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Etienne Pirot, 1952 | Abstract / Symbolist sculptor

Born in Grenoble, French sculptor Étienne Pirot [Étienne] spent his childhood and his youth in the "Dauphiné" province. He went to University in Ottawa (Canada) and back in France, he obtained a degree in plastic arts in Marseille. Then he became a student at the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts" in Paris and an art teacher from 1974-1976.

For his first creations, he used marble, stone and wood. But soon he opted for bronze, a material that enables him to play with solid and hollows.
Étienne breaks up his subjects, he makes them pure n cleaving to their essence -a hand, a face, a look to reach a stable, well balanced harmony-constructive and expressive. Such a metal also makes it possible for him to explore the chromatic diversity of patina an d play with colour graduation, including the polished finish.
Étienne's works deal with every single aspect of life, many of them a reflection of strong moments - human, spiritual or artistic encounters. Abstract to some extent yet always figurative, all these works are symbols.

With unflagging obstinacy, he conceives his sculpture as a means to defend the basic values of human being: love, motherhood, friendship, faith. In short, he believes that a thing of beauty is a thing for ever.
So, for thirty years now, Étienne has been displaying his work through various exhibitions or commissions at home and abroad. As early as 1972, his work has been regularly showing in galleries and taking part in numerous group exhibitions. Since 1990, major personal exhibitions have been organised in galleries or tying in with events winning intense media coverage.
From 1994 on, Étienne reaches the International Art Market by showing in different countries as United States, Belgium, Holland and China since 2004 and has permanent exhibitions in various galleries all over the world.

At the same time, his institutional commissions are growing, coming from Thomson, Cap Sesa, Bouygues, the city of Grenoble, the Hénin bank, the city of Paris, Michelin, the Museum of Modern Art and the city of Guangzhou…
Besides these exhibitions, Étienne is frequently commissioned by cities and private or religious organizations, resulting in high praised monumental works such as figures in the round, bas-reliefs, fountains or furniture items.
Étienne's art belongs wherever everyday of life and symbols come together, and can be found in religious places and urban spaces. Whether for enterprises or individuals, the Étienne's touch is always required. Étienne lives and works in Paris and St Martin de Re.

Monumental Sculptures

1989 - Cogedim, Paris-La Défense, "bas-relief" - EPAD, Paris
1990 - Compagnie bancaire, Levallois-Perret, "La Fontaine aux Oiseaux"
1991 - Breguet immobilier for the headquaters of Fina France, Rueil-Malmaison, "L'Homme Barque" et "le Poète";
Cathedral of Saint-Malo, "Maître-autel" built in collaboration with Arcabas, the painter.
1994 - Rueil-Malmaison, two monumental sculptures, place de l'Europe.
1995 - Cathedral of Rennes, liturgical furniture made in collaboration with Arcabas, the painter.
1996 - Montigny-le-Bretonneux, "Paul Claudel"
1998 - Mantes-la-Jolie, place du 8 mai 1945, "le Baiser"
2000 - Groupe Michelin, three-dimensional sign
2001 - Maison d'église "Notre-Dame de Pentecôte", Paris-la-Défense, "Notre Dame de Pentecôte".
2003 - Collège Robert Doisneau , "Robert Doisneau", Châlon sur Saône Février
2010 - Chateau Dauzac Margaux "Dégustation à Dauzac" 2,40m x 2,40m
2012 - Cuba, La Havane Vieille, place San Francisco, "La Conversation"
2012 - Millénaire de Parthenay, "Le pèlerin de Compostelle".

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