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William Logsdail (1859-1944) | Genre painter

William Logsdail (25 May 1859 - 3 September 1944) was a prolific British🎨 landscape, portrait, and genre painter🎨 of large scale metropolitan scenes, particularly London landmarks. 
He exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists, the Grosvenor Gallery, the New Gallery (London), and others.
He is notable for his realistic London and Venice scenes and his plein air style.

Logsdail cultivated a tight objective and realistic style, although his later portraiture and the works painted while in Sicily demonstrate a relaxation of this style.
His Venice-based works exhibit a high degree of draughtsmanship described as beautiful and nearly photographic.
There is a cool proficiency in his architectural work and street scenes that express what was actually there before him.
For example, in the winter in which he came to paint his St. Martin's-in-the-Fields (1888)🎨, he hoped for a snow scene, but when faced with only rain and sleet, Logsdail, with his feet buried in straw to keep them warm, painted the scene without snow.

William Logsdail (25 maggio 1859 - 3 settembre 1944) fu un prolifico pittore Britannico🎨 di paesaggi, ritratti e di genere🎨 - scene metropolitane su larga scala, in particolare monumenti di Londra.
Ha esposto alla Royal Academy, alla Royal Society of British Artists, alla Grosvenor Gallery, alla New Gallery (Londra) ed altri.
È famoso per le sue realistiche scene di Londra e Venezia e per il suo stile plein air.