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David Renshaw, 1973 ~ Time of love

David Renshaw, British painter, was born in Southport, England. He always had love of painting from an early age and after finishing school he went to college to study graphic design before starting a career as a picture framer.
During this time David continued to develop his painting skills producing mainly commissioned art and in 2005 he dedicated himself to painting full time. Working from his studio in Southport, David enjoys painting a broad range of subjects using a variety of mediums including Acrylics, Oils and Watercolours. His artwork hangs in private collections worldwide.

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Mònica Castanys, 1973 ~ Impressionist Figurative painter

Spanish painter Mònica Castanys was born in Barcelona. She graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona in 1993. In 1990, she assisted a course at the Lorenzo di Medici School in Florence, Italy. She received several national prizes for young artists. Mònica’s art has been exhibited at numerous personal and group exhibitions in Spain and abroad.
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Kissing Students fountain ~ Estonia, 1998

Kissing Students [Estonian: Suudlevad Tudengid] has become a symbol of Tartu. Is a fountain and a sculpture in Tartu, Estonia, located at the Tartu Town Hall Square and erected in 1998 and conceived by Mati Karmin 1959, one of Estonia's most renowned contemporary sculptors.
The city is best known for being home to the University of Tartu, founded under King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1632. Mainly for this reason, Tartu is also, tongue-in-cheek, known as "Athens of the Emajõgi" or as "Heidelberg of the North".
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Raffaello Ossola, 1954 | Surrealist painter

Raffaello Ossola, Swiss painter, was born in Locarno, Switzerland and lived in Italy since 1990. Ossola uses acrylic and has a distinctive style that incorporates elements such as architecture, pools, clouds, rocks, shrubs, and obelisks in surreal landscapes. His style uses characteristic light reflections and projections.

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Diaz Alamà, 1986 ~ Concept painter

Spanish painter Jordi Diaz Alamà may describe himself as a traditional painter but there’s nothing remotely traditional with his work. Morality, mortality and sexuality are all recurring themes in his work. His style reminds the viewer of the work of Renaissance masters of long ago with their realism and casual approach to nudity. This Spanish painter is currently based in Barcelona. Alamà was born in Barcelona in 1986. He is a painter and drawing teacher at the School of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, where she graduated in 2008. After completing the bachelor gets a scholarship and stay for a year in Arauco’s Foundation with the painter Guillermo Muñoz Vera in Madrid (Spain).
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Mohammad Tabatabai, 1987 | Figurative painter

Mohammad Tabatabai is an Iranian and international artist, born in Iran, Tehran. His career as a professional painter began during his early age and he received his diploma in painting from Tehran school of Fine arts in 2005.
He graduated in 2011, from University of Tehran with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sculpture.

  • Winner of third prize - painting - the Iran’s school of visual arts, 2004.
  • Winner of first prize - photography - the Tehran’s school of visual arts, 2005.

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Vincent Giarrano, 1960 | Life in the city

Vincent Giarrano, American painter, born in Buffalo, New York, started drawing at an early age, teaching himself by studying other artists. Following his degree in Fine Art from State University, New York, 1982 and his Masters in Fine Art from Syracuse University, 1985, he chose to pursue a career in illustration working, amongst others, for the large publishers DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

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Nathaniel Skousen ~ American Figurative painter

Nathaniel Skousen lives in Leavenworth, Washington a small town in the foothills of the Cascades. He lives surrounded by forests, mountains, rivers and rustic barns that continuously feed his artistic imagination. Nathaniel is often found painting the beauty of his surroundings. He enjoys hiking and fly fishing in high mountain destinations as well. While fly-sishing is one of his favorite past times, his mind is continuously drawn to the pursuit of a perfect painting.
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Greg Dubuque ~ Hollywood legends

Greg Dubuque, American painter, was born and raised in a small, average, suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Chasing frogs and turtles in the neighborhood pond by day, while watching Wild Kingdom and old Creature-Feature monster movies by night. Those early experiences led to his love for the outdoors, its scenery and wildlife, as well as the creepy-crawly side of nature. After a short stint in a Junior College Art Program, Greg went on to attend the prestigious Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, CA where he received a BFA in Illustration and Design.

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Outmane Amadou ~ Minimalism style

Moroccan France-based graphic designer, Outmane Amahou has created a line in Minimalistic style a posters, in which he pays tribute to major Art Movements, and iconic painters throughout history. Instead of focusing on the work of individual artists, Outmane Amahou decided to tackle entire movements in his very ambitious series.
If you have trouble getting your art movement categories straight, then this series of posters by Outmane Amahou would be the perfect study guide.
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Minimalism Art Movement, 1960

Piet Mondrian 1872-1944 | Minimalist Art Movement
Piet Mondrian 1872-1944

Minimalism Art Movement, also called ABC Art, Minimal Art, Literalist Art, Reductivism, Rejective Art, emerged in New York in the early 1960s, in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect.

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Tatyana Markovtsev ~ Minimalist painter

Russian painter Татьяна Марковцева is becoming one of the most interesting artists-Minimalists of today. She is able to express powerful and complex human feelings just via a few elegant lines, capturing a wide variety of human emotions with amazing simplicity and clarity. Tatyana literally makes viewers feel the lines of her works. Now, her original Minimalistic style is finding many fans around the world.
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Frank Weston Benson ~ Impressionist painter

Frank Weston Benson [1862-1951], was an American painter from Salem, Massachusetts known for his Realistic portraits, Impressionist paintings, watercolors and etchings. He began his career painting portraits of distinguished families and murals for the Library of Congress. Some of his best known paintings (Eleanor, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Summer, Rhode Island School of Design Museum) depict his daughters outdoors at Benson's summer home, Wooster Farm, on the island of North Haven, Maine. He also produced numerous oil, wash and watercolor paintings and etchings of wildfowl and landscapes.

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Ecstasy ~ Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Ecstasy, a 28-foot-tall figurative sculpture made from reclaimed steel, embodies the emotion of passion and the posture of exaltation it can inspire. She is illuminated at dusk by a warm light that emanates from her hands and softly glows upon her shoulders, neck and head that is thrown back in elation. Ecstasy was built in 2007 and first debuted on-stage at The Crucible's Fire Opera, then at Burning Man, 2007. Since then she traveled widely: Maker Faire, 2008, and Nocturnal, 2009. Through 2011, Ecstasy was on exhibit in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, at Patricia's Green. She is now part of a private collection.

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Lisete Alcalde, 1981 | Visionary painter

Lisete Alcalde, Mexican painter, was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, second child of four children, daughter of Sergio Alcalde Justiniani and Patricia Salas.
Having very unique parenting from her father's profession in iridology and her mother's in emotional therapy, Lisete received both health and spiritual guidance.
At the age of 15 Lisete’s artistic talents started to blossom, once she realized her pastime went beyond painting.

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Carole Feuerman, 1945 ~ Hyperrealist sculptor

Carole A. Feuerman, American sculptor, is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most prominent hyperrealist sculptors with a prolific career spanning four decades. She lives and works in New York and Florida. Feuerman sculpts life-size, monumental and miniature works in bronze, resin and marble. She has had six museum retrospectives to date and has been included in prominent exhibitions at the Venice Biennale, The State Hermitage, The Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, the Kunstmuseum Ahlen and the Circulo de Bellas Artes.
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Jack Vettriano, 1951 | Realist / Figurative / Genre painter | Part. 2

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Vadim Stein, 1967 ~ Black and white Fashion

Вадим Штейн is talented Ukrainian photo art creator based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Stein was born in Kiev, Ukraine, where he got an education in the sphere of sculpture and restoration. From 1985-1992 he worked in the Theater of Plastic Drama - as an actor and a lighting designer. After leaving the theater he got keen on decorative sculpture and graphics. Then it became necessary to take photos of his own works. It was the beginning.
Now Vadim Stein lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the city of the white nights and the melancholy people. He is known here as a photographer, sculptor, and stage designer. Now he is trying himself as a videographer.
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Pedro Ruiz, 1957 ~ Conceptual painter

Pedro Ruiz, Colombian painter, was born in Bogotá. At the National School of Beaux Arts in Paris, starts exploring painting and at Stanley William Hayter's studio, Atelier 17, dwells into different printing techniques. His trajectory of exhibits includes important museums in Mexico, Colombia and Spain, as well as prestigious galleries in these three countries as well as the United States.

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Karina Llergo Salto ~ Dance through the color of Life

Karina Llergo Salto, American painter, Northbrook, IL - United States. Karina’s passion for creativity has always define her and led her to earned her PHD in Graphic Design. She received Degrees in Multimedia, Animation and Abstract Art.
Karina earned recognition and international awards working as Art Director and freelance for several years witch taught her the visual impact of color and image in space. Due the public recognition of her capability for illustration she started to emerge into the art world. Karina has developed and perfection her particular style developing an elegant but ambitious combination of human figure, with figurative and expressionist compositions, where colors and nature elements are combined to provoke a fresh impact of movement.

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William Dyce | Realist painter

Prof William Dyce FRSE RSA RA (1806-1864) pioneer of state art education in Great Britain. Dyce studied at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh and the Royal Academy schools, London.
One of the first British students of early Italian Renaissance painting**, he visited Italy in 1825 and 1827-1828, meeting in Rome a group of young German painters, the Nazarenes.
He exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy, being elected associate of the Royal Academy in 1844 and academician in 1848.

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Emily Dickinson ~ Dear March /Caro Marzo | Allegory of Spring /Allegoria della Primavera

Franz von Stuck [1863-1928]
Franz von Stuck [1863-1928]

Caro Marzo - Entra
Come sono felice
Ti aspettavo da tanto
Posa il Tuo Cappello
Devi aver camminato
Come sei Affannato
Caro Marzo, come stai tu, e gli Altri
Hai lasciato bene la Natura
Oh Marzo, Vieni di sopra con me
Ho così tanto da raccontare..
Dear March - Come in
How glad I am
I hoped for you before
Put down your Hat
You must have walked
How out of Breath you are
Dear March, how are you, and the Rest
Did you leave Nature well
Oh March, Come right up the stairs with me
I have so much to tell..

Cesar Philipp [1859-..]
Cesar Philipp [1859-1930]

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Franz Von Stuck ~ Symbolist/Expressionist painter

Franz Von Stuck [1863-1928], pittore Tedesco e scultore, nasce nel 1863 a Tettenweis, in Baviera. Frequenta la scuola di Arte applicata di Monaco, dove è allievo di Ferdinand Barth. Si iscrive poi all'Accademia di Monaco. Dal 1887-1892 collabora alla rivista “Fliegende Blätter” e dal 1896-1901 alla rivista “Jugend”.
Franz Von Stuck 1863 -1928 | Il bacio della Sfinge, 1895
Il bacio della Sfinge, 1895

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Guido Argentini, 1966 ~ Silver dancers

Guido Argentini, Italian photographer, was born in Florence, Italy. He studied Medicine for three years at the university of Florence. At 23 he decided to turn his passion for photography into a profession and started to shoot fashion and beauty. Since 1990 he has lived in the USA, in Los Angeles. His work has been published by some of the leading magazines in the world such as "MarieClaire", "Men'sHealth", "Panorama", "Playboy", "Vogue", "Max", "Maxim" and many others. His latest book, "Reflections" was published in 2007. A vast collection of photographs of women looking at themselves in mirrors: a sort of unconscious research about the woman who studies herself, falls in love, and gets lost in her own image.
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Fabian Perez ~ The Three Tenors

I Tre Tenori [The Three Tenors] è il nome della formazione dei cantanti lirici: Josep Carreras i Coll [spagnolo, 1946], José Plácido Domingo Embil [spagnolo, 1941] e Luciano Pavarotti [italiano, 1935-2007], che hanno tenuto concerti negli anni '90 e nei primi anni 2000, portando la musica classica tra la gente e nelle piazze, fuori dai soliti ambienti accademici.
Fabian Perez, 1967 | The Three Tenors
Fabian Perez, 1967 | The Three Tenors
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Dorian Florez, 1960 ~ Figurative painter

Dorian Florez is an artist from Colombia. He was born in Caldas Antioquia. He studied clinical psychology in University of Paris in the period 1982-1988. At the same time, he was attending School of Fine Arts in Nantes (France) from 1983-1985. He had many other studies attended many workshops to strengthen his skills. Actually, his talents skills are shining since his birth.
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Iris Scott ~ Painting with fingers / hands

Finger / hand painting is now fine art at the hands of 28 year old American painter Iris Scott. Scott creates vibrant paintings with a unique, stylistic Finger painting process, using surgical gloves and placing the oil paint directly on her hands. Rapidly applying thick oil color with several points of contact rather than one Scott can be classified as a modern Impressionist..with a twist. Her inspiration is found on the road as her composition-hunting continues to take her abroad. Recently back from Thailand, Iris is now finished making her newest collection of 10+ Thai originals. Her next trip, Nicaragua, which she leaves for on March 17, holds the promise of new inspiration. Six weeks later when Iris returns to Washington she will dive yet again into a new body of work about Central America.
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Rémi LaBarre, 1977 | Figurative painter

Rémi LaBarre is a painter based in Montreal, Quebec. Inspired by romance lovers, music, he painted series of modern portraits in a vintage theme.
Rémi LaBarre has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and has won different prizes and has received an important press coverage.
In 1977, in Thetford Mines, Rémi LaBarre, Canadian painter, gets a first glance of the world. In his childhoold, he draws, often, on paperboards and paper. One day, a friend who paints suggests testing this medium. He thus gets some brushes, a few colors and his first painting will dry throughout the days of September 1994. Since then, several paintings, whether portraits or still life, all tales told.
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Fabian Perez, 1967 | Male painting

Growing up in Argentina, Fabian Perez developed a fondness for art through his parents, who possessed strong creative sides but were never professional artists. His mother drew, and it rubbed off on Perez, who excelled in art classes and painted murals on the walls of his school at his teachers' requests.

Fabian Perez 1967 ~ Argentine Figurative painter

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Fabian Perez, 1967 | Abstract Figurative painter

In 2009 Fabian Perez* was named the official artist of the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards. In 2010 Perez was selected to paint the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Fabian Perez 1967 ~ Argentine Figurative painter | Reflections of a Dream

For Fabian Perez, the purpose of art is to perpetuate beauty.
"That is what I am always striving for. God created the world and embellished it with the wonders of nature. I think it is the artist’s job to embellish it with his work".
"I am constantly fighting for a more romantic world, one where the woman and the man have defined roles and power isn’t always the goal".
Pausing, he says, "I would like to say that it is not important what you have, but how you enjoy it".

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Oleg Babkin, 1965 | Portrait in Retrò style painter

Олег Бабкин is a professional Russian** photographer, born in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. The talented photo artist Oleg Babkin makes his beautiful models come to life in the frame, turning every story into history. 
His incredible portrait gallery is a hymn of female pure beauty. Most photographs are untitled, so quotes about beautiful women would be a good choice to sign the stunning female portraits.

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Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema | Victorian era painter

Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema | Dutch-born English Classicist painter

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, (born January 8, 1836, Dronrijp, Netherlands - died June 25, 1912, Wiesbaden, Germany), Dutch-born painter of scenes from everyday life in the ancient world whose work was immensely popular in its time.
Alma-Tadema, the son of a Dutch notary, studied art at the Antwerp Academy (1852-58) under the Belgian historical painter Hendrik Leys, assisting the painter in 1859 with frescoes for the Stadhuis (town hall) in Antwerp.

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Robert Zeller ~ American Figurative painter

Rob Zeller was born and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Although he has resided in New York City for 13 years, the surrealistic and Catholic Baroque quality of his birthplace permeates his art to this day. He received a BFA from the Boston Museum School and Tufts University, and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. He studied with Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier.
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Malvina Hoffman ~ Les Saisons Russes

Il talento scultoreo della Malvina Hoffman divenne particolarmente famoso con le sue rappresentazioni della leggendaria ballerina russa Anna Pavlova 1881-1931. L'ispirazione della Hoffman per creare questi pannelli nacque dopo aver assistito ad una performance dei ballerini russi Anna Pavlova e Mikhail Mordkin nel balletto 'Baccanale Autunnale' Op. 67 di Alexander Glazunov a Londra. Dopo il ritorno a Parigi, la Hoffman convinse il suo mentore di permetterle di lavorare sulla serie, piuttosto che concentrarsi sulle commissioni ritratto più ordinarie.
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Malvina Hoffman ~ America's Rodin

One of America's foremost sculptors, Malvina Hoffman [1885-1966] studied with the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin from 1910 until his death in 1917 and is recognized by some as "America's Rodin". Hoffman is perhaps best known for her monumental bronze series, "The Races of Mankind", commissioned in 1930 by Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. Hoffman first won acclaim for her bronze sculpture of Russian dancers Anna Pavlova and Mikhail Mordkin and also studied under two other sculptors, Gutzon Borgium of Mount Rushmore fame and Herbert Adams.
Malvina Hoffman 1885-1966 - American sculptor

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Futuristic style ~ Paper fashion dresses

Paper clothing, in the form of women's dresses and other clothes made from disposable cellulose fabric, was a short-lived fashion novelty item in the 1960s United States. Individual paper and papier-mâché clothes and accessories (especially masquerade costumes) were used as early as the 19th century. But mass-produced paper fashion was invented by the American Scott Paper Company in 1966 as a marketing stunt. 
Paper fashion dresses | Futuristic style - Zoe Bradley
Zoe Bradley
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Andrew Judd, 1958 ~ Paint The Future

Born in Toronto Canada, Andrew Judd, Canadian painter and illustrator, graduated from the Ontario College of art in 1979. Since then he has lived in Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto and Vienna working as an Art Director, illustrator and painter. Along with lecturing at art colleges, art clubs and associations, Andrew also holds workshops and teaches privately. Andrew's Illustrations are used around the world by advertising design and marketing companies.
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Karen Dupré ~ My Fair Lady | VideoArt

La pittrice Americana, artista auto-didatta, Karen Dupré è nata in California e ha iniziato a dipingere all’età di 9 anni. Le sue prime opere avevano per oggetto la raffigurazione dei cavalli che si è poi estesa alle figure, ai paesaggi e alle nature morte. La Dupré è dotata della particolare abilità di ricreare un gioco di luce sia nella natura che manufatti che dipinge. Ispirandosi ai pittori del IXX secolo che sfidarono i riferimenti ideali dell’arte, la Dupré tenta un approccio simile attraverso i suoi innumerevoli stili.
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Jack Vettriano, 1951 | Fallen angels

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The Hand of God ~ MillesGården, Stockholm

The Hand of God was one of Milles' last works before his death. A small man is standing on a large hand. He is looking upwards and his body is tense, with fingers splayed. The man is balancing on the index finger and thumb of the large hand, a feat that seems difficult enough in itself, but his exertion is of another nature. He is gazing with rapt attention at something in the sky, as though he were receiving a message or taking part in a dialogue. Carl Milles worked on The Hand of God from 1949-1953. This was one of three major commissions he received in the 1950s and completed before his death in 1955. The original was made for the Swedish city of Eskilstuna, and today it can also be seen in other places around the world, for instance in Tokyo, Melbourne and Beijing.
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Renata Domagalska ~ Red Dream

I`m Renata Domagalska. The most important part of my life is the art - especially the painting... Predominant motif of my expressive figurative painting are women. Women's portraits, nudes, dancers - flamenco, tango, folklore, etc.. My another pet subject is the atmosphere of sunny southern countries, small towns.
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Karen Dupré ~ Femme fatale

Karen Dupré, is a self-taught American painter. Dupré’s work is adept to capture a fleeting moment in time and seemingly transport the viewer there.
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Alain Choisnet, 1962 ~ Figurative sculptor

Alain Choisnet, British sculptor: "I was born in Britain at the foot of the magnificent castle of Ferns, but c is in a Paris suburb that I grew up. The benches of the school selected me to the call of working life that took me on a power more attractive than the calculation of the hypotenuse! Nevertheless philosophical studies, parallel university course, gave me a solid understanding of the human being. This knowledge helped me tremendously to assert myself as an artist. It is enough to seize a gesture, an emotion, then to set them while preserving the sincerity of moment and the fluidity of the movement". We are seduced as much by the quality and the delicacy of its sculptures as by the serenity which they pass on. Its representation of the feminine nude is delicate and expressive while remaining contemporary.
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