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Ignatov Sergey, 1961 | Improvizionism style painter

Ignatov Sergey Vladimirovich /Игнатов Сергей Владимирович is an Russian Artist🎨, known for working in the Improvizionism style.
- "I was born in the capital of ancient Rus - the beautiful city of Vladimir. The happy childhood passed in Belgium - the city of Brussels, and in Germany - the city of Bonn. There my parents worked through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course this fact fully influenced the formation of my personality and perception of the modern world.

In my opinion, I had absolutely no talent for drawing, but my mother thought otherwise. Having returned to my hometown, I was forcibly handed to art school teachers. I estimate it was 1974. Four years of elementary art education flowed smoothly into five years of the Vladimir State Teacher Training Institute, The Department of Graphic Arts.
In 1983 the young artist found himself on the fresh ground of Perestroika.
At that time a fashionable word "designer" wasn’t in the air, but all my mastery I applied to this direction.
I remembered about Painting in 1997. The desire to squeeze paints out of tubes on the palette woke me up in the night, and I, like a madman, began to ransack the pantry searching an old easel. Then it was suddenly inflamed passion to the snow- white canvas.
Then it was a period of quitting my business, lack of money and non-stop studying of painting from Delacroix🎨 to Van Gogh🎨, from Vasilyev to Brodskaya. It took 5 years to satisfy the hunger for information, to digest received knowledge and take the path of my own perception "what is painting"?

For a long time I was trying to find the answer at the plein-airs🎨, becoming infected and then getting over various artists! And the opening of such names as Modigliani🎨, Picasso🎨, Matisse🎨, Braque🎨 was out of the blue! Chaos rushed at once into my mind. And then there's Marc Chagall🎨, Kandinsky🎨, Malevich🎨.
It was just at that time of a nerve strain when colorful swirls unconsciously began to appear on my canvases with the phrase "Improvisation of the color" in my mind. Improvizionizm - a plentiful mixing of colors directly on the canvas within one session! Since the end of 2008, I have been working in this way, constantly reforming my own direction. Later, under the influence of Mark Rothko, Piet Mondrian🎨, Jackson Pollock, I came to the creation of paintings in 3 D.
All my creative career consists of experiments. And someday I will formulate my own answer - "what is painting".