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Johnny Palacios Hidalgo, 1970 | Surrealist painter

Peruvian painter Johnny Palacios Hidalgo was born in Lima, Peru and studied art between 1988-1998 in the National Art Museum and the National School of Fine Arts.
He has exhibited regularly since 1984, developing a surreal hyperrealism style with unique powerful images full of beauty, which emphasizes the feminine beauty and animal figures more or less merged with the environment.

He plays with nature, beauty and the divinity of the human form (shown by the diverse crowns).

The four years the artist has been living in Puerto Rico have inevitably influenced his work. Palacios says,
These paintings are made on this island and I feel that the result of my work has changed compared to the time when I did not live here, when I produced a more limeño work”.
He mentions that "In Lima (Peru) nature is not the same as here; there everything is pristine, different from [nature] here; here, the sun is stronger, there are more colors and light makes them vibrant".

In short, "the Caribbean and the island have made me see fantasies under a different light.."

Johnny Palacios Hidalgo 1970 | Peruvian Surreal Hyperrealist painter