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Duong Quoc Dinh, 1967 | Body painter

Vietnamese painter and Fine art photographer Dương Quốc Định was passionate in drawing when he was a little boy.
He graduated from Industrial Graphics of Dong Nai Fine Arts University in 1989.
After 4 years being photographers, Dương Quốc Định achieved 10s of national and international rewards.
In March, 2007, Duong Quoc Dinh was one of the 10 excellent artists rewarded and highly appreciated by Dong Nai People Committee.

"My life is very difficult and only rich with artistic passion since I was a child and now is what you are watching, mostly thanks to those who volunteered to model for me!
I just hope the work I do for them.
In the future when I am no longer in life can help them have a better life ...that's all my gratitude to them instead of thank you all!" - Duong Quoc Dinh said.