kupka (September 23, 1871 - June 24, 1957).
Besides the dancers, the ballet scenes and portraits, Miloslava Vrbova also painted landscapes and the Prague urban motifs, religious scenes (the Crucifixion in the church Žinkovie), still lifes and flowers.

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Carlo Crivelli | Santa Maria Maddalena, 1470-1473 | Trittico di Montefiore

Santa Maria Maddalena è un dipinto appartenente al registro centrale del Polittico di Montefiore di Carlo Crivelli (1430/5 - 1494)*, realizzato con tecnica a tempera e oro su tavola nel 1471-72 e misura 174 x 54 cm. Il riquadro è custodito chiesa di Santa Lucia, Montefiore dell’Aso, provincia di Ascoli Piceno.
Nel Polo museale di San Francesco a Montefiore restano oggi sei pannelli che sono stati ricomposti a formare un arbitrario trittico, detto Trittico di Montefiore.

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Lorenzo Lotto | The Recanati Polyptych / Il Polittico di Recanati, 1506-1508

The Recanati Polyptych is a painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Lorenzo Lotto*, executed in 1506-1508 and housed in the Civic Museum of Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati, Italy. The work is dated and signed Laurent[ius] Lotus MDVIII.

Lotto began to work on the piece in 1506 as a devotional for the church of San Domenico in Recanati. The work was seen and described complete and in situ by Giorgio Vasari* in his Vite, who said Lotto was still young and followed partly the manner of the Bellini*, partly that of Giorgione*.

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Sarah Myers | Figurative sculptor

Sarah Myers - Art-design, sculpture, handicraft.
"The art of museums inspires me, as does atmospheric design. Since 2003 I often use ceramic clays from formulas invented by my sister Amy Myers - material I mix and knead up by hand.
My sculpture goes from dust to moist clay, then to a figure glowing white-hot in the kiln at degrees ranging from 1940-2305 degrees Fahrenheit... and forward to a sculpture that looks at you, that stands ready or falls asleep, that carries or dances".

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Nadezhda Streltsov / Надежда Стрельцова, 1973 | Ballet dancers

Надежда Стрельцова was born in in Leningrad, St. Petersburg.
1983-1991 studied at the Art School at the Institute Repin in St. Petersburg (Academy of Arts).
1992-1998 studied at the State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Repin in the studio of prof. Непринцева and Еремеева and Eremeeva.
For the thesis "The White Night" was awarded° the grant "The Muse of St. Petersburg" and the State grant of the Ministry of Culture of Russia in 1999.
- In 2002 again awarded* the grant "The young artists of St. Petersburg".
Since 2001 - member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Her works are in private collections in the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Russia.

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Hanan Milner, 1949 | Figurative painter

Hanan Milner was born in Lithuania, former USSR.
Studied at Tel-Aviv art schools Renanim and TelmaYallin and at the Bezalel art academy in Jerusalem.
Participated in two seminars of the distinguished Austrian artist, Ernst Fuchs Exhibits in galleries in the US, England and Israel.

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Carlo Crivelli | Santa Maria Maddalena, 1476

Mary Magdalene, Carlo Crivelli, c. 1480
tempera on panel, h 152cm × w 49cm.

With Carlo Crivelli, the so-called ‘International Gothic’ style experienced its final flowering in Italy.
This perfectly preserved panel was painted towards the end of his career.

It served as the altarpiece of a provincial church dedicated to Mary Magdalene in the sparsely populated rural area of the Marches where Crivelli lived. | © Rijksmuseum

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Lorenzo Lotto | The Recanati Annunciation / Annunciazione di Recanati, 1534

The Recanati Annunciation is a painting by the Italian Renaissance* painter Lorenzo Lotto, executed around 1534 and housed in the Civic Museum of Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati, Italy.
  • History
The work could date to the artist's sojourn in Venice, from where it would be shipped to the Marche around 1527. Otherwise, it could date to a later period when he moved there to executed other works. Today it is generally assigned to a few time after the Crucifixion of Monte San Giusto (1533-1534).

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Michele Byrne | Plein Air / Figurative painter

Michele Byrne is recognized for her figurative plein air work. She lives and works in Reading, Pennsylvania. However, she travels extensively, painting in various locations including, Manhattan, Paris, California, Colorado and Key West, Florida. Michele was a Faculty Demonstrator for the Annual PleinAir Convention in Monterey, CA in April of 2014.

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Rudyard Kipling | Se.. / If..| Lettera al figlio, 1910

Margarita Sikorskaia

Se riesci a conservare il controllo quando tutti
intorno a te lo perdono e te ne fanno una colpa;
se riesci ad aver fiducia in te quando tutti
ne dubitano, ma anche a tener conto del dubbio;
se riesci ad aspettare e non stancarti di aspettare,
o se mentono a tuo riguardo, a non ricambiare in menzogne,
o se ti odiano, a non lasciarti prendere dall’odio,
e tuttavia a non sembrare troppo buono e
a non parlare troppo saggio;

Se riesci a sognare e a non fare del sogno il tuo padrone;
se riesci a pensare e a non fare del pensiero il tuo scopo;
Se riesci a far fronte al Trionfo ed alla Rovina
e trattare allo stesso modo quei due impostori;

Se riesci a sopportare di udire la verità che hai detto
distorta da furfanti per ingannare gli sciocchi
o a contemplare le cose cui hai dedicato la vita, infrante,
e piegarti a ricostruirle con strumenti logori;

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

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Candace Charlton, 1968 | Abstract Figurative painter

Candace Charlton (Durban, South Africa) studied Fine Art at Rhodes University majoring in Sculpture and History of Art.
Painting full-time since 1997.
In 1998 she held her first solo exhibition which was warmly received by the public.
In 2000 she moved to Europe and lives and works in The Netherlands and in Italy.
The human form, in particular the portrait, is the main focus in Charlton’s work.

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Raffaello Gambogi | Post-Macchiaioli painter

Raffaello Gambogi (Livorno, 1874 - 1943) was an Italian painter*, mainly of urban landscapes and genre scenes*.

In 1891 Gambogi obtained a scholarship to the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, where he studied under Giovanni Fattori*. Among his works, L’uscita della messa was awarded* the Florence Prize in 1896, All’ombra displayed at the Fine Arts Exposition adjacent to the Festa dell’Arte e dei Fiori in Florence.

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Salvador Fuster Vercher, 1966 | Portrait /Cityscape painter

Salvador Fuster Vercher born in Alcoy, is the son of the painter Rafael Fuster he inherited his great mastery of drawing and color.
Salvador Fuster is a painter who, like his progenitor, dominates all painting techniques, and is considered one of the best portrait painters in the current art scene.
His painting is present in great part of the best collections of painting of Europe and America and even the distant Australia counts on portraits and work of this great artist.

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Alexei Antonov, 1957 | Surrealist / Still life painter

Alexei Antonov /Алексей Антонов is an Russian-born American painter, specialized in Classical realism painting.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Alexei Antonov, see Alexei Antonov, 1957 | Surrealist /Portrait / Still lifes painter ➲

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Max Leiva, 1966 | Abstract Figurative sculptor

The Guatemalan artist, born in 1966 and a graduate of the country’s National School of Fine Arts, spends his working time between his home country and Mexico. The globe-trotting artist, who spent time at the University of Silpakorn in Thailand under a UNESCO scholarship, states that Guatemala lacks sufficient foundry facilities required to undertake his work.
After preliminary sketching sessions on paper, small studies of his works are constructed using Plasticine, ceramic clay or gypsum whilst metal frames are used to facilitate the silicone mould-making process. Patination and finishing are then completed in Leiva’s Guatemalan workshop.

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Ans Markus, 1947 | Fashion painter

Antje Geertje (Ans) Markus is known for her paintings of woman in drapings. Markus is an autodidact with a realistic style. Her first exposition was in 1981, her own atelier and exposition space was opened in 1995. In 2003 a book with a collection of her paintings was released because of her 25-year anniversary as a painter. Markus has a distinctive clothing style. On november 6, 2009 it was announced that Markus was selected as Dutch artist° of the year.

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Valentin De Boulogne | Baroque painter

With the exception of Valentin de Boulogne's baptismal record, bearing a disputed date of either 1591 or 1594, the artist's early life is undocumented. The son of a painter and stained glass worker, Valentin likely received his first training with his father in his native Coulommiers, near Paris. He may subsequently have studied with an artist in Paris or in Fontainebleau. It is not known when he departed for Italy, where he resided the remainder of his short life. Joachim von Sandrart remarked (1675) that Valentin reached Rome before Simon Vouet (1590-1649), who arrived around 1614.

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Elin Danielson-Gambogi | Realist / Plein-air painter

Elin Kleopatra Danielson-Gambogi (3 September 1861 - 31 December 1919) was a Finnish painter, best known for her realist works and portraits. Danielson-Gambogi was part of the first generation of Finnish women artists who received professional education in art, the so-called "painter sisters' generation".
The group also included Helene Schjerfbeck.

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Alphonse Osbert | Symbolist / Pointillist painter

Alphonse Osbert (23 March 1857 - 11 August 1939) was a French* Symbolist painter.
Educated at the École des Beaux-Arts, his earliest passion was for the great Spanish masters*, particularly Jusepe de Ribera. A shift away from his academic style took place in the late 1880s under the influence of several acquaintances associated with Post-Impressionism* and Symbolism*.

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Eugène Delaplanche | Naturalist sculptor

Eugène Delaplanche (28 February 1836 - 10 January 1891) was a French sculptor°, born at Belleville, Seine.
He was a pupil of the neoclassical sculptor Francisque Joseph Duret (French, 1804-1865), gained the Prix° de Rome in 1864 (spending 1864-67 at the Villa Medici in Rome), and the medal of honor° in 1878.
His "Messenger of Love" (1874), "Aurora" (1878), and the "Virgin of the Lillies" (1884), are in the Luxembourg.

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Miguel Avataneo, 1962 | Figurative painter

Miguel Angel Avataneo, Argentine painter*, was born in the province of Cordoba in Argentina and his love of the pure form of classicism was nourished by his early interest in the Italian masters: Correggio (1489-1534)*, Giorgione (1478-1510)*, Raphael (1483-1520)* and Titian (1488/90-1576)*. He was also greatly influenced by the late eighteenth century french paintings of David, Gustave Courbet (1819-1877)* and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867)*.

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Gigino Falconi, 1933 | Surrealist painter

Gigino Falconi was born in Giulianova (Teramo, Italy) and started to paint when he was sixteen years old, at the same time he attended the Technical Institute for Accountants and obtained a diploma in 1952.
Then he graduated at the Art School of Pescara in 1954. The following year he won the Chair Design’s competition and started teaching in a middle school in Giulianova, an activity that he left in 1975 to devote himself entirely to painting. His first solo exhibition was at the Gallery Il Polittico of Teramo in 1961.

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Alessandro Sicioldr, 1990 | Visionary painter

Alessandro Sicioldr is an Italian painter* and illustrator born in Tarquinia, living and working in Perugia. He works mainly with oil paint, pencils and coloured pencils.
His subjects are surreal* images coming from unconscious that he represents using a blend of contemporary and traditional techniques.
His visionary attitude began to sprout in early childhood, when he used to depict in his drawings strange and uncanny worlds.

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Howard Behrens | Palette knife painter

American painter Howard Behrens (August 20, 1933 - April 14, 2014) - the world's most renowned palette knife artist. As a landscape and seascape artist, Behrens has painted the idyllic lakes of Italy to the gardens of New England.
He has had over 150 one-man shows from coast-to-coast since becoming a professional artist in 1980. Behrens was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1933. He grew up near Washington, DC. He began drawing at age seventeen after being confined to bed following a sledding accident.

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Kenneth Howard OBE RA, 1932 | Impressionist / Plein air painter

Kenneth Howard OBE RA (born 26 December 1932) is an British artist* and painter. He was President of the New English Art Club from 1998 to 2003.
  • Life and art
Ken Howard was born in London. He studied at the Hornsey College of Art (1949-53) and the Royal College of Art (1955-58). In 1958 he won a British Council Scholarship to Florence. He spent his National Service in the Royal Marines (1953-55). In 1973 and 1978 he was the Official War Artist to Northern Ireland, and 1973-80 worked in various locations, including Hong Kong, Cyprus and Canada with the British Army. In 1983 he was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy (ARA).

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Nicola Vietti, 1945 | Figurative painter

Nicola Vietti was born in Marseille to Italian parents emigrated from Apulia in France at the beginning of the century. Numerous solo and group exhibitions. And 'present in catalogs and magazines. He currently lives and works in Milan, after a long period spent in Paris.
The figures of maidens Nicola Vietti, you can look on each side, three-quarter profile, facing away. The style might defer to their fathers, that should not be forgotten at this point, as the International Botero* and Bueno Nicola Vietti that offer a hint of a departure of style attempted with disenchantment.

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Vincent van Gogh | Sunflowers series / La serie dei Girasoli

Paul Gauguin, van Gogh che dipinge i girasoli, 1888, Van Gogh Museum

Sunflowers (original title, in French: Tournesols) are the subject of two series of still life paintings by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh*. The earlier series, executed in Paris in 1887, depicts the flowers lying on the ground, while the second set, executed a year later in Arles, shows bouquets of sunflowers in a vase. In the artist's mind both sets were linked by the name of his friend Paul Gauguin, who acquired two of the Paris versions.

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