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Wang Zhongqi 王忠齐, 1958 | Symbolist painter

Born in Shanghai, Wang Zhongqi studied Fine Arts with focus on Oil Painting at Jiatong University Shanghai.
Soon after his works were nominated for an international competition in New York and were exhibited at Chioda Club in Tokyo. In 2002 Wang Zhongqi was engaged to support the Princeton University Art Museum due to his excellent art advisor competence.

Wang Zhongqi has reflected the universe of time in his paintings that combine technical precision with passion and innovation.
The symbolism is manifested in the relationship between the outside world, and the microcosm of inner feelings, the micro-society mainly composed with young beautiful women.
The painting technique moves between reality and illusion. Wang Zhongqi combines precise details of the style of Gong-bi with freehand style, "literati painting", in the Shui-mo.