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Maria Oosthuizen, 1972 | Modern / Figurative painter

South African artist Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen paints figurative portraits emanating innocence and hope that pay tribute both to her devotion to God and her belief in the intrinsic goodness of the people of this world.
Using balanced, harmonic compositions and a dedication to detail, Maria focuses on the interplay of light and shadow in her works, with particular attention to how light impacts form, conveying the powerful message that underscores all her work: that light has the power to expel darkness and reveal the goodness and abundance in life.

Maria wishes for her paintings to touch the lives of her viewers in profound ways - to remind them again of their greatest dreams and to give them hope despite the complexity and challenges of today’s world.
As she explains, "I would love my art to lift the burden for a moment, to reflect peace and overflow, to bring focus again on the simplicity of live and love".
Maria currently lives and works in Mossel Bay in the Southern Cape.
Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen was born in Paarl and raised in Gauteng. She currently lives in Mossel Bay with her husband Francois and three children, Katinka, Sharl and Rigter.

She completed her diploma in Business Management, Webpage design and did a 2 year photography course in England.
She is also a qualified hair stylist.
"I believe my highest calling in life is my husband, my children and my relationships with all people. My friends and family provide a balance in my life and keep me humble. They are all extraordinary people!"
Although Maria has no formal training in painting she says it was, is and always will be part of her life. She grew up experiencing all forms of creativity as her mother was an artist.
She is inspired by God for He is the creator of all beautiful things. "He called me for His purpose and in obedience and love of art, I paint with all I am to worship Him. Therefore I pray that each painting will touch you like it touched me whilst painting it".
Her work can be found in many art galleries as part of their combined exhibitions.

Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen è nata a Paarl, ma attualmente risiede nella baia di Mossel.
Ha completato la sua matric a Heidelberg nell'allora Transvaal nel 1990, dopo aver trascorso un anno al SA Army Women’s College.
Tra il 1992-1993, ha provato diversi campi di studio, prima il marketing e successivamente il lavoro sociale, ma ha ritenuto che fosse una perdita di tempo.
Ha deciso di abbandonare gli studi e ha iniziato la sua carriera come marketer a tempo pieno, e durante questo periodo ha ricevuto diplomi in gestione aziendale, sviluppo web e design.
Nel dicembre 1995 si è sposata e si è trasferita in Inghilterra, dove ha vissuto e lavorato per quasi due anni.
Dopo essere tornata in Sudafrica, ha lavorato in molti lavori, come tagliare e tingere i capelli. Una sua amica l'ha invitata a far parte di una mostra, alla quale i suoi quadri sono stati venduti molto bene.
"Un paio di giorni dopo ho preso la decisione di dipingere ciò che avevo nel cuore; un'immagine di come dovremmo servire il Signore".
Dal 2006, senza alcuna formazione, conoscenza o preparazione formale nell'arte, si rese conto di aver ricevuto un talento creativo.