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Henry Asencio, 1972 | Essence of Woman..

Henry Asencio is an award-winning🎨 contemporary American painter who works largely in the medium of oil on canvas.
Asencio is widely known for his paintings of the female form on abstract backgrounds.
His works’ “personal investigations of femininity, spirituality and abstraction possess the power to transform today’s ideals of contemporary sensuality and simple elegance”.
Asencio’s painting style is loosely defined in a contemporary format, combining elements of expressionism and realism with abstract painting techniques. Asencio’s art has been described as “Abstract Expressionism” and “Abstract Realism”.

He says of his own style:
My strongest influences as far as technique are the Abstract Expressionists. I like very much that they had their own philosophy. I use what I am more empathetic with and that blends somewhat with my own personality.
There are giants in the art world who really move me: de Kooning (he makes every stroke of the brush different), Lucien Freud (his work of the flesh is unsurpassed), Picasso (unbelievable vision, work ethic and unrelenting passion) and Klimt🎨 (making decorative painting with honesty). If I can bring as much integrity or do as much as they can as far as choosing my own path and following it, I’ll be happy. The recognition I don’t need as much.